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Tuesday,  Oct 31 - 6:00PM 
Malena Dayen, vocals;  David Rosenmeyer, piano
New Aires Tango: Halloween! image

The unique collaboration of tango singer Malena Dayen and pianist/arranger David Rosenmeyer invites us to delve into each song as a whole world within itself.

The repertoire that New Aires Tango performs is drawn mainly from the golden age of tango singers and writers. Yet music from other styles such as folkloric Argentinean, Mexican and Cuban songs are presented under the same umbrella to reflect on the lineage and influence of the Tango tradition.

 $15.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Tuesday,  Oct 31 - 8:00PM 
Daniel Cainer, words and music;  Robin Hirsch, words, and, please God, no music;  Ellen Mandel, words and music;  Michael Lydon, words and music;  Marc Ostrow, words and music;  Jessica Crandall, voice;  Sanda Weigl, songs;  Paul Shapiro, sax and songs
Join Daniel Cainer, "the comic bard of Anglo-Jewry," and Robin Hirsch, our longstanding Minister of Culture, fresh from their triumph in Boston as 50% (but, for you, 40) of Jeannine Frank's Jewish circus, THE HONORABLE MENSCHEN.

Daniel's one-man shows, JEWISH CHRONICLES and GEFILTE FISH AND CHIPS, have been acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic for their unique blend of poignancy and wit. And across the Pacific in Australia he has been called "brilliant and brave"--and not just for getting there.

Robin's solo performance cycle, MOSAIC (based on his memoir LAST DANCE AT THE HOTEL KEMPINSKI) has been called "marvelous," "mesmerizing," and "completely glorious" by various publications to which he has made only small contributions.

They will be joined by the incomparable composer/pianist/songwriter Ellen Mandel, who will regale us with some of her glorious numbers (including her legendary three-minute version of Waiting for Godot), by Marc Ostrow whose songs have been (self-)described as www (witty, wistful and weird), and Michael Lydon, HonorARY Mensch, whose iconic "Paris in the Rain" embodies the spirit we have tried to uphold here for forty years.

It is not inconceivable that surprise guests may befall us. Some already have: the glorious Jessica Crandall who will almost certainly sing with Ellen and perhaps Michael; the legendary Sanda Weiglwho may regale us with songs from her extensive repertoire of Berlin cabaret and Romanian gypsy music; and Paul Shapirowhose Ribs and Brisket Revue had its incarnation and many performances here, will bring his sax and sing (when he's not blowing) songs from the Great American Jewish Songbook.
 20 inkadrink 

Wednesday,  Nov 01 - 6:00PM 
Albert Marques, piano;  Ari Hoenig, drums;  Manel Fortia, bass

Albert Marques is a Catalan transplant from Spain whose passion at the piano is only matched by his huge humanity and kindness. This is not cartoon jazz, or a stereotypical Latin Jazz trio. It is modern, fusing elements of Rock, Jazz, Flamenco, and R&B with a healthy dose of introspection, and not a fake moment. Every note is played with grit, reality, and love. – Arturo O’Farrill

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Wednesday,  Nov 01 - 8:00PM 
Paul Mills, keyboard, voice
Poez image

Paul Mills aka POEZ has been a widely-published, pioneering spoken word singer-songwriter, and audio and video recording artist, since 1976. For tonight's event Poez will perform lyrical, dramatic poem songs, accompanying himself on keyboard, with digital delay enhancement, and free-verse improvisations. He has shared bills with Laurie Anderson, Mose Allison, Richard Hell, and William Burroughs, among many others, at New York venues such as The Bitter End, Theater for the New City, The City Winery, The West End Lounge, St. Mark's Poetry Project, Bowery Poetry Club, and similar venues in London, Paris, San Francisco, and Boston, on radio and television. His YouTube video "The Monotone", produced in collaboration with filmmaker Joeann Calabrese and 2112 Productions, has been viewed over 45,000 times. Their award-winning collaboration "This Is Not The Time (Be A Human)" has been selected for seven international film festivals this year, including New Filmmakers New York, which will be screening it tomorrow night November 2nd at the Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side. The story of his first appearance at the Cornelia Street Cafe is to be found in a Bowery Poetry-published anthology of his essays, fiction and poetry, "The Poetry Dollars." Tonight's performance celebrates the immediate release of a live album, "Stay Loose and Fake It!", recorded with jazz quartet, live, on Bleecker Street, 10/4/16, which will be on sale and features the audio track for the film, "This Is Not The time (Be A Human)" mentioned above. It is an anthem for humans, including you, if you're into that sort of thing.

"A spoken-word pioneer" - The New York Times

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Wednesday,  Nov 01 - 9:30PM 
Michael Fracasso, voice, guitar
Michael Fracasso  image

Michael Fracasso is an authentic Texas musician born of Italian parents in the steel town of Steubenville, Ohio (just down the river from Pittsburgh). He spent years working the New York City folk scene while mentored by the great Doc Pomus, Michael Fracasso follows a grand aesthetic compass found in a rare few and has recorded 8 CDs of original material. He has a renowned pedigree of friends with whom he has worked with including: Charlie Sexton, Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin and has cuts on the Ribbons of Highway: Tribute to Woody Guthrie recording. His seventh CD, “Red Dog Blues” was number one on the Americana Charts in Europe and he was short-listed for The Austin Public Library Literary Achievement award. In 2013 he published a cookbook “Artist in the Kitchen” and in 2015 released his newest CD, “Here Come the Savages”, a wicked take on the state of this world. He’s a “folkie badass” who gloriously integrates a countrified Texas twang with Beatlesque popisms and rocking enthusiasm.

Terry Sawyer of Popmatters:, “he’s a folkie badass.”

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Thursday,  Nov 02 - 6:00PM 
Robin, Josh, and Tom, hosts

Artists Salon image

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators.

Finger food on us, drinks available. All are welcome.

Thursday,  Nov 02 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Loren Stillman, alto sax;  Nate Radley, guitar;  Rob Jost, bass;  Gary Versace, piano;  Jared Schonig, drums
Loren Stillman Quintet image

The music of Brooklyn-based saxophonist and composer, Loren Stillman, has found acclaimed reviews in such publications as The NewYork Times, Downbeat Magazine, Jazziz, Jazz Times, and National Public Radio, marking him as an innovative voice of modern jazz. With his training stemming from Lee Konitz and David Liebman to Harvey Pittel, Stillman has performed, recorded, and educated throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Alongside an impressive record of performances, recordings, and master-classes with his own ensembles, Stillman has performed alongside Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Carla Bley, John Abercrombie, Michael Formanek, Ralph Alessi, Andy Milne’s DAPP Theory, Michele Rosewoman Quintessence, Tyshawn Sorey, Brad Shepik, Vic Juris, and The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra.

“a writer and a stylist that has found a previously unoccupied slot in the jazz spectrum” - Jazz Review UK

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Friday,  Nov 03 - 6:00PM 
Hydrogen Junkbox Obsidian Matthew Hupert
NeuroNautic Institute Presents Stochastic Order image

Arrangement and poetic derangement featuring Hydrogen Junkbox, Obsidian, Matthew Hupert, plus a limited open mic.

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Friday,  Nov 03 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Andrew Rathbun, saxophones;  Tim Hagans, trumpet;  Gary Versace, piano;  Jay Anderson, bass;  Bill Stewart, drums

Join Andrew Rathbun as he returns to Cornelia Street Cafe with this stellar ensemble as they play compositions from Andrew’s last record, Numbers & Letters, and some new pieces. This band has a “gritty- cool character” while exhibiting “super sophisticated playing” (Jazzwise). Rathbun’s compositions have been described as "lyrical, with great facility in developing complex moods” (Toronto Star).

"Andrew Rathbun, a crafty saxophonist and composer whose ambitious work over the past decade has eluded the wider recognition it deserves."--THE NEW YORKER

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Andrew Rathbun Quintet image
Saturday,  Nov 04 - 6:00PM 
Andy Christie, host

Brad Lawrence Leslie Goshko Rory Scholl Sydnee Washington
The Liar Show image

Seek Truth. Get a T-Shirt.

4 Storytellers, 3 True Stories, 1 Pack of Lies. Uncover the liar and win a prize worth its weight in fool's gold!

Tonight The Liar Show welcomes stories from Brad Lawrence (The Moth Radio Hour), Leslie Goshko (Huffington Post; Sideshow Goshko), Rory Scholl (Peoples Improv Theater), and Sydnee Washington (The Unofficial Expert; The Warm Up)

with host ANDY CHRISTIE - N.Y. Times; The Moth Radio Hour

"They can lie to me all night long!" - The New York Times

"Christie & Co. make dishonesty fun again." - TimeOut New York

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Nov 04 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Andrew Rathbun, saxophones;  Tim Hagans, trumpet;  Gary Versace, piano;  Jay Anderson, bass;  Bill Stewart, drums

Join Andrew Rathbun as he returns to Cornelia Street Cafe with this stellar ensemble as they play compositions from Andrew’s last record, Numbers & Letters, and some new pieces. This band has a “gritty- cool character” while exhibiting “super sophisticated playing” (Jazzwise). Rathbun’s compositions have been described as "lyrical, with great facility in developing complex moods” (Toronto Star).

"Andrew Rathbun, a crafty saxophonist and composer whose ambitious work over the past decade has eluded the wider recognition it deserves."--THE NEW YORKER

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum

Andrew Rathbun Quintet image
Sunday,  Nov 05 - 6:00PM 
Roald Hoffman, Dave Soldier, hosts

Jennifer Mass, scientist;  Olek, visual artist
Entertaining Science: Art At The Intersection Of The Ephemeral And The Eternal image

Things do fall apart. And art, striving to escape the bonds of time, the artist reaching for eternity, is changed by time. Tonight we explore two sides of this unmathematical equation, beginning with cultural heritage scientist Jennifer Mass from the Bard Graduate Center. Jen will tell us of her studies on the rapidly changing works of Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, and Henri Matisse’s The Joy of Life. Chemistry does change objects in ways that often (but not always) make them more rare, more desired, and more beautiful. Consider the velvety mineral patina on a Greek bronze or the iridescence of the Roman glass vase…

Olek is a Brooklyn-based visual artist who crochets everything that enters her space, including once the hosts of this show. Her art is ephemeral and relates back to her favorite Bhutanese proverb: “Plum blossom is beautiful. Blossom is temporary.” Olek says, “I often get asked why I spend countless hours on something that will cease to exist. The materials I choose, as well as crochet, the technique I work with, manifest the concept of the ephemeral, suggesting the limited life of the art object as well as the art concept.” And yet, the yarns she uses intertwine to create a strong bond, which is most apparent in her community projects. Loop after loop, if one person fails, we all fail, but we are stronger together.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Sunday,  Nov 05 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Koran Agan, host

Daisy Castro, violin;  Koran Agan, guitar;  Josh Kaye, guitar;  Julian Smith, bass
DjaNGO AT CORNELIA STREET, Daisy Castro image

Cornelia Street Cafe, with it's Django at Cornelia Street series, celebrates the music of Django Reinhardt by featuring some of the finest gypsy jazz bands and other musicians influenced by the legendary gypsy guitarist.

Daisy Castro is an outstanding interpreter of the Gypsy Jazz of the 1930s and 40s (in the style of Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli), and has emerged as a revitalizing force for the genre. At just 20 years old she stuns first-time audience members–continuing to enthrall even those that have seen her perform many times before. Her dynamic playing channels some of the early greats, while adding a modern edge to Gypsy Jazz tradition.

Daisy Castro is an extraordinary violinist who confidently continues in the Gypsy Jazz tradition. At the tender age of 17, this seasoned violinist is trailblazing across the international jazz scene. Her performances are electrifying. -- video: website:
 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Monday,  Nov 06 - 6:00PM 
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image

Original Monologues. No slamming, no judges, just great material, excellent actors and YOU. Come See These Amazing Daredevils Perform Without a Net!!!

 $15.00 includes a drink 

Monday,  Nov 06 - 8:30PM 
David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises;  Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel;  Rene Hart, bass;  Elliot Peper, bongos
AMRAM & CO image

This series explores in his highly personable, generous and informal style the astonishing variety of David Amram's interests and accomplishments--renowned composer of symphonic classical music, jazz compositions, improvisation, spoken word, scat, he sits at the piano, schmoozes about music, about the greats, the beats, the obscure, the legendary; plays the French horn, pulls out all kinds of instruments (flutes, drums, horns) gathered from his many circumnavigations of the globe, pulls in guests drawn from just about every artistic walk of life.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Nov 07 - 6:00PM 
Peter Neil Carroll Esther Cohen Michael Collins Jennifer Franklin David Groff
Five Live: An Evening of Engaging Poetry image

Join us for a night of readings featuring Peter Carroll, Esther Cohen, Michael Collins, Jennifer Franklin, and David Groff -- an array of talents, forms and styles, not to be missed!

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Tuesday,  Nov 07 - 8:00PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

Tammy Scheffer, voice, compositions;  David Smith, trumpet;  John Yao, trombone;  Pete McCann, guitar;  Gary Wang, bass;  Jay Sawyer, drums

"...Innovative, provocative and alluring... Scheffer has a great deal to say in music, sound and word." - Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"Scheffer has the agility and panache of a seasoned horn player and the imagination of the brightest stars of her generation" -Andrea Canter,

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Voxecstatic: Tammy Scheffer Sextet image
Tuesday,  Nov 07 - 9:30PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

Elisabeth Lohninger, voice, piano;  Pete McCann, guitar;  Evan Gregor, bass
Voxecstatic: Soul Garden image

"Soul Garden", Elisabeth Lohninger's latest CD, is a collection of predominantly originals that reflect her quest for authenticity, love and a life lived to the fullest. In a career that has taken her from the slopes of the Austrian alps, where she sang folk songs as a young girl, to jazz clubs, concert halls and the stages of international jazz festivals, vocalist Elisabeth Lohninger has proven herself to be a powerful and elusive talent. The New York Times has described Lohninger as "a powerful performer and a highly-skilled improviser and composer", and throughout her albums Lohninger has chosen lyrical depth in favor of flashy vocalese. She has lent her warm alto voice to songs by K.D. Lang, Joni Mitchell and the Beatles with the same penchant for authenticity she lends to her original songs.

"Lohninger shapes an adventurous but accessible session that ideally showcases her voice. Dark and dense as blackberries yet lustrous as pearls, it is a stunning instrument that deserves smart, sympathetic support." - Christopher Loudon, Jazz Times

"Elisabeth Lohninger is a powerful performer and a highly-skilled improviser and composer." New York Times

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

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