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Saturday,  Dec 23 - 6:00PM 
Eli Asher, trumpet;  Barbara Haimowitz, piano;  Giacomo Merega, bass
Avant-Garde Jazz Trio image

Presenting a Mix of the Masters, such as Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, Thelonious Monk, and others. Also, we will do some avant-garde improvisation. Inviting everyone to come to the Cornelia Street Cafe to enjoy the fun with us. Thank you to Robin and Josh for the opportunity to play Underground!

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Dec 23 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Maria Manousaki, violin;  Christos Rafalidesore, vibraphone;  Costas Baltazanis, guitar;  Panagiotis Andreou, elec. bass, voice;  Panagiota Haloulakou, voice;  Lefteris Kordis, piano;  Engin Gunaydin, drums

Petros Klampanis invites some of the most creative Greek musicians of the NYC scene for a unique night of music.

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Petros Klampanis Septet image
Monday,  Dec 25 - 3:00PM 
Debra Kreisberg, clarinet, alto saxophone;  Karen Waltuch, viola;  Rachelle Garniez, accordion, piano, vocals;  Dave Hofstra, double bass, tuba;  Eve Sicular, drums, bandleader
Two Shows: 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.!

The cafe is very happy to welcome back one of our favorite bands, Metropolitan Klezmer, for two very special Christmas Day shows with the "Santa Klez" quintet special!

 $20.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Tuesday,  Dec 26 - 6:00PM 
Dave Meder, piano;  Alex Goodman, guitar
Dave Meder and Alex Goodman Duo image

Dave Meder, winner of the 2013 Great American Jazz Piano Competition, invites Alex Goodman, 2014 Montreux Jazz Guitar competition winner, to Cornelia St. Cafe for a set of duets. Both musicians have garnered recognition from ASCAP for their compositions, and they carry a wide array of musical influences, from Baroque polyphony and classical guitar etudes to stride piano and modern jazz. This set is sure to challenge musical boundaries and excite the listener.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Tuesday,  Dec 26 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Eri Yamamoto, piano;  David Ambrosio, bass;  Ikuo Takeuchi, drums
Eri Yamamoto Trio image

Since moving from Kyoto, Japan to the United States in 1995, Eri Yamamoto has established herself as one of jazz's most original and compelling pianists and composers. Jazz legend Herbie Hancock has said, “My hat’s off to her... already she’s found her own voice.” During the past twenty years, Eri has been sharing her uniquely lyrical and evocative music with listeners in New York City, throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Japan, Jamaica, and Australia; with appearances in concerts, clubs, and major festivals.

She has a deeply empathetic rapport with her long-standing trio members bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. Together they have recorded several albums, most recently “Life”. As the album title suggests, the music portrays a wide range of her experiences - from joyful to introspective, reflecting the vibrancy of New York City and exploring mysteries of nature and memory.

“Her CD reaffirms Yamamoto’s standing as a contemporary pianist of the highest order. Her virtuosity never gets in the way of playing it straight from the heart.”--Downbeat Mag.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Wednesday,  Dec 27 - 6:00PM 
Victor Lin, piano;  Daniel Stein, bass;  Austin Williamson, drums
Victor Lin Trio  image

Calhoun School Jazz Director Victor Lin returns to The Cornelia Street Cafe for one set early Wednesday night, with Calhoun School and Juilliard alum Daniel Stein on bass. Joining them and rounding out the trio for the evening will be Austin Williamson on drums.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Wednesday,  Dec 27 - 8:00PM 
Elizabeth Aklilu, voice;  Greg Louis, organ

NYC vocalist, Elizabeth Aklilu, NYC and Greg Louis of the critically acclaimed Organ Monk Quintet, one of Downbeat Magazine’s top 5 rising stars of 2016 will present of blues and jazz standards.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Wednesday,  Dec 27 - 9:30PM 
Naomi Petit, voice;  Paul Jones, tenor sax;  Eitan Kenner, piano;  Rick Rosato, bass
Naomi Petit Quartet image

French-American vocalist, Naomi Petit will perform some Fusion Jazz pieces, from Chick Corea to Joe Henderson.

Please join them for some warm rhythms, beautiful melodies and Eternal dreams.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Thursday,  Dec 28 - 6:00PM 
Dorian Devins, vocals;  Richie Vitale, trumpet;  Lou Rainone, piano;  Dan Stein, bass
Dorian Devins Jazz Quartet  image

 $10.00 includes a drink 
Thursday,  Dec 28 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Tom Chang, guitar, comp.;  Quinsin Nachoff, tenor sax;  Jeremy Powell, tenor sax;  Kenny Grohowski, drums;  Sam Trapchak, bass
Tom Chang Quintet image

Contemporary jazz guitarist, Tom Chang leads a quintet featuring some of the finest improvisers in the New York jazz scene. The music will encompass modern jazz to contemporary classical all with a heavy emphasis on groove and melody.

"What separates these tracks from other rock-leaning cuts made by jazz musicians today? It feels authentic. And then the brief funk tune "Scatterbrain" emerges about halfway though the album, there's chicken-scratch guitar and a simple yet heavy beat that screams The Meters. But later, things get eerie, as is someone was mixing funk with a New York jazz edge. That someone was Chang." --Brad Faberman (Downbeat Mag.)

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Friday,  Dec 29 - 6:00PM 
Malena Dayen, vocals;  David Rosenmeyer, piano
New Aires Tango image

The unique collaboration of tango singer Malena Dayen and pianist/arranger David Rosenmeyer invites us to delve into each song as a whole world within itself.

The repertoire that New Aires Tango performs is drawn mainly from the golden age of tango singers and writers. Yet music from other styles such as folkloric Argentinean, Mexican and Cuban songs are presented under the same umbrella to reflect on the lineage and influence of the Tango tradition.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Friday,  Dec 29 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Lage Lund, guitar;  Eden Ladin, piano;  Jared Henderson, bass;  Jochen Rueckert, drums
Lage Lund Quartet image

"Of the younger cats, Lage is THE one. He's a wonderful player. Scary actually!" - Kurt Rosenwinkel

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Saturday,  Dec 30 - 6:00PM 
Evie Ivy and Dancers Fred Simpson Patrick Hammer Philip De Pinto The Elegant Ivory Duo Mindy Levokove Jack Tricarico Peggy Fitzgerald Anthony Moscini

Celebrating the Holidays with poetry, dance, song & music!

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Saturday,  Dec 30 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Kris Davis, piano;  Drew Gress, bass;  Tom Rainey, drums
Tom Rainey, Obbligato Trio image

Tom Rainey - Obbligato, is a band dedicated to the redistribution of melody and improvisation on the standard song form. The entire group, comprised of Kris Davis and Drew Gress, contribute their musical prowess in a group improvisation that expresses standard songs in a fresh way.

"Tom Rainey is a player that swerves between avant-garde notions and a mainstream sensibility, when he plays, the smell of invention is in the air." --Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times.

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum 

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