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Wednesday Aug 23
BrAZILIAN: DENDÊ's Samba de Tres image
Samba de Três is a band of stellar musicians who perform the various sambas from all over Brazil with percussion, voice, guitar and cavaquinho. Lead by Dendê, a master percussionist from Salvador da Bahia and former member of Timbalada, the group performs rhythms like samba do côco from Pernambuco, samba de caboclo from the Afro-Brazilian religion of candomblé, samba de roda of Salvador da Bahia and samba de enredo from Rio de Janeiro occasionally mixing them together for some unexpected combinations! When Samba de Três plays, you have no choice but to dance!
 Cover $8
Aug 24
Eliane, vocals & guitar;  Andra Borlo, guest vocalist;  Hagar Ben Ari, bass;  TBA, drums & percussion
BrAZILIAN: Eliane image
photo: solar productions

Hot genre-busting singer, guitarist and composer “eliane” combines Brazilian and Latin rhythms along with contemporary American pop and jazz vocals to create a fresh sound, completely her own.

"...After the opening act the singer, guitar player Eliane lightened up the concert space with her enchanted flame. With a cat like elegance she evoked Brazil and its timeless Bossa Nova but in her very own way, coloured with Jazz and Blues elements. She directs her voice with masterful presicion anywhere she wants. Warm timbre and technique without failure: Eliane has everything of a star."
- l'Impartial 2006

“ When I first saw her perform, her sultry, melodic, mesmerizing and energizing musical talent resonated with me for days. She truly is a gift to all music. “
- Debbie Melk ( MTV ) 2006
 Cover $10


Ze Luis, tenor sax, flute & percussion;  Richard Padron, guitar;  Leco Reis, bass;  Kenny Grohowski, drums
BrAZILIAN: <br>Ze Luis & Gold Flipper image
The Ze Luis and Gold Flipper project displays an open and free manner of treating Brazilian jazz rhythms, never seen before. Fronted by famed sax and flute player Ze Luis, whose resume includes performing with Brazilian greats such as Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Tania Maria and Bebel Gilberto, the band propels art to the future. Having performed with music leaders Rita Marley, Spearhead, Banda Black Rio, The Wailers and Milo Z, Ze brings myriad range and style to the forum.

"Echoes of Jobim - Ze Luis: Real Brazilian Roots"
Pat Cole/Down Beat

"Multitalented saxophonist, flutist and composer, he comes with impressive credentials..."
Michael Cowan/RHYTHM

"...His profile around town is proof that he's got his own thing."
Time Out

Aug 25
Jackie Sheeler

Jackie Sheeler's open mic poetry series. Arrive before 6 pm to sign up. Tonight's featured readers are Karen Hildebrand & Jack Wiler. Guest host Roxanne Hoffman.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)
Billy Drewes, woodwinds;  Peter Brainin , woodwinds;  Andy Eulau, bass;  Adriano Santos, drums;  Cliff Korman, piano, compositions, arrangements
BrAZILIAN: Cliff Korman Ensemble image
THE CLIFF KORMAN ENSEMBLE is a multi-faceted project that spans from performance and recording to developing clinics and workshops on Improvisation, Ensemble Performance Techniques, and Brazilian Jazz. In performance the ensemble considers the sound and inclinations of each member of the group, and uses the resultant colors and interplay as inspiration to germinate and develop ideas. Standard repertoire and original jazz compositions written in the spirit of the Brazilian genre of bossa, samba, baião, maxixe, and choro are featured, with the intent to create a setting which uses Brazilian rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic vocabulary as the prime material for the freedom of improvised performance.

Pianist, arranger, composer, producer and educator, Cliff Korman is unstoppable when it comes to Brazilian is a special treat to follow Korman's journey
Egidio Leitão
 Cover $10

Aug 26

Suzy Schwartz, flutes;  Dario Eskenazi, piano;  Vanderlei Pereira, drums
BRazilian: <br>Suzy Schwartz Brazil Jazz image
Brazilian music has infectious qualities that are lovingly exposed on this delightful recording by flautist Suzy Schwartz.
About the CD Wind, Cadence magazine, August 2004
 Cover $8
9:00PM & 10:30PM  BRAZILIAN:

Dave Pietro, saxophones;  Gary Versace, piano;  Martin Wind, bass;  Rogerio Boccato, drums
BrAZILIAN: <br>Dave Pietro's Banda Brazil image
“”Dave Pietro’s ‘Embrace: Impressions of Brazil’ meshes genuine Brazilian musical concepts with jazz. Excellent New York jazz musicians and top-flight Brazilians perform Pietro’s harmonically and rhythmically sophisticated compositions where shifting meters give them a special rhythmic lift and keep the players on their toes. As a saxophonist, Pietro possesses a handsome tone, a prodigious technique, and the ability to construct coherent improvised solos.”
- David Franklin - JAZZ TIMES
 Cover $12
Aug 27

Kate McGarry, vocals;  Harvie S, bass
SUNDAY DUOS: <br>kate McGarry/Harvie S image

Tony Malaby, saxophones;  Marcus Rojas, tuba
suNDAY DUOS: <br>Tony Malaby/Marcus Rojas image

 Cover $10
Aug 28
Ruth Saavedra, Amy Lemmon, Chris Brandt, hosts

On three nights we will explore the influence of Whitman on the poetry of American poets in both hemi-spheres. tonight we read Pablo Neruda, Edwin Rolfe, and others. for more information please contact: Chris Brandt, 212 254-8875, or Madeline Millán, 212 696-1187,
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)
Harel Shachal , G clarinet, soprano & alto saxophones;  Skye Steele, violin;  Christopher Hoffman, cello;  Harvey Valdez, oud;  Assaf Hikimi, bass;  E.J. Fry, frame drum & ocean drum;  John Hadfield, dumbek, riqq, kanjira;  Uri Sharlin, accordion;  Tomer Tzur, riqq, dumbek
WORLD MONDAYS: Harel Shachal's Anistar image
ANISTAR plays an innovative blend of Jazz, Mediterrenean and Traditional Middle- Eastern music.

By mixing traditional instruments, forms and harmonies together with a modern Jazz conception, ANISTAR melding the sounds of the desert with the contemporary urban landscape of New York City.

"This fine local nonet is led by an Israeli saxist named Harel Shachal. The instrumentation includes oud, darbuka, dumbek, frame drum, cello, violin, accordion, bass and assorted percussion... I am most impressed by this disc. Harel plays alto & soprano sax & clarinet and wrote all but one of these tunes. The music reminds me of Ivo Papasov's high-speed Bulgarian Wedding Band. It sounds like there is no trap drummer here, leaving it up to the three hand percussionists, acoustic bassist and oud player to provide the great, driving groove. Harel's reeds, Skye Steele's violin, Chris Hoffman's cello as well as Harvey Valdez' oud all take a number of spirited solos. When the band slows down, Harel's charming, sly melodies really stand out. Uri Sharlin's accordion and both string players provide great simmering harmonies with whoever is soloing. Harel's wonderful clarinet has a distinctive mid-eastern sound, coming from a much different background than most of the jazz clarinetists one often hears. This was recorded live in February of this year and has rich, devilish sound..."
- BLG. Down Town Music Gallery N.Y. October 2005
 Cover $10

Aug 29
Chris Brandt and Madeline Millan, hosts

On three nights we will explore the influence of Whitman on the poetry of American poets in both hemi-spheres. tonight we read Poets of the 60's and after: Mario Benedetti, Phillip Levine, Olga Orozco, Galway Kinnell, Martín Espada, etc.

for more information please contact:

Chris Brandt, 212 254-8875, or Madeline Millán, 212 696-1187,
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

Michel Gentile, flute;  Nate Radley, guitar;  Roland Schneider, drums
flutes: Denominators image
Denominators was born out of the vibrant New York jazz scene. Its unique instrumentation—flute, guitar, and drums—is a refreshing departure from the conventional jazz trio, offering a high level of freedom and interaction.

The group performs a program of original compositions that range from simple songs with strong melodies and powerful grooves to sophisticated structures with complex harmonies. Spontaneous creations and unexpected twists within each performance reveal the trio’s strong affinity for free improvisation.

The musicians’ backgrounds include classical, jazz, and folk music from around the world, including West Africa and Brazil. Inspired by the Paul Motian Trio, King Sunny Ade, and Olivier Messiaen, Denominators explores a new definition of the jazz trio.

"...Denominators evoke an audio urban landscape with all its twists, turns and surprises*a perfect sound track for taking a stroll in New York City..."
Parisvoice, the magazine for English-speaking Parisians (December 2005)

Wednesday Aug 30 6:00PM  WHITMAN, NORTH & SOUTH
Rich Villar and the Acentos Crew, hosts

On three nights we explore the influence of Whitman on the poetry of American poets in both hemi-spheres. tonight we read Contemporary Latino & Hispanic-American poets, and North Americans with connections to Latin America.

for more information please contact:

Chris Brandt, 212 254-8875, or Madeline Millán, 212 696-1187,
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)


Mark Weinstein , flutes; 
Ed Cherry
, guitar
FLutes: <br>Mark Weinstein duo image
Mark Weinstein, flute with Ed Cherry, guitar. Jazz flutist Mark Weinstein records with world class guitarists including Romero Lubambo, Vic Juris and Jean Paul Bourelly.
But his favorite duo guitarist is Dizzy Gillespie alumni Ed Cherry who is featured on Mark's album Three Dueces.

"Mark solos with incisive inventive interpretations...passionate improvizations are crisply articulated, harmonically rich, yet subtle in their power."
George Carrol,
 Cover $8

Yael Acher (MODIANO), Compositions, Flute and Prepared Electronics;  Yasushi Nakamura, El Bass & Double Bass;  Jeremy Clemons (BEAN), drums;  Rashad Dobbins, Spoken Word/Rap;  Guest: Daniel Givens, Visuals
Flutes: Yael Acher and JUNK Kat image
junk“KAT” / Yael Acher (MODIANO) & co.
FUNKY JUNK Jazz & El. Noise

- “…Acher raises the excitement level frequently by using overblowing techniques to ignite the collective voices”.
- Cadence Magazine, June ’04, by Frank Rubolino (USA)

- “…inheritance of post-hard-bop is specially original and convincing.”
– Jazz Magazine, February ’04, by Thierry Quénum (France)

- “Very dense…highly original interation between organic and non-organic elements…very uninhibited and arresting tapestry of sound….”
– Berlingske Tidende, April ’02, by Kjeld Frandsen (Denmark)

A new resident in NYC, Acher already played with “KaT” and as a guest in other bands @, 55Bar, Bowery Poetry Club, CBGB’s Lounge, Zebulon, Mercury’s Lounge, Club Eupora, The TANK, and more. “Kat”s expressions vary from structured orchestration to free-style FUNKY tunes, in different moods. It’s RETRO 60’s / 70’s influences are blending with the present- PULS. AN audio clash happens when the instruments - and sometimes Words- fuse with electronic wave sounds coming from software technology. This fringy format of Electro/instrumental Jazz, with diverse instrumental combinations, was established by Acher in Europe since 1998, with tours, broadcasting, releases, features, and reviews. “KAT” is named after “Krazy Kat”, THE surreal cartoon strip, created by George Herimman during 1912-1944. It is a major source of inspiration for Acher, who is a Multiple-genre composer, and a new resident in NYC. “KaT” has been supported by: Copenhagen Culture Foundation, Danish Artist Union, Danish Musician Union, etc. Radio & TV interviews and Broadcastings: Danish Radio, Copenhagen Kanal, WFMU Freeform Radio- New Jersey, USA, “Territori Sonor” Radio, Barcelona, Euronews, etc.
CD Releases: Redcar, MODIANO 0501, July ’01 Modiano, , MODIANO 0203, May ’03 Next release expected is winter ‘06 Distributions: NorthCounrty Distributors (USA), MODIANO, Chronomax (Paris), Alternative Distribution (France), Concerto Shop (Amsterdam), Piat Cat (Denmark), Jazz Klubben (Scandinavia), Third Ear Shop (Tel Aviv)

cover $8/$5 w/ student ID

Drum kit donated by

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