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Jun 13
Maria Lisella, Gil Fagiani, hosts

John J. Trause LuLu LoLo
Italian American Writers Association, featured readers plus open mic, 5 minute limit.

IAWA's features this month are John J. Trause and the lovely LuLu LoLo.

Poets Wear Prada press recently published John J. Trause's chapbook of poetry Seriously Serial. His translations, poetry, and visual work have appeared in Sensations Magazine, Cover, The Rift, The Troubadour, Global City Review, Xavier Review, The Alternative News, Parse Radix, Now Culture, The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Poets Anthology, and in the on-line journals Sidereality and Pedestal Magazine and the artists' periodical Crossings. His work is forthcoming in Sulphur River Review and LIPS.

In 2005, he co-founded the William Carlos Williams Poetry Cooperative in Rutherford, N. J., where he serves as programmer and host.

LuLu LoLo hails from 116th St. in East Harlem. She has written and performed five one-person plays, acted in television and film, and has been featured as a multi-disciplinary artist working in installation, sculpture, photography and collage.

She draws inspiration from her Italian heritage, movies, the circus, religious processions, and 99 cents stores. Her plays are developed out of her passion for historical research and social justice, especially as pertaining to the dramatic struggle of women in New York City's past. LuLu will be performing the Mary Ann Zielonko monologue from her one-person play “38 Witnessed Her Death, I Witnessed Her Love: The Lonely Secret of Mary Ann Zielonko (Kitty Genovese Story).” Forty years after Kitty Genovese's death, Mary Ann Zielonko gave her first interview revealing that she was Kitty's lover.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Nikolaj Hess, piano;  tba, bass;  Tony Moreno, drums;  Marc Mommaas, tenor saxophone
Global Motion image
Dutch tenor saxophonist Marc Mommaas (Sunnyside Recording Artist) and Danish pianist and co-leader Nikolaj Hess will be playing at the Corneliastreet cafe with the highly acclaimed group GLOBAL MOTION. This concert will feature compositions from Mommaas’ and Hess’ latest recording projects. Global Motion includes the stellar rhythm section Jay Anderson on Bass and Tony Moreno on drums. Stop by and start the year with fresh colors and new energy.

'Global Motion is always in stylistic motion, spanning bop, ECM-esque soundscapes and free-form chamber dreams.......' -
- Ed Enright - DOWNBEAT

- on Marc Mommaas:
‘A fearless improviser on both tenor and soprano, Mommaas has the ability and sense of spontaneous composition to start from almost nothing and build solos that were alive with energy and commitment, fairly bristling with power…..’
- ALL ABOUT JAZZ , John Kelman

Cover $12/$8 for students
 Cover $10

Jun 14
Angelo Verga, host

Dominico Caro, singer;  Jed Miley, guitarist ;  Toshiko Betsumiya, dancer;  Lorena Sandra, dancer;  Klaus Jekeli , dancer
Flamenco: Las Majas y Amigos image

 Cover $20 (includes one house drink)
Patrick Cornelius (USA), alto saxophone;  Kristjan Randalu (Estonia), piano;  Michael Janisch (UK), bass;  Paul Wiltgen (Luxembourg), drums;  Jason Palmer (USA), trumpet
The TransAtlantic Collective image
Celebrating the US release of "Traveling Song" on Woodville Records.

The TransAtlantic Collective is a new contemporary jazz ensemble, whose members and collaborators are some of the top emerging artists from New York City and Europe. A gathering of ambitious young musicians, the Collective was formed in 2005 to foster cross-continental collaboration in musical performance, composition, and education.

“The TransAtlantic Collective has really established itself as an exciting working unit, forging genuine connections between London, Europe, and NYC….highly-charged contemporary jazz fueled by innate virtuosity, but never hindered by it..."
-- JazzWise
 Cover $10

Jun 15
Ted Jonathan, host

New York Quarterly image
This month's featured poets are Traci Clark, Tony Gloeggler, and Ted Jonathan.

Traci Clark is a poet, novelist and essayist. She teaches writing and literature at the Milwaukee Area Technical College as well as at various seminars and conferences, most recently at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Writers Festival. She has been published in various publications, including Pipebomb Magazine and The New York Quarterly. She lives in Milwaukee with her husband and two dogs.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Søren Kjærgaard, piano;  Thomas Morgan, bass;  Jim Black, drums
Søren Kjærgaard - Thomas Morgan - Tom Rainey. image
Søren Kjærgaard received a lot of attention with his trio release Optics with Ben Street and Andrew Cyrille in 2008. Tonight he will tryout the same format, but with different playmates. Not to be missed!

Honorable Mention for Best Release 2008 - All About Jazz (New York, US)

“Søren Kjærgaard's Optics is a study in movement and sound. Echoes of Andrew Hill and Cecil Taylor permeates throughout this bold, adventurous release.”
- Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz (web 1/2009)

“Their collective outing is packaged as "Optics", an enchanting soundscape that explores the complexities of Kjærgaard's eight compositions… "Optics" is a release that invites structure, but satisfies creative freedom. It really pays tribute to Kjærgaard's vision and caliber of musicianship. Kjærgaard is equally harmonious and dissonant, lyrical and jagged, accentuating his statements with rapidity and force that is reminiscent of Misha Mengelberg. Kjærgaard is aware of his originality and seems determined to mine his own territory.” - Peter Sanchez, All About Jazz (Los Angeles 03/2008)
 Cover $10

Jun 16
Andy Zeffer, host

Tonya Plank Josh Max Claire Jeffreys
New York's venerable urban writers' colony presents a monthly reading of new work.

Tonya Plank will share an excerpt from her second novel, which is very tentatively titled Slow Dance at Club Deja Vu.

Tonya Plank worked as a criminal appeals attorney in New York for several years. A ballroom dancer and balletomane, she writes a dance blog, Swan Lake Samba Girl, that's fairly well-known in the dance community and has been linked to by Vanity Fair, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. She writes about dance and sometimes law for Huffington Post and other publications. She's currently revising her first novel, Swallow, for publication and is hard at work on her second.

Josh Max will read "Friedman" a short non-fiction story, accompanied by his acoustic guitar.

Josh Max has been the on-off auto columnist for the NY Daily News for 8 years, and his first-person stories have been published in the Times, and elsewhere. He is also a songwriter and performer under contract with MPL Communications, the publishing company owned by Sir Paul McCartney.

Claire Jeffreys
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Sherry Weaver, host

Martin Dockery Katie Halper Michele Carlo Esther Benenson Daniel Mahoney Katie Northlich
SPEAKEASY: Stories from the Backroom image
SpeakEasy is . . .

A new twist on the ancient tradition of oral history.

SpeakEasy is people telling stories-- true stories. Period. No scripts. No crib notes. No rehearsals. SpeakEasy has a dynamic and constantly changing cast of storytellers that include such greats as Mike Daisey, Jonathan Ames, and Reno, along with homemakers, lawyers, dog walkers, street magicians and writers

You never know what you'll hear. So join us for what could be a life changing experience!

 Cover $10

Wednesday Jun 17 6:00PM  JAZZ: SLUM SEARCHING
Benjamin Hirsch, trumpet;  Huei Lin, alto saxophone;  Allen Kramer, guitar;  Andrew Chow, piano;  Ruben Sonz-Barnes, bass;  Natan Last, drums
Valerie Ghent, host

Elise Morris John Baldwin Khalil Madyun Aric Charles
The Songwriter's Beat image

Now in its 9th year, The Songwriter's Beat is New York's premiere performing songwriter series. Hosted and founded by Valerie Ghent, four up-and-coming songwriters perform new material in a supportive and intimate atmosphere.

Founded in 2000, The Songwriter's Beat has presented over 250 songwriters from the Tri-State area as well as visiting songwriters from other parts of the United States, Canada, France, the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Cuba and Japan. Every third Wednesday of the month, four songwriters of varying musical styles perform original songs and are encouraged to try out their newest material and arrangements. The series culminates in a week-long songwriters festival each July, featuring performers from throughout the years.

The Songwriter's Beat welcomes songwriters from around the world, so when planning your trip to New York, allow time for The Songwriter's Beat!

The Songwriter's Beat is honored to receive support from The ASCAP Foundation.

 Cover $10

Jun 18
Golda Solomon, host

GOLDA SOLOMON “The Medicine Woman of Jazz” with PO’JAZZ image
Our own Brooklyn Cowgirl is a leading voice in the poetry & jazz explosion, a true treasure.

doors open at 5:30; Jazz begins at 5:45


Featured Reader : Pam Laskin

Poet/Readers Duewa Frazier, Rishana Blake, Laura Modigliani

with Les Krevsky Flute

Music by The Double Sharps

Dan Lipsitz (leader & sax) • Daniel Cicourel Hanley (guitar) • Jake Pinto (keyboards) Daniel Bailen (bass) • Francis DiNoto (drums)

The Double Sharps: "These student musicians are the future ‘lions’ of jazz. Mentoring is energizing.” — Golda Solomon

“Po’Jazz at Cornelia Street is one big friendly party of good words, good sounds, and good food.” — Gladys Serrano, Mutable Music

$15 ($10 students with ID) includes one drink (cash only)
 Cover $15 (includes one house drink)

David Devoe, host

Brenda Earle, voice and piano;  Jessie Lewis, guitar;  Ike Sturm, bass;  Jared Schonig, drums
Gnu Vox: Brenda Earle -- CD Release  image
Jazz pianist/vocalist/composer Brenda Earle assembles an exciting array of material showcased by her band of NYC All-stars. Jazz standards, original compositions and fresh takes on material by Crowded House and Keane act as a backdrop for Brenda’s virtuosic piano playing and vocal finesse.

“…the first to stand out was pianist-singer Brenda Earle, whose talent gracefully bridges jazz and pop.” – The Washington Post

“…a breezy delight.” – Time Out New York

“Her keyboard work throughtout embodies lyrical melody, deft harmonie and smart pacing…” – The Toronto Star
 Cover $10

Jun 19
Kathi Georges, host

Son of Pony image
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Tonight's feature Graham Buchan. Graham Buchan graduated as a Chemical Engineer but has spent his working life in the film, video and television industries, including a substantial spell at ABC News' London bureau. His first poetry pamphlet, Airport Reading, was published in 2004 and his first full collection, There is Violence in these Vapours in 2007, both from the tall lighthouse ( He was joint winner of Piccadilly Poets in 2001 and the Cellar Slam Champion in 2006. His poetry has appeared in two dozen magazines, one national newspaper and three anthologies, and he has also published travel writing, short stories, and poetry, film and art appreciation. He has read in New York, Vancouver and Austin.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Viktor Fuchs, voice;  Jeremy Boniello, drums;  Pete Newman, bass;  Sanda Weigl, vocals;  Lucian Ban, piano
Sanda Weigl & Viktor Fuchs image
Viktor Fuchs:
The world was too much for Viktor Fuchs. He shaved his golden hair, left his house and followed the wrong red bike, down the wrong red rabbit hole into the wrong red bar. Many rabbits were lounging around, drinking. He approached one rabbit with a red bow round her neck and asked how to get out of this hole, but the rabbit twisted her nose and hopped away. He asked another rabbit with cherry red lipstick, but that rabbit wiggled her ears and also hopped away. He asked rabbit after rabbit, but they all hopped away.
Viktor Fuchs slumped onto a bar stool, feeling defeated. He never moved or talked or ordered a drink, just sat and looked at his situation lost in this hole. One day he licked his hands and said to himself, "Fine Viktor, you're in this hole. You don't have a home or a friend, but at least you have a bar stool." And as if by magic, a little mouse with little red rain boots appeared on a stool next to Viktor's. The mouse said,
"Excuse me, can you help me out of this hole?"
Clearly this wasn't a rabbit. He looked at the mouse and said "No".
After a couple of heavenly lemonades the lost little pair kissed. Soon they forgot that they had been lost at all. The rabbits were gone, the bar was covered in ivy and little daisies were sprouting. All that was left was the old jukebox. Each night they danced to the jukebox until they collapsed into their bed.

Viktor Fuchs will be at Cornelia Street Cafe playing selections from this Jukebox with his new band featuring Jeremy Boniello on Drums and Pete Newman on Bass. The music is called Rok-n-Soul-Hop.

Sanda Weigl is immersed in the musical traditions of her heritage: the gypsy songs of Romania, and the pieces penned by her uncle, Bertold Brecht. At the Cornelia Street Cafe she will perform her brand new cabaret program featuring songs by Kurt Weill, Spoliansky, Hollander, Luz Casal and Edith Piaf. Sanda has sold out shows at Joe's Pub, The Neue Galerie, The Knitting Factory, Drom and countless other venues in New York, Mexico and Europe.

Join Sanda and her pianist Lucian Ban for an enchanting evening of that you won't soon forget.

"To call Weigl's voice 'powerful' would be an understatement...Her range, timbre and declamatory style makes for an intriguing presentation of passion and sexuality that is a synthesis of male and female... Her interpretations are dramatic, even theatrical, but never 'over the top'...Weigl's purpose is not to shock, but rather to communicate the vibrant life force inherent in the music. Which she does admirably, with an energy and panache that speaks of the intimate familiarity with the material."
- BBC World Music

Jun 20
Dean Kostos, host

Alice Lacey-Rosenblitt Joan Saunders Marina Stenos
Greek-American Writers Association image

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Andrew Rathbun, saxophones;  Nate Radley, guitar;  Johannes Weidenmuller , bass;  Clarence Penn, drums
Andrew Rathbun Group - CD Release image
Celebrating the release of WHERE WE ARE NOW on SteepleChase.

The journey of saxophonist and composer Andrew Rathbun continues with WHERE WE ARE NOW, a snapshot of where we are as a culture, and where he is as a jazz artist. Andrew's last recording, "Affairs of State" wrestled with many of the complex issues facing the nation today. Where We Are Now, Andrew's 10th release as a leader is a musical depiction of where we stand one year later. The music reflects the unsettled feelings of our time, constantly prob- ing, and purposefully unresolved. Joined by master percus- sionist Billy Hart and a stellar cast, this latest release is another strong addition to Rathbun's discography, of which JazzTimes has observed "The development of Brooklyn- based tenorman Andrew Rathbun has been a story of suc- cessive revelations."

Who says political music has to have lyrics? For his eighth album, "Affairs of State" tenor saxophonist Andrew Rathbun - a Toronto native settled in Brooklyn - looks at life under George W. Bush, and comes away bemused, appalled, angry and upset. This isn't protest music in the sixties '60s vein, all shrieking horns and improvisational chaos; instead, Rathbun and his quintet rely on wit and understatement to make their points. Like fellow saxophonist Mark Turner, Rathbun combines a cool, dry tone with a fondness for melodic-yet- cerebral improvisation, and has a perfect foil in trumpeter Taylor Haskins, whose playing manages to be both warmly expressive and nimbly aggressive. In all, an engaging, thought-provoking album

Rathbun writes smart, harmony rich and melodically inventive music.
- Ben Ratliff, NEW YORK TIMES

With impressive tone and phrasing, Rathbun knows his way around the horn, as he shapes personable and expressive solos. DOWNBEAT
 Cover $10

Drum kit donated by

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