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Paintings by MARY GROSSMAN

All art is for sale. Please inquire

Jun 19
Kathi Georges, host

Son of Pony image
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Tonight's feature Graham Buchan. Graham Buchan graduated as a Chemical Engineer but has spent his working life in the film, video and television industries, including a substantial spell at ABC News' London bureau. His first poetry pamphlet, Airport Reading, was published in 2004 and his first full collection, There is Violence in these Vapours in 2007, both from the tall lighthouse ( He was joint winner of Piccadilly Poets in 2001 and the Cellar Slam Champion in 2006. His poetry has appeared in two dozen magazines, one national newspaper and three anthologies, and he has also published travel writing, short stories, and poetry, film and art appreciation. He has read in New York, Vancouver and Austin.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Viktor Fuchs, voice;  Jeremy Boniello, drums;  Pete Newman, bass;  Sanda Weigl, vocals;  Lucian Ban, piano
Sanda Weigl & Viktor Fuchs image
Viktor Fuchs:
The world was too much for Viktor Fuchs. He shaved his golden hair, left his house and followed the wrong red bike, down the wrong red rabbit hole into the wrong red bar. Many rabbits were lounging around, drinking. He approached one rabbit with a red bow round her neck and asked how to get out of this hole, but the rabbit twisted her nose and hopped away. He asked another rabbit with cherry red lipstick, but that rabbit wiggled her ears and also hopped away. He asked rabbit after rabbit, but they all hopped away.
Viktor Fuchs slumped onto a bar stool, feeling defeated. He never moved or talked or ordered a drink, just sat and looked at his situation lost in this hole. One day he licked his hands and said to himself, "Fine Viktor, you're in this hole. You don't have a home or a friend, but at least you have a bar stool." And as if by magic, a little mouse with little red rain boots appeared on a stool next to Viktor's. The mouse said,
"Excuse me, can you help me out of this hole?"
Clearly this wasn't a rabbit. He looked at the mouse and said "No".
After a couple of heavenly lemonades the lost little pair kissed. Soon they forgot that they had been lost at all. The rabbits were gone, the bar was covered in ivy and little daisies were sprouting. All that was left was the old jukebox. Each night they danced to the jukebox until they collapsed into their bed.

Viktor Fuchs will be at Cornelia Street Cafe playing selections from this Jukebox with his new band featuring Jeremy Boniello on Drums and Pete Newman on Bass. The music is called Rok-n-Soul-Hop.

Sanda Weigl is immersed in the musical traditions of her heritage: the gypsy songs of Romania, and the pieces penned by her uncle, Bertold Brecht. At the Cornelia Street Cafe she will perform her brand new cabaret program featuring songs by Kurt Weill, Spoliansky, Hollander, Luz Casal and Edith Piaf. Sanda has sold out shows at Joe's Pub, The Neue Galerie, The Knitting Factory, Drom and countless other venues in New York, Mexico and Europe.

Join Sanda and her pianist Lucian Ban for an enchanting evening of that you won't soon forget.

"To call Weigl's voice 'powerful' would be an understatement...Her range, timbre and declamatory style makes for an intriguing presentation of passion and sexuality that is a synthesis of male and female... Her interpretations are dramatic, even theatrical, but never 'over the top'...Weigl's purpose is not to shock, but rather to communicate the vibrant life force inherent in the music. Which she does admirably, with an energy and panache that speaks of the intimate familiarity with the material."
- BBC World Music

Jun 20
Dean Kostos, host

Alice Lacey-Rosenblitt Joan Saunders Marina Stenos
Greek-American Writers Association image

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Andrew Rathbun, saxophones;  Nate Radley, guitar;  Johannes Weidenmuller , bass;  Clarence Penn, drums
Andrew Rathbun Group - CD Release image
Celebrating the release of WHERE WE ARE NOW on SteepleChase.

The journey of saxophonist and composer Andrew Rathbun continues with WHERE WE ARE NOW, a snapshot of where we are as a culture, and where he is as a jazz artist. Andrew's last recording, "Affairs of State" wrestled with many of the complex issues facing the nation today. Where We Are Now, Andrew's 10th release as a leader is a musical depiction of where we stand one year later. The music reflects the unsettled feelings of our time, constantly prob- ing, and purposefully unresolved. Joined by master percus- sionist Billy Hart and a stellar cast, this latest release is another strong addition to Rathbun's discography, of which JazzTimes has observed "The development of Brooklyn- based tenorman Andrew Rathbun has been a story of suc- cessive revelations."

Who says political music has to have lyrics? For his eighth album, "Affairs of State" tenor saxophonist Andrew Rathbun - a Toronto native settled in Brooklyn - looks at life under George W. Bush, and comes away bemused, appalled, angry and upset. This isn't protest music in the sixties '60s vein, all shrieking horns and improvisational chaos; instead, Rathbun and his quintet rely on wit and understatement to make their points. Like fellow saxophonist Mark Turner, Rathbun combines a cool, dry tone with a fondness for melodic-yet- cerebral improvisation, and has a perfect foil in trumpeter Taylor Haskins, whose playing manages to be both warmly expressive and nimbly aggressive. In all, an engaging, thought-provoking album

Rathbun writes smart, harmony rich and melodically inventive music.
- Ben Ratliff, NEW YORK TIMES

With impressive tone and phrasing, Rathbun knows his way around the horn, as he shapes personable and expressive solos. DOWNBEAT
 Cover $10

Jun 21
Angelo Verga, host

Farid Nassif Paul Oppenheimer Doug Goetsch
For Father's Day we have three poets with whom you'll want to play catch

Farid Nassif has published a collection of short stories called “Civilized Man,” available on iTunes in May of 2009. Other published materials include “Joseph Skibinski” and “SinSin,” that came out in SILO, a Vermont literary journal. He worked alongside the editor-in-chief of Data News Weekly (New Orleans), where he published “Lorraine Hansberry: Young, Gifted, and Black,” a preview article on New Orleans entertainment. He has performed professionally as a musician and writer in live venues such as Genghis Cohen, Molly Malone’s, Birds (in Los Angeles), Cheers (Boston), Cornelia St. Café, Freddie's (Brooklyn) and Café Lika (Manhattan) to name a few.

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Sinne E, voice;  Nikolaj Hess, piano;  John Hebert, bass;  Greg Hutchinson, drums
Nikolaj Hess/Sinne Eeg image
In the course of the past few years Sinne E has taken over the throne as Denmark’s leading jazz vocalist, partly with the help of her outstanding, critically acclaimed album “Waiting For Dawn”. For this album Sinne received a Danish Music Award. Sinne’s new April CD release, “Kun en drøm”, also drew richly deserved praise from a range of unanimous reviewers to demonstrate that this hot Danish jazz vocalist is well on her way to an international breakthrough.

Sinne’s interpretations of Danish pop classics and English songs are personalized in a highly unique way. Her vocal style is mature, intense, slightly understated and yet very ambitious, and not least, extremely talented. It is this talent and her dark, sonorous vocals that are taking Sinne all the way to the top.

She is a ”fully mature artist who dares to take chances and follow her own instincts, successfully lending credibility to whatever she sings.” (Politiken)
 Cover $10

Jun 22
Eve Packer
Poet and open mic host Packer releases her CD "Now Playing". Eve will joined by music and her many friends.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Racquel Borromeo, piano;  Emily Brausa, cello;  Judith Olson, piano;  Thomas Piercy, clarinet;  Ulises Solano, tenor and vocals;  the ai ensemble
21st schizoid music presents: Gilbert Galindo   image
Gilbert Galindo is an award-winning composer of chamber and orchestral music. But recently he has been delving into the sounds of house and electro dance music. Aztec warrior and flower songs, solo amplified instrumental works, and ensemble music will be paired up with Gilbert’s foray into electro tribal house. While both these worlds begin with similar material, they wind up in very different places.

- more info:
 Cover $10

Jun 23
Alissa Heyman, host

Gillian Cummings--Sarah Lawrence College

Emily Hockaday--New York University

Carrie Hohmann--New York University

Ofer Ziv--Sarah Lawrence College

A quartet of fine young poets brighten our stage.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Marc Maron, host

Marc Maron Janeane Garofalo
Comedy: Marc Maron and Friends image
Marc Maron, the dark Byronic poet of American political comedy, has appeared on Letterman, Conan, HBO, Comedy Central, Air America Radio, not to mention (at) the Cornelia Street Cafe. In this new series he hangs out on stage with some of the most creative comedians in the country.

This month Janeane Garofalo, former partner of Marc's on Air America, not to mention myriad films, TV shows, and the entire Shakespeare history cycle, returns--Garofalo is a self-described pessimist: "I guess I just prefer to see the dark side of things. The glass is always half empty. And cracked. And I just cut my lip on it. And chipped a tooth."
 Cover $15

Wednesday Jun 24 6:00PM  PERFECT SENSE
Alissa Heyman & Hila Ratzabi, co-host

Catherine Barnett. Jean Hartig Zachary Sussman

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Jon Sobel, host

Joe Ardigo Matt Iselin Annie Sidley
8:30 - Joe Ardigo

9:15 - Matt Iselin

10 - Annie Sidley

 Cover $10

Jun 25
Lucinda Karter, host

The latest from our Gallic cousins, bilingual and stylish.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
David Devoe, host

Drew Brody, voice, guitar, piano
Gnu Vox: Drew Brody and Friends image
Drew Brody is a singer, songwriter and composer. He released his first album, self-titled, on Baskethouse Records. He also is the lead singer for the band M-LAB, and he wrote the music and lyrics for the musical Cutman, which is currently in development with BannerNY Productions.
 Cover $10
Jun 26
Eve Packer, host

Roxanne Hoffman
Son of Pony image
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Roxanne Hoffman, a former Wall Street banker, now answers a patient hotline for a major New York home health care provider. Her poetry is anthologized in The Bandana Republic: A Literary Anthology By Gang Members And Their Affiliates (Soft Skull Press) and can be heard during the independent film, “Love & The Vampire,” directed by David Gold. She and her husband own the small press, POETS WEAR PRADA, specializing in limited edition poetry chapbooks.

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Greg Bobulinski G-Men Josh Berman's Old Idea Leron Thomas Group
FONT festival image
Greg Bobulinski G-Men
Greg Bobulinski, trumpet & flugelhorn; Daniel A. Weiss, organ; Tom Kirchmer, bass; Ed Balsamo, drums

Donald P. Borchert dedicates his newest nonfiction book, Free For All (Virgin Books): “To Greg Bobulinski, jazz trumpet extraordinaire, who reminds us that life is not merely endless commerce.”

Greg Bobulinski’s professional career began at age 13 and has been going strong for nearly five decades. He has worked with many of the greatest names in jazz history from Clark Terry to Red Garland to Big Nick Nicholas; from the JVC/Newport Jazz Festival to the Louis Armstrong House to Saint Peter’s Church; from solo trumpet to full orchestra, throughout the world. Greg has been composing original music for over 40 years and has been the recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts, Meet the Composer, and American Music Center fellowships.

Greg Bobulinski is very proud to take part in the 2009 Festival of New Trumpet Music. Directly applying his long and fruitful experience, JAZZ EXPANSIONIST – GREG BOBULINSKI is a trumpet explorer bringing improvised/expressive trumpet soloing and composition into many diversified arenas of music: classical, Latin, opera, a cappella choir, Native American, religious services, cyclical pieces, poetry, etc. This evening, he will be joined by his longtime friends, colleagues, and performers for the past 25 years: Daniel A. Weiss, Tom Kirchmer, and Ed Balsamo. The evening also marks the release of Greg’s newest CD – Greg Bobulinski G-Men on the Squire Music Media International label.

Josh Berman's Old Idea
Josh Berman, cornet; Keefe Jackson, tenor saxophone; Jason Adasiewicz, vibraphone; Anton Hatwich, bass; Frank Rosaly, drums

Josh Berman is a cornetist, composer, and music presenter living in Chicago. For almost 10 years, Josh has been a pivotal member of Chicago's vital improvised music community. He has been featured on recordings with the Chicago-Luzern Exchange alongside tenor saxophonist Keefe Jackson, with Jackson’s big and small bands Project Project and Fast Citizens, with Jason Adasiewicz’s quintet Rolldown, and Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra. His band, Old Idea, has just released a self-titled CD/LP on Delmark Records. Old Idea continues Berman's long musical association with Keefe Jackson, Jason Adasiewicz, Anton Hatwich, and Frank Rosaly.

Leron Thomas Group
Leon Thomas, trumpet & vocals; Mike Moreno, guitar; Mike Severson, guitar; Mark Kelley, bass; Tom Roslak, drums

Leron Thomas (originally from Houston, Texas) graduated from NYC’s New School in 2003, known for his identifiable personal sound on the trumpet and his cleverly-written jazz compositions. Leron has played with Billy Harper, Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Lauren Hill, Mos Def, and Bilal, amongst many others. He has performed his material with bands throughout Manhattan, staying focused on developing as a jazz composer and trumpet player but grew tired of the politics and lack of quality music within the New York jazz scene. With a love of music of all genres, alongside the scene’s general lack of support, Leron found ways to liberate himself through a natural, fluid progression into writing and performing what would be known as his ‘other’ music. This genre-less music incorporated jazz, rock, pop, country, electro-pop, and blues. Leron wrote these compositions and played his individual personal tone through his trumpet, while his unique vocals emphasized the diverse sound. His crossover talents were recognized by many, including the New York Times, gaining a favorable review and consistent support. Leron continues to stay true to his art and the objective of bringing real music to the people, with the recent independently-released Improvsensation.

Cover $10 per set/$15 per night

Drum kit donated by

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