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Oct 07
Nora McCarthy, host

Jorge Sylvester, alto sax;  Nora McCarthy, voice/poetry
Words, Music, performance, hosted by the woman known as "Red". Nora will present a wide array of interesting musicians, poets and concepts. It's called "The Side" a theme based on Celtic Mythology - it is performance (solo, ensemble, collective), experimentation with various musical concepts which will include: improvisation; the introduction of new original works; an exploration into the many components of jazz and its history, blues, Afro - Caribbean, the Great American Songbook..standards, avant garde...etc.; poetry/spoken word; incorporation and musical translation of the visual arts by both well known and local artists; and, working with sounds and voices.

This month's program is A Small Dream In Red - Jorge Sylvester - alto saxophone/compositions, Nora McCarthy - voice/compositions/poetry...An aural interpretation of the works of master painter, Wassily Kandinsky.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

David Devoe, curator

Andreea Pauta, Vocals and Piano;  Jeremy Udden, Saxes;  Chris Van Voorst Van Beest , Bass;  Ken White, Drums
Andreea Pauta image
Romanian-born pianist and singer-songwriter Andreea Pauta is a prizewinner of the John Lennon Songwriting competition. Dreea’s songwriting style is unique in the way in which she is influenced by Hindustani vocal music, jazz, pop, as well as her upbringing in classical piano. Having toured her home country, Dreea has appeared on Romanian national TV and radio broadcasts through performances and interviews. In the states, she has performed in venues from Boston to New York City, in jazz and rock clubs, and has appeared in Boston-based television programs on BNN TV. After having finished her Masters from Harvard, Dreea has relocated to New York City, where she pursues her music by performing and teaching. Dreea’s debut CD “Spring” showcases original compositions; her second CD is with the NY-based band “half”. Dreea is currently working on her third CD, “Autumn”, to be released soon.
 Cover $10
Oct 08
Eve Packer, words;  Warren Smith, percussion;  Micah Gaugh, alto sax;  Daniel Carter, alto sax;  Rick Pernod, words
EVE PACKER; Bronx-born, poet/performer, author of 2 books, skulls head samba & the recently published playland poems 1994-2004 (Fly By Night Press), & 3 CD's w/jazz. From Donald Hall: "I salute her as the Weegee poet", & from Dennis Duggan, Newsday:"...smokey & sexy in a way that makes you think of love."

WARREN SMITH: Chicago-born, dynamic leader of a vibrant musical ensemble, noted composer & master percussionist. A consummate musician, Smith knows when to put the heat to a rhythm section & where to be a sensitive accompanist. Warren has many jazz CD's in his discography, performs internationally, and is an essential element in the development of African-American music.

MICAH GAUGH: out of Panama & Texas, "avant-pop is the ruling between the old meets the new school."
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

Lily Maase, guitar, electronics;  Peter Van Huffel, alto & soprano saxophone;  Evan Smith, tenor saxophone;  Matt Wigton, bass;  Fred Kennedy, drums
the Suite Unraveling & Attaboy+ strings image

theSuiteUnraveling (opening act) & Attaboy+ strings-

"... We are beginning to live in a world that has no walls. We can cross rivers, mountains, oceans in a matter of hours. We can pick up a phone, turn on a television, log onto the Internet and connect to one another without ever being in the same room. We are children of blended families, blended cultures and constantly evolving ideals. This is a merging that, once begun, cannot become undone...

This fall, two acclaimed groups of musicians will embark on an exciting and creative collaboration, bringing two worlds into one through creative music. During the summer of 2005, the Danish group 'attaboy' met and performed with three American violinists, along with members of the New York-based quintet theSuiteUnraveling. This brief collaboration became the start of a fast musical and personal friendship, and it is our distinct pleasure to announce our reunion and October tour of the East Coast."

Guitarist, composer and mixed media artist Lily Maase first fell in love with the guitar at the age of seven. In the decades since, she performed and recorded regularly throughout the Southwestern United States before a life-changing trip to Canada prompted her to sell everything she owned and move to New York—guitar in hand—to become a fearless champion of her own music. Lily and her critically acclaimed quintet—dubbed "seriously remarkable new music" by the Weekly Alibi—have presented performances and master classes from one end of North America to the other, with stops as varied as Albuquerque, Manhattan and Montreal. The band released a live EP in mid-2006 and will release Songs from the Elastic Frontier—a double CD featuring nine compositions and cameo appearances from some of the world's finest electronic artists —in January 2007.

"...As much about artistic vision as about a groove you can feel. At times soft and plaintive, surrounded by the sounds of multiple singing bowls, or, for extra effect, the bassist's voice, the music could change gears and grow into a powerful wall of sound. [Lily] Maase has not stood still over the past year and this music, with this band, was extremely emotionally as well as cerebrally rewarding."
-Budd Kopman, AllAboutJazz
 Cover $8

Qarin Wikstrom, vocals;  Thomas Caudery, trumpet;  Erik Olevik, bass;  Ulrik Brohuus, drums;  Eric Clark Patrick Doane Elena Moon Park, violin
Attaboy+ strings image

theSuiteUnraveling (opening act) & Attaboy+ strings-

Four young musicians from Sweden, Denmark and England/France formed Attaboy in Copenhagen, 2001, to explore the sounds of chordless music. Their style has evolved into lyrical jazz that dares to include punk attitude, simple melodies and a chaotic pop sensibility. Improvisation is an important part of the music, and poetry that speaks to the trials of everyday life— sung both in Swedish and English—is a central element of Attaboy's style and sound. The group is a strong part of the Danish jazz scene and has performed jazz festivals in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin and on Swedish and Danish national radio programs. Their debut album, Oværkliga Saker, was released to critical acclaim on Chairless Records in 2004.

In 2005, Attaboy travelled to Canada for three weeks to compose, play concerts and record new material. During their time abroad, the band met three American violin players whose sound and energy inspired the music into new colours and textures. Their return to the United States is the second chapter in an ongoing dialogue between American improvisers and Danish jazz.

"…music which is above genre, pluralistic and minimalist… A delightfully surprising acquaintance."
-Ole Nimand, JazzSpecial

 Cover $8

Oct 09
Roxanne Hoffman & Bruce Weber, hosts

Authors from our old friend, the blind professor, Steve Cannon, and his Tribes inprint, Fly By Night.


A Special Reading Honoring ~THE 15TH ANNIVERSARY OF TRIBES~ & To Help Fund Issue No. 12.

$10 admission includes a free drink as well as a $4 donation to TRIBES.
 Cover $10 (includes one house drink)

Maggie Paley Gerald Busby, composer;  Judd Greenstein, coposer, viola;  Justine F. Chen, composer;  Giuseppi Spoletini, voice;  Jed Distler, pianist/composer
COMPOSERS COLLABORATIVE's Serial Underground image
The mash-up on October's Serial Underground includes the reading of a new a piece written by Maggie Paley specially for our monologuing composer Gerald Busby, a work for viola by musician activist Judd Greenstein, a new song cycle by Justine F. Chen performed by Giuseppi Spoletini, and a meditation on the masters performed by pianist/composer Jed Distler.

Music charge: $15 general $10 stu/sr One drink minimum applies.

Advance sale discounts available from Composers Collaborative.
Box Office: 212-663-1967

Oct 10
Barbara Aliprantis

Storytelling occurs the second Tuesday of every month.


NORAH DOOLEY, beloved New England Storyteller and popular children's author, is a former New Yorker born and bred on Staten Island. Tonight she treks down from her Brookline, Massachusetts home to debut the release of her 4th C.D. recording "My Bad Bad Dog and Other Neighbors". Norah's stories about her bad dog, good neighbors, her older brother and her Aunty Vera, along with bass player Eric Parker's musical improvisations will take us back to the time when Staten Island was positively rural. They are guaranteed to inspire us to share our own "growing up in a New York City" stories, be it Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or "da Bronx." Come prepared to swap!

Norah Dooley's experience ranges far and wide. She has been presenting workshops and stories throughout New England for people of all ages and has performed in major festivals all over New York and New England. In addition to her storytelling CDs, she is the author of several popular picture books for children.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

8:30PM Amy Horvey, solo trumpet; 

9:30PM Chris DiMeglio, trumpet & vocals;  w/ Red Wierenga, keyboards;  Matt Clohesy, bass;  Joe Abbatantuono, drums; 

10:30PM Bart Miltenberger, trumpet, flugelhorn;  w/ Matt Davis, guitar;  Michael Taylor, bass

FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image

Amy Horvey

In this performance, the solo trumpet, playen by Amy Horvey, will be used as a laboratory for a performative journey through the architecture of the instruments acoustic identity - an attempt to rethink the concept of "trumpet" from a different perpsective, farthe from the cultural idea of "what the trumpet is" and closer to ita acoustical properties.

Trumpeter Amy Horvey, 25, has worked internationally with a range of performance projects specializing in cutting- edge contemporary music. In 2005 she premiered Philip Matuczewisky's Concerto for Trumpet. Amy currently plays in the Thunder Symphony Orchestra and works as a trumpet instructor at Lakehead University.

Chris DiMeglio Group

The Chris DiMeglio Group combines elements of rock, classical, jazz, and experimental music, presenting original pieces with concrete and unusual forms, free improvisation inspired by photography, unique trumpet and percussion effects, and an integration of poetry both recited and sung.

Chris DiMeglio is a free-lance trumpeter, arranger, and composer in New York. He has toured the US and England with numerous chamber ensembles and has performed with Trumpet Nation (at FONT Music 2005), the Goodwill Games Festival Orchestra, the Astoria Symphony, the Macon Symphony, the Long Island Brass Guild, and Kyle Jason. Chris performs regularly with Soul Be It, Glass Houses, and the Royal Brass. As a composer he has recorded pieces for small and large ensembles and is now working on his first original album, The Open Field.

Bart Mitelberger and The Chance Trio

UK-born trumpet player is a lyrical and melodic player who first appeared in FONT Music in Trumpet Nation on the opening night of the 2nd annual Festival. He has studied with Dennis Sansole and was an American Composers Forum grant winner in 2003. He has worked with a variety of artists including Fathead, G-Love and Special Sauce, Conjunto 23, the Diable Planets, Jon Fadis, James Moody, Dave Liebman, Tyrone Brown, Farid Barron and Tom Lawton. In addition ot his group the Chance trio, Miltenberger regularly performs with Bobby Zankel and the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound and Matt Davis' Aerial Photograph.

 Cover $15

Andrey Gritsman, host

Nina Cassian Eric Gamalinda Ian Brand
Nina Cassian is one of the foremost European poets and writers. She writes in both English and Romanian. She was born and lived much of her life in Romania becoming one of that country’s most significant writers. Before she moved to the United States about twenty years ago, she has published several collections of poetry as well as important essays in English, and now occupies a position of prominence as a major foreign author in American letters along with Milosz, Brodsky and Cimic. Nina was a personal friend, colleague and translator of Paul Celan.

Eric Gamalinda was born and educated in Manila. He has had three novels published in the Philipines, Empire of Memory, (Anvil, 1992), Confessions of a Volcano, (Anvil, 1990), and Planet Waves, (New Day, 1989), as well as a volume of poetry, Lyrics from a Dead Language (Anvil 1990). His writing has appeared in Harper's Frank, International Quarterly, and Manoa, among other periodicals. With Luis H. Francia, he edited the anthology Flippin' Filipinos on American (Asian American Writers Workshop, 1997). He will be reading from a new, unpublished collection of poetry, Zero Gravity.

Ian Brand's poems have appeared in periodicals including The Manhattan Review, LitRag and Pinyon. Brand works at Labyrinth Books (an independent bookstore) in New York City. He holds an MFA degree from Vermont College.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

John McDonough, Trumpet, cornet;  Jody Espina , alto saxophone;  Andy Pritkin, piano;  Ed Littman, guitar;  Tom Shad, bass ;  Rob Garcia, drums
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
John Mcdonough and Brilliant Corners

Punk, funk, heavy metal, trip-hop, techno - not word typically used when describing Thelonous Monk's music. However, these are words used to describe Brilliant Corners. More os a "Thelonious Monk cover band" than a jazz outfit, this NYC based sextet takes Monk's music and updates it for the 21st Century.

John McDonough is a composer/improvisor/trumpeter based in NYC. He has a number of improvisational units, including McDonough, Warren & Sparke, phYsYcacKle and Dr Benstock. He has played with Joe Gallart's Illuminati and Drew Gardner's Flash Orchestra. He was also a regular at teh Punk Rock/Heavy-Metal karaoke at Arlene's Grocery, where he usualy sang Bad Brains songs.
John has worked with Anthony Braxton and recorded a duo CD this past july. He is currently working on a piece for 25 saxophones, an al;bum of standards and is collaborating with Canadian singer-songwriter Tony Hightower.

Jacob Varmus , trumpet, cornet;  Nate Radley, guitar;  Toru Doru, piano;  Yoshi Waki, bass;  Brian Woodruff, drums
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
Jacob Varmus Quintet
will perform music from the newly released recording 'All the Things We Still Can Be' (Crows Kin) as well as a fresh batch of bold new originals. Acompelling mix of accessibility and nuance, the quintet focuses on music that sounds natural without adhering to any theory or dictum-except perhaps Debussy's "pleasure is the law".

Being pushed in a pram along the banks of Milan's La Scala in 1976 the two-year old Jacob Varmus suddenly emitted squeals and shrieks of unmasked delight. the most raptous sounds he'd ever heard were bouncing off the plaza stone: a lone trumpeter's warming up from within open stage doors at the local opera house. Thirty years later Jacob has a trumpet of his own and is finding his voice as a musician, composer and songwriter of boundless vision. His newly released debut as a leader features Varmus originals that provide great showcases for himself as for the rest of his band.
Jacob is a member of Astoria Chamber Symphony and the artistic director for Astoria Music Society's jazz concert series.
 Cover $15

Oct 12
Sanford Fraser Doug Collura Helen Tzagaloff
Three longtime favorite poets of the cafe, together for a night of sharp line breaks and piercing wit, as well considerable stage presence.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)
Jeff Kaiser, quarter-tone trumpet, processing;  Tom McNally, electric guitar
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
Improvisations using live electronic processing of quarter-tone trumpet and electric guitar. Jeff Kaiser has played with groups led by Vinny Golia, Steuart Liebig, Michael Vlatkovich, Eugene Chadbourne and others, as well as his own ensembles The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet, The Choir Boys and more. He writes his own audio processing software (using Max/MSP) and is currently working on a commission for choir involving live processing of the vocalists. He plays a quarter-tone trumpet made by Joe Marcinkiewicz. Recently relocated to Los Angeles, guitarist Tom McNalley has worked as both a sideman and a leader. He has performed with a wide variety of musicians, including Nels Cline, Mark Dresser, Jeff Kaiser and John Zorn, as well as with his own groups.
 Cover $15
Gordon Allen Nate Wooley, trumpets;  Rueben Radding, bass;  Andrew Greenwald, drums
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
Gordon Allen was born in Toronto and lives in Montreal. He has played acros Canada and in the U.S. with the likes of William Parker, Jean Derome and Steve Lazy. He is working on the release of a solo electro-acoustic recording. His quartet, co-led with Nate Wooley, playes spontanious music.

Nate Wooley grew up in a Finnish-American fishing village in Oregon. He has spent the rest of his life trying musically to find a way back to the peace and quiet of that time by whole-heartedly embracing the space between complete absorption in sound and relative absence of the same. He began playing trumpet professionally at age 13 with his father, and after studying he moved to Colorado where he studied more with Ron Miles, Art Lande, Fred Hess, and improvisation master Jack Wright. His tenure with Jack began to break Nate out of self-imposed molds and into the sound world that he has embraced as his own.
 Cover $15   www.natewooley.som

Oct 13
Jackie Sheeler

Jackie Sheeler's open mic poetry series. Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Featured reader this week is Mike Topp.

Mike Topp has been a longtime favorite in the world of adventurous literary magazines and web sites. His short work blurs the lines of poetry, fiction, memoir, and disjointed logic. Andrei Codrescu says "Mike Topp is the Andy Warhol and Ralph Nader of literature."
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

John McNeil Ron Horton, trumpets;  w/ special guest Dave Douglas, trumpet;  Reut Regev, trombone;  Adam Dotson, euphonium;  Gerald Cleaver, drums
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
Two contemporary jazz masters come together for the first time to create an exciting new brass project!

John McNeil is regarded as one of the most original and creative jazz artists in the world today. For nearly three decades John has toured with his own groups and has received widespread acclaim as both a player and composer. His highly personal trumpet style communicates across the full range of contemporary jazz, and his compositions combine harmonic freedom with melodic accessibility. John’s restless experimentation has kept him on the cutting edge of new music.

His background includes the Horace Silver Quintet, Gerry Mulligan, and the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra. John is equally at home in free and structured settings, and this versatility has put him on stage with artists from Slide Hampton to John Abercrombie.

Since 1982, trumpeter Ron Horton has been an integral part of New York’s flourishing jazz scene and he stands out both as an exemplary instrumentalist and as a highly progressive composer and arranger. Whether called upon as a sideman or as a leader of one of his own ensembles, he shows that he is committed to further expanding the existing perimeters of jazz.
 Cover $15

Oct 14
Jeanne Dickey, Gil Fagiani & Maria Lisella, hosts

Italian American Writers Association, featured readers Joe Junker and Frank Messina, plus open mic, 5 minute limit.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)
Steven Bernstein Taylor Ho Bynum Ted Daniel, Dave Douglas Sarah Ferholt Jonathan Finlayson Graham Haynes Thomas Heberer Nabate Isles, Ingrid Jensen Kirk Knuffke, Reut Regev Jesse Selengut, Matt Shulman
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
The legendary Butch Morris leads a legion of trumpets through a uniquely enthralling new piece, continuing a FONT Music tradition!

Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris is an American jazz cornetist, composer and conductor. Morris came to attention with saxophonist David Myrray's groups in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Morris has gained notice and acclaim directing various ensembles in what he call Conduction: a type of structured improvisation with a series of hand and baton gestures.

Drummer Charles Moffett conduted improvisations of jazz musicians in the 1970s, and Morris credits Moffett as a major influence. In his travels and many recorded conductions, Morris has worked with a wide variety of musicians.
 Cover $15

Joe Daley, tuba;  Charles Burham, violin;  Warren Benbow, percussion;  Ted Daniel, trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet and assorted brass
FONT PRESENTS: New Trumpet Underground image
Ted Daniel & The International Brass and Membrane Corporation (IBMC)

Ted Daniel began studying trumpet ion elementary school, and began his proffesional career playing local gigs with his childhood friend legendary guitarist Sonny Sharrock. he briefly attended Berklee School of Music and Southerh Illinois University, before a tour of duty eith U.S Army Bands. After his discharge, Daniel began his recording career on Sonny Sharrock's first album 'Black Woman'. Mr Daniel has since participated in over thirty published recordings with great artists as: Arthie Shepp, Dewery Redman, Andrew Cyrille, Sam Rivers, Billy Bang, and Henry Thredgill. He has producedthree album under his own name, The Ted Daniel Sextet, Tapestry and In The Beginning. Presently, Mr Davis is writing and performing with his new group The International Brass and Membrane Corporation (IBMC). this trio was concievd as a flexible and ecxpandable creative music performance group which utilizes instruments from the brass and membrane instrument families.
 Cover $15

Drum kit donated by

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