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Monday,  Oct 23 - 6:00PM 
V. Hansmann and Oona Patrick, co-hosts

Tess Callahan, featured reader;  Carrie Cooperider Danielle Decatur Parks Kugle
BENNINGTON WRITERS  -  Fiction image

Join for four talented fiction writers - Tess Callahan, Carrie Cooperider, Danielle Decatur, and Parks Kugle.

Tess Callahan is the author of the recently published novel, April & Oliver, from Grand Central Publishing. Her short work has appeared in AGNI, Narrative, The New York Times Magazine, New York Newsday, Boston College Magazine, and NPR’s ‘Three Books’ Series, among others. She is working on a new novel. Callahan works as a teacher of creative writing and an editor, as well as curating the website , a toolbox for aspiring writers. She holds a BA in English from Boston College, an M.Ed from SUNY Buffalo, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the Bennington Writing Seminars. Most importantly, she owes her sanity to the eight paws in her life.

 $10.00 includes a drink

Monday,  Oct 23 - 8:30PM 
David Lopato, paino;  Ratzo Harris, bass;  Michael Sarin, drums

Manhattan-based pianist/composer David Lopato has performed as a leader and sideman throughout the world. As a composer he has received numerous grants from the N.E.A., New York Foundation for the Arts, Meet the Composer, and the Beards Fund. He also received a Fulbright Fellowship to study Javanese Gamelan in Surakarta, Indonesia, where he lived for a year. As a performer he has toured his own music in configurations ranging from solo piano to 10-piece ensembles. He has performed with Dave Liebman, Dewey Redman, Joe Lovano, Mark Helias, Ray Anderson, Wadada Leo Smith, Jane Ira Bloom, Steve Gorn and numerous others. He own recordings have been released on the Lumina, Enemy and Global Coolant labels. For 15 years he curated and produced the modern jazz concert series at InHouse in downtown Manhattan. He currently teaches privately and at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, where he has been on the faculty for the last 25 years. A recording of his most ambitious work “Gendhing for a Spirit Rising”, gamelan-influenced music for large ensemble, was just released on Global Coolant Records.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Tuesday,  Oct 24 - 6:00PM 
Jasper Dutz, reeds & recorders;  Michael Wang, trombone and recorders;  Jeremy Corren, piano;  John Koozin, bass;  Jongkuk "JK" Kim, drums

The Debut concert of a quirky band! Featuring musicians from across the United States and Asia, "We Have a Tune" blends jazz & comedy with other genres to add a lighthearted spin to these heavy times.

 $10.00 includes a drink

Tuesday,  Oct 24 - 8:00PM 
Bez Vise, voice, piano
Bez Vise image

For over 10 years, Bez Vise has been contributing his highly creative talent in audio and video production, combined with his infectious energetic personality to hundreds of projects, many of them achieving worldwide successes. From working with top music industry names to world class athletes, to longest running media production companies. Bez Vise has been there for over a decade, shaping audio and video standards. Raising the bar, one project at a time.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Tuesday,  Oct 24 - 9:30PM 
Naomi Petit, voice;  Tommy Holladay, guitar
Naomi Petit, Tommy Holladay Duo image

Naomi Petit, Franco American singer who grew up in an artistic world, and Tommy Holladay,who graduate from Berklee school of music and the New England Conservatory, are gathering around a Fusion Jazz project.

"She's so tender and warm", "Tonight the wind will play a song beneath the moony trees". Chick Corea, Flora Purim, Joe Henderson.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Wednesday,  Oct 25 - 12:30PM 
Cafe Play image

Today at 12:30 p.m. (Lunch) and 3:00 p.m. (Tea)!

Do you like to listen in on other people’s conversations in cafes? This Is Not A Theatre Company’s Café Play offers guilt-free “eavesdropping” in the historical setting of the Cornelia Street Café with food and dance pairings. Curated conversations deal with life in New York City from the perspectives of ambassadors’ wives, waiters, women with body issues, a cockroach, a wine bottle, tea, and a woman whose daughter wants to dress as an Indian for Halloween. Breakfast performances (10:30am) include coffee and a breakfast pastry; lunch performances (12:30pm) include a light lunch (salad); afternoon tea performances (3:00pm) include tea and a pastry; late night performances (10:30pm) include a glass of Cornelia Street’s signature wine.

Wednesday,  Oct 25 - 6:00PM 
Luc Sante Lawrence Joseph Thomas Sleigh Richard Greeman Allan Graubard Edwin Frank Harry Newman
Elegies of Revolution: The Poetry of Victor Serge image

Franco-Russian writer and revolutionary Victor Serge is widely known for his remarkable Memoirs of a Revolutionary and his series of novels chronicling the early idealism of the Russian revolution and its tragic undoing under Stalinism, all of which he experienced firsthand.

Less well-known is Serge was also a poet, and a fine one. Luc Sante, Lawrence Joseph, Thomas Sleigh, Richard Greeman, Allan Graubard, Edwin Frank, Harry Newman, and other poets and writers, celebrate this neglected side of his writing with a bilingual reading of poems from Serge's two collections, published earlier this year as a single volume, A Blaze in a Desert (PM Press), in a wonderful, new translation by James Brook.

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Wednesday,  Oct 25 - 8:00PM 
James Shipp, percussion;  Nadje Noordhuis, flugel horn
James Shipp & Nadje Noordhuis Duo image

James Shipp and Nadje Noordhuis have been performing as a duo since 2012. Their unique blend of sonorous brass, celestial vibraphone, and a warm, atmospheric underpinning of analog synthesizers and effects makes for a performance experience much more than the sum of its parts; somehow at once delicate and intimate and sweepingly grand. Both are over a decade-and-a-half deep in the NYC creative music scene, and play as sidemen(andwomen) with artists like Maria Schneider, Kurt Elling, Becca Stevens, Pilot Violet, Rudy Royston, Kate McGarry, Anat Cohen, Snarky Puppy, Bokanté, Jean Rohe, etc. Their first album, Indigo, will be released in Australia at the Wangeratta Jazz Festival in November, with a US release in early 2018.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Wednesday,  Oct 25 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Jesse Lewis, guitar;  Ike Strum, bass
Endless Field image

Endless Field is a collaborative instrumental guitar and bass duo featuring guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm. They play original songs filled with intricate finger-style lines, improvisation and ambient textures. Their new album was released in June on Biophilia Records. “It’s that sensation of awe-inspired tranquility that guides the music on this disc, one of distant horizons and airy, windswept melodies. The duo harness a palette of sounds that are refreshingly organic in this age of industrialization.”-- Downbeat (4 STARS)

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Thursday,  Oct 26 - 6:00PM 
Elizabeth J. Coleman Andrea Fry Deborah Kahan Kolb

Elizabeth J. Coleman, Andrea Fry, and Deborah Kahan Kolb are pleased to join together to read poems from their books, as well as some of their newer work. As women living in the early 21st century, they have much in common, and each has as well a unique story and, most important, a unique voice. Please join these poets as they explore the similarities and differences among them and their work, with the hope that you will find resonance in your own lives and work. Books will be available for purchase.

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Thursday,  Oct 26 - 8:00PM 
Jeff Miles, guitar, voice;  Steve Brickman, saxophone, guitar, voice;  Michael Thomas, saxophone;  Zach Lapidus, piano, synth, voice;  Alesandra Gabrielle, vocals;  Pablo Menares, bass;  Rodrigo Recabarren, drums
Jeff Miles Group image

Jeff Miles presents music from his genre-defying debut album "The Periphery of Knowing."

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum    http://website -

Thursday,  Oct 26 - 9:30PM 
Michael Thomas, saxophone;  Luis Perdomo, piano;  Edward Perez, bass;  Jimmy Macbride, drums
Michael Thomas Quartet image

Saxophonist and composer Michael Thomas brings an exciting sense of lyricism to his original music. Drawing from influences including jazz, rock, pop, and classical styles, Michael's music has thrilled audiences in New York, Boston, Miami, and Amsterdam. His intricate compositions showcase the band's precision while being fueled by each player's unique voice. The quartet plays with a sense of freedom that is sure to keep the audience on its toes, while bringing a unique energy to the music and taking the performance in a different direction every time.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum    http://

Friday,  Oct 27 - 6:00PM 
Alexandra Leff, vocals, guitar;  Alex Feldman, drums;  John Gray, bass;  Justin Salisbury, piano

Singer Songwriter Alexandra Leff is back at Cornelia Street Cafe to perform her original, poetic, folk-inspired songs. Alexandra will be singing and playing acoustic guitar accompanied by piano, bass and drums - with Alex Feldman, John Gray, and Justin Salisbury.

 $10.00 includes a drink 

Friday,  Oct 27 - 8:30PM 
Leslie Goshko, piano, vocals;  Andy Christie, banjo, vocals;  Phil Denniston, guitar, vocals;  Rick Dennis, bass;  Christopher Troy Sanchez, percussion

A pianist, a banjo player, and a couple of their friends walk into a bar. What do you get? Porch Music! Join Leslie Goshko ("An Old-Fashioned Piano Party w/Leslie Goshko" at Cornelia Street Cafe), Andy Christie (host of the long-running "Liar Show" at Cornelia) and friends as they bring you a mish mosh of traditional country/bluegrass favorites and not-so-traditional reinterpretations of pop/rock tunes.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Friday,  Oct 27 - 10:00PM 
Tara Linhardt, mandolin;  Christian Apuzzo, guitar;  Mary Simpson, voice, fiddle;  Larry Legend, bass
The Bluegrass Conspiracy image

The Bluegrass Conspiracy was set in motion when mandolinist Tara Linhardt moved from the mountains of Virginia to New York. Jumping right into the NYC bluegrass scene she created a jam featuring award winning musicians Mary Simpson on fiddle, Christian Apuzzo on vocals and guitar, and Larry Legend on bass. Now the charismatic host band is stepping out as the Bluegrass Conspiracy with a mixture of originals and traditional bluegrass to create a high energy music rooted in Americana culture.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum    http:// http://

Saturday,  Oct 28 - 6:00PM 
Amy Allison, vocals, composition;  Lee Feldman, piano, vocals, composition
Amy Allison + Lee Feldman image

In this intimate show, Amy and Lee will present sets of their own songs and accompany each other as well.

Amy Allison has been lauded internationally as a songwriter and singer of depth and originality. Her 1996 debut album, The Maudlin Years, on Koch Records, was cited by no less than Elvis Costello as one of his 500 essential albums in Vanity Fair.

Lee Feldman is a pianist/songwriter and has released 4 critically acclaimed albums of his own funny/sad/surreal songs. He was signed to Mercury Records in 1998.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Oct 28 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Tony Malaby, tenor sax;  Ben Monder, guitar;  Tom Rainey, drums
Tony Malaby Trio image

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum 

Sunday,  Oct 29 - 2:00PM 
Daisy Jopling, violin;  Michael Feigenbaum, beat box, percussion, guitar;  Natalie Twigg, oboe
Daisy Jopling and Michael Feigenbaum image

With students from Okehampton College, Devon in England – coming over to NY all the way from the UK!

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Sunday,  Oct 29 - 6:00PM 
Stephanie Lamprea, curator, soprano;  Charlotte Munn-Wood, violin;  Adam Bilchik, guitar;  Christine Papania, soprano;  Zack Clarke, piano
Unbridled: Grief is the Thing with Feathers image

Unbridled, a new series of contemporary chamber music, plays experimental and captivating works by Icli Zitella, Ashkan Behzadi, Meredith Monk, and David Lang’s Death Speaks. Includes readings from Max Porter’s novel, Grief is the Thing with Feathers. Curated by Stephanie Lamprea.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Sunday,  Oct 29 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Rogerio Souza, guitar;  Tiago Souza, bandolim;  Billy Newman, guitar;  Evan Francis, flute;  Tom Armstrong, pandeiro, percussion
Rogerio Souza with Billy Newman and Tiago do Bandolim image

Rogerio Souza , one of the leading 6 and 7 string guitarists in all of Brazil returns to New York again to appear at the Jazz Forum. He has over 30 years experience playing with some of the leading musicians in Brazil in the genres of Choro, Samba and "Musica Popular Brasileira" (MPB). One of the founding members of the innovative choro group "No Em Pinga D'agua", Rogerio could also be heard as a sideman with the likes of Ney Mattogrosso, Ivan Lins, Guinga, Paulo Moura, Joao Bosco and a host of other luminaries from the Brazilian Music World. Currently Rogerio has been all over the world concertizing while giving intensive workshops in Samba and Choro. He is known affectionately as "O Mestre Rogerio" in the countries he regularly visits, a true Ambassador for the beauty and humanity in Brazilian Music. Most recently he has toured the Jazz clubs of California, played the Kennedy Center, James Madison University and concertized at Yale University

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Monday,  Oct 30 - 6:00PM 
David Aaron, saxophones;  Megan Shumate Beaumont, clarinet;  Will McEvoy, bass;  Dave Gould, drums;  and Kari Swenson Riely, Lady Jane Wilde
“Isola” image

Text by Oscar Wilde & Lady Jane Wilde

Music by David Aaron

Born on April 2nd, 1857, Isola Wilde was born the daughter of Lady Jane Wilde and Sir William Wilde, sister of William & Oscar Wilde. She was constantly referred to as “the pet of the house” and it was said that she lit up their lives like “a golden ray of sunshine dancing about our home”. On February 23rd, 1867, two months before her 10th birthday, Isola died of “a sudden effusion on the brain”. The whole family was devastated and Oscar, who was 12 at the time, was haunted by his sister’s death throughout his entire life.

This performance will be followed by a short set of music by Flip City.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Monday,  Oct 30 - 8:30PM 
Yaniv Taubenhouse, piano;  Sam Minaie, bass;  Jerad Lippi, drums

"The range of atmospheres and emotions in the poetry of Yaniv Taubenhouse’s music is astounding. Rarely and only once or twice in a lifetime do you get to hear a musician and a pianist who is as sensitive as Taubenhouse to the voice of the heart, the breadth of human emotion and its relationship with the whisper of nature, and its roar as well. " -Raul da Gama, Jazz da Gama

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

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