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Jul 27
Laura Caparrotti, president

Kairos Italy Theater image
Italian classics in a bilingual production.

Italian Literary Salon

Professional readings in English followed by the Italian version from masterpieces by Italian writers from the past to the present.

Q&A and mingle in before, during and after the reading.

The past and the present: The fantastic yet so real world of Stefano Benni and Primo LEVI

Two writers who transformed reality into fantasy to talk about the world, society and people. Satire, comedy and some hidden drama in stories by two Italian masters.

Centuries ago, first in Paris, and then all over Europe, Cafés and Salotti Letterari became meeting point for artists and intellectuals to discuss ideas as well as every day facts. While the Cafés were open to the public and attended mostly by men, the Salotti Letterari were private events, organized by cultural refined Ladies, often aristocrats, who loved to bring together people of different backgrounds to discuss and exchange opinions and knowledge.

KIT is now recreating its own Salotto-Caffe’ Letterario, hosted by KIT’s artistic director Laura Caparrotti together with other surprise guests. In a two-hour event, the guests will be introduced each time to two wonderful Italian writers from the past and the present.

Professional actors will engage in dramatic readings of short stories, excerpts from novels or essays by the most fascinated and beloved Italian authors from the past to the present. Following KIT’s tradition, the reading will be first in English followed by its Italian version.

Copies of the reading material in Italian will be provided to the audience the opportunity to follow the professional reading. Before, after and during the reading, we’ll discuss discussion, we’ll exchange ideas and opinions.

Primo Levi. Italian-Jewish writer and chemist, who first gained fame with his autobiographical story SE QUESTO È UN UOMO (1947, If This is a Man) of survival in Nazi concentration camps. For the last forty years of his life Levi devoted himself to attempting to deal with the fact that he was not killed in Auschwitz. "The worst survived, that is, the fittest; the best all died," he said. Levi also published poetry, science fiction, essays, and short stories. In 1987, at the age of 67, he killed himself. Italo Calvino called Levi "one of the most important and gifted writers of our time."

Stefano Benni is widely considered one of Italy’s foremost novelists. His trademark mix of biting social satire and magical realism has turned each of his books into a national bestseller. His many novels include: Bar Sport, The Company of Celestini, The Cafe Beneath the Sea and the latest remarkably successful Margherita Dolce Vita. Benni is also the author of several volumes of essays and poetry and many collections of short stories. He lives in Bologna, Italy. From Europaedition web-site.

Kairos is the Greek god of the fleeting moment. Kairos Italy Theater was founded in 2002 in New York. KIT's mission is to create a cultural exchange program between Italy, the US and the international community, to unveil artistic and creative sides of these two countries to the world. In the States, Kairos Italy Theater is dedicated to spread the Italian Culture and to create an Italian Culture Network in order to maintain and grow the knowledge of Italy in the States. It is the only troupe doing bilingual (Italian and English) theater in New York.
 Cover $10

Sam Trapchak, bass, compositions;  Nick Kadajski, alto saxophone;  Arthur Vint, drums
Agent Orange image
Jazz is the common ground between Agent Orange members saxophonist, Nick Kadajski (alto saxophone), Sam Trapchak (double bass) and Arthur Vint (drums). Friends by musical association for the last three years, these musicians have finally come together to form a collaborative group featuring their innovative and highly varied compositions. The bands unique sound is the result of a proficiency in a wide range of musical styles; everything from heavy metal to afro-beat to country. Nick Kadajski heads up the NYC based group 5 Point Perspective, which features his original compositions. Nick's album "Remembering Things to Come" won praise from "Jazz Times" writer Bobby Vega "...Nick Kadajski's 5 Point Perspective and their new recording Remembering Things to Come is just another indication of the healthy state of jazz music. Fantastic compositions, remarkable arrangements and incredible musicianship. Take a moment and go check out some Nick Kadajski! One word - WOW!"

Sam Trapchak is a Michigan transplant, raised on the rich musical tradition of Detroit. For years a staple in the Detroit hardcore scene with his band Happiness, and then as a freelance jazz player, Sam has just finished his first year in NYC. Watch for the upcoming release by his current band, Put Together Funny, which is headed for the studio next month.

Arthur Vint is an up and coming drummer hailing from Tucson, Arizona. A highly adaptable musician, Vint has been a major figure in the Tucson music community since he was a teenager and now freelances in NYC. He has been featured on many recordings in a wide range of genres. For a complete discography visit his website.
 Cover $10

Wednesday Jul 28 6:00PM  PERFECT SENSE
Alissa Heyman & Hila Ratzabi, co-host

Suzanne Gardinier Mike Soto Shanon Elizabeth Hardwick
Fine poets perfectly presented by generous hosts.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Sheryl Bailey, guitar/compositions;  Ian Froman, drums;  Ron Oswosnki, organ
Shery Bailey 3 image
The NYU Guitar Festival is proud to feature jazz guitarist Sheryl Bailey and her band, The Sheryl Bailey 3

The Sheryl Bailey 3 pays homage to the format of the guitar/organ trio, but with a modern sensibility: Modal vamps, lush harmonic sequences, blues wails, and haunting melodies included.

Bailey has released 7 releases as a leader, including her latest tribute to Emily Remler, "A New Promise" (MCG Jazz) and the live performance DVD of the trio from Mel Bay Records, "Live in NYC".
Bill Milkowski has described her playing as: "A modernist burner with an abundance of Pat Martino-style chops" and Vintage Guitar names her "jazz guitar's current front-runner."

Sheryl is joined by drummer Ian Froman and organist Ron Oswosnki. They will be playing selections from new and old releases, plus new, undocumented pieces from the "Book Of Bailey."
 Cover $10

Jul 29
Patricia Sexton, Mongolian News Anchor;  Stephanie Hart, Clouds Like Horses;  Vicki Moss, Alien On The Road
Clouds Like Horses by Stephanie Hart is a series of fast paced vignettes that tell of the lives of her parents and grandparents back to 19th century Russia. Hart was the only Jewish girl in a Presbyterian boarding school.

Vicki Moss author of Alien On The Road teaches literature & creative writing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

Patricia Sexton left a high powered Wall Street job to anchor the news on Mongolian television; how's that for career movement?
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Miss bMe Vaimoana Niumeitolu La Tasha N. Nevada Diggs Ataahua Papa
Tuituia image

 Cover $10
Jul 30
Jackie Sheeler, host

Clara Hsu, featured poet
We love months with five Fridays because Ms Sheeler hosts our Pony open mic an extra night. Is this a wonderful world or is this a wonderful world?
 Cover $7
Son of Pony image
Jacam Manricks, saxophones, compositions;  Joe Martin, bass;  Ari Hoenig, drums;  George Colligan, piano
Jacam Manricks group - CD release for Trigonometry image
Saxophonist Jacám Manricks takes us along a new Jazz tangent on his breathtaking tour de force release "Trigonometry." This exciting musical program covers all the angles as Manricks' brilliant original compositions will be presented by an amazing group of players, including celebrated drummer Ari Hoenig , steadfast bassist Joe Martin, and the ever bombastic George Colligan on piano.

"Superb saxophone work, intellectually stimulating writing and ingeniously dovetailed rhythmic lines are the three sides that form the musical shape on Trigonometry"
- All About Jazz

What is said about Manricks' first CD, Labyrinth:

“mellifluous…meditative…beautifully contoured… “An impressive collection of pieces...“A composer beyond the confines of genre perception” 4 stars!
Downbeat Magazine

“Labyrinth is a piece of work that does for jazz what author Walt Whitman did for existentialism, he gives the genre meaning that people can relate to and apply to their own lives.” JazzTimes
 Cover $10

Jul 31
Brant Lyon, host

Poetry-Music Reading Series with the Hydro Juke improv band, The Ne'er-do-wells.

Open mic-sign up (arrive early to make the list).

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Kris Davis, piano, compositions;  John Hébert, bass;  Tom Rainey, drums
Kris Davis/John Hébert/Tom Rainey image
CD RELEASE for Good Citizen on Fresh Sound Records

Good Citizen is Davis' fourth release on Fresh Sound Records as a leader. The music she composed for the trio, featuring John Hebert and Tom Rainey, creates short, concise pieces, and focuses on the interplay within the trio.

Ingrid Laubrock, saxophones;  Tyshawn Sorey, drums;  Kris Davis, piano
Ingrid Laubrock/Tyshawn Sorey/Kris Davis image
CD RELEASE for Paradoxical Frog on Clean Feed Records

This exciting new trio release sees Drummer Tyshawn Sorey, pianist Kris Davis and reedist Ingrid Laubrock, all extremely thoughtful and engaging composer-improvisers, join forces.
- read more:

[…] a wowingly sensitive encounter with mostly-free but sometimes creatively structured music of the moment, and one of the most memorable sets of the festival.
Joseph Woodard /Jazz Times

Aug 01

Kirk Nurock orchestrated for Leonard Bernstein, Dizzy Gillespie and Meredith Monk, composed a work for 2O voices and 3 canines which he conducted at Carnegie Hall, and won a scholarship at age 16, awarded by Duke Ellington. But when he sits down to a piano, strange universes collide. Nurock deconstructs standards and jazz classics through a highly personal post-modernism. Keyboard Magazine called him "joyously iconoclastic" and the Village Voice said “Nurock is a composer-pianist who has always defied categorization.” Come hear why!!
 Cover $10 (includes one house drink)
Kirk Nurock, solo jazz pianist image
Eri Yamamoto, piano;  David Ambrosio, bass;  Ikuo Takeuchi, drums
Eri Yamamoto Trio  image
This new album of her all-new, all-original pieces are all brought to life with ebullience and deep sensitivity by her long-running Trio partners, bassist David Ambrosio and drummer Ikuo Takeuchi. Half of these pieces were composed as a new soundtrack suite to the 1932 silent film,"I was born, but...", by Japanese director asujiro Ozu, one of the most important filmmakers in cinema history. The film deals with the unchanging human situation that we don't choose which family we're born into, and the problems that come with this. While Ozu's film is serious and sometimes heartbreaking, it also has lightness and humor; Yamamoto's compositions accentuate this emotional complexity. The other five pieces, equally compelling and far ranging in mood, were composed through capturing Eri's experiences living in NYC and her touring around the world over the last two years.
 Cover $10
Aug 02
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image
Actors, time limits, laughter, tears, our floorboards are used to perfection.

An Evening of Original Monologues. No slamming, no judges, just great material, excellent actors and YOU.

Come See These Amazing Daredevils Perform Without a Net!!!

 Cover $10 (includes one house drink)

Vic Juris, guitar;  Mary Halvorsen, guitar
Guitarist/composer and guest curator Joel Harrison has assembled some of the world’s finest improvising guitarists for a three day festival at Cornelia St. Café focusing on duos that bring together unusual, (mostly) first-time, pairings. The emphasis is on fearless innovators and improvisers- jazz, country, blues, rock, prog, noise, Indian, and classical will seamlessly meld together. Surprise will be the order of the day.

Mr. Harrison on the players:
Vic Juris is, to me, a master guitarist. He plays jazz standards as well as anyone alive, but also veers into all kinds of surprising modernism. His nylon string playing is lovely, and his feel and imagination are incredible. Mary Halvorsen is a fresh face on the scene, a Braxton acolyte, with a fiercely independent style. I have no idea what these two will sound like together which is absolutely enticing. I have a feeling they won’t play Stella by Starlight but if they do you may not know it.

(NB: $10 cover includes both sets).
 Cover $10

Pete McCann, guitar;  Adam Rodgers, guitar
The players, according to Harrison: Pete McCann: Pete is the Clark Kent of guitar- watch out when he steps in the phone booth. Whether playing his own compositions, Mahavishnu music, or Jazz tunes, he uses deadly force with a smile. Adam Rogers…what can I say about a guy who soloed next to Michael Brecker for many years? Everything he does comes out sounding perfect. Adam’s technique extends into so many avenues of guitar playing it’s silly. He is an encyclopedia of guitar.

(NB: $10 cover includes both sets.)
 Cover $10

Aug 03
Rez Abbasi, guitar;  Brad Shepik, guitar
Guest curator Joel Harrison has assembled some of the world’s finest improvising guitarists for a three day festival at Cornelia St. Café focusing on duos that bring together unusual, (mostly) first-time, pairings. The emphasis is on fearless innovators and improvisers- jazz, country, blues, rock, prog, noise, Indian, and classical will seamlessly meld together. Surprise will be the order of the day. The players, according to Harrison:

Rez Abbasi is one of the most lyrical jazz players alive. His ability to play long, beautiful phrases, using complex harmony is amazing. I love his tone and touch. His forays into Indian music will be met head on by Brad Shepik.

(NB: $15 cover includes both sets.)
 Cover $15

Brandon Ross, guitar;  Michael Gregory, guitar
Brandon Ross first caught my ear in Cassandra Wilson’s band, but since then I have seen him in numerous settings. His commitment to individuality and new sounds, as well as his awareness of the history of Black Music, are rare. I mean it as a high compliment when I say his take on music is odd and unpredictable. He is joined by one of my primary early influences Michael Gregory. I first heard Michael in the late 70’s with Oliver Lake, and it was life-changing. One thing I loved was that he sang as well as played. This is something he shares in common with Brandon.

(NB: $15 cover includes both sets.)
 Cover $15

Drum kit donated by

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