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Oct 01
Amelia Huckel-Bauer, host

actors, scripts, lights, and an available bar.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

 Cover $15
Oct 02
Aaron Belz, host

Five writers with the same first name.

Aaron Smith is the author of Blue on Blue Ground (Pittsburgh), winner of the 2004 Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize and a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. His chapbook, What's Required, won the 2003 Frank O'Hara Award.

Aaron Kiely lives in New York. Ugly Duckling Presse ( published The Best of My Love in 2005.

Aaron Balkan writes poems, makes movies, and teaches essay writing in NYU's expository writing program. His work can be found at his website

Aaron McCollough's third book of poems is LITTLE EASE (Ahsahta Press, 2006).

Aaron Belz wrote Plausible Worlds (Observable Books, 2005) after several nightmares related to Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. His poetry has appeared in Fence, Fine Madness, Boston Review, McSweeney’s and other places.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

8:30PM  AMRAM & CO
David Amram, piano & composition;  Kevin Twiig, drums, glockenspiel;  John Dewitt, bass;  Adam Amram, percussion;  John Ventimiglia, actor
AMRAM & CO image
Amram and his quartet perform music he has composed celebrating half a century of collaborations with playwrights, choreographers, authors, poets and musicians from the 50's through today's innovative young artists. Surprise guest join Amram and his quartet with Kevin Twigg, drums and glockenspiel, John Dewitt,bass and Adam Amram, congas.
Actor John Ventimiglia of The Sopranos and other surprise guests will also appear This series explores in his highly personable, generous and informal style the astonishing variety of David Amram's interests and accomplishments--renowned composer of symphonic classical music, jazz compositions, improvisation, spoken word, scat, he sits at the piano, schmoozes about music, about the greats, the beats, the obscure, the legendary; plays the French horn, pulls out all kinds of instruments (flutes, drums, horns) gathered from his many circumnavigations of the globe, pulls in guests drawn from just about every artistic walk of life.
 Cover $10
Oct 03
Bertha Rogers, host

Nicholas Johnson Victoria Hallerman Bertha Rogers Lisa Rhoades Matthew Spireng
Editor & poet Rogers presents new work hot off a leading upstate press, including we hope her own poems.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)
Sherry Weaver, host

Michaela Murphy Jeff Rudell Kimberlee Auerbach Darlene White Ophira Eisenberg Albert Stein, storytellers
SPEAKEASY: Stories from the Backroom image

Real stories from real people

 Cover $8

Wednesday Oct 04 6:00PM  ANYONE BUT ME
Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Lee Bricetti Kurt Brown Tree Swenson
ANYONE BUT ME wherein writers (in any genre), editors, publishers and poetry lovers read poems they love –not written by them.

Our three illustrious featured readers will read some of their favorite poems, and following them, seven people from the audience will be invited to read one poem they love — of course also not penned by them.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

Mark Weinstein , flutes;  Nilson Matta, bass;  Hélio Alvez, piano;  Rogerio Boccato, drums
Mark Weinstein's Brazilian Quartet  image
Jazz flutist Mark Weinstein will be playing music from his recently released, critically acclaimed recording "O Nosso Amor" on Jazzheads records. After his last years excursion into Afro-Carribean jazz, "Algo Más", Critics Choice Best of 2005, Jazziz, Top 10 in 2005, Latin Beat, Mark returns to his love affair with Brazilian jazz in all its forms, bossa nova, samba, frevo, choro and more.

“Nowadays few flutists and musicians can match the creative talent of Mark Weinstein. This man is a musical phenomenon.”
- Maximillien De Lafayett, World News Agency
 Cover $8

Oct 05
Robin Hirsch, host

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators. All are welcome.
Rob Brown, alto saxophone;  Steve Swell, trombone;  Eri Yamamoto , piano;  Arthur Kell, bass;  Ikuo Takeuchi, drums
Eri Yamamoto Quintet image
Eri Yamamoto has established herself as one of the New York’s most creative and original pianists and composers. She has released three critically acclaimed CD’s as a leader, and her current recording is “Cobalt Blue” on the Thirsty Ear label. She also appears on William Parker’s trio CD, “Luc’s Lantern,” for which she has been favorably singled out in many reviews. This is the premiere concert of playing her compositions with quintet ! 
 Cover $10
Oct 06
Jackie Sheeler

Jackie Sheeler's open mic poetry series. Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Pony featured reader tonight is Patrick Donnelly, an Associate Editor at Four Way Books, Patrick has taught writing at Smith College, New School University, Clark University, and the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference, and was Thornton writer-in-residence at Lynchburg College for Spring 2006. His poems have appeared in The American Poetry Review, The Yale Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, The Massachusetts Review, and he has performed extensively throughout the United States.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

9:00PM & 10:30PM 

Andy Biskin, clarinet, composer;  Dave Ballou, trumpet;  Drew Gress, bass
<br>Andy Biskin <br>and Trio Tragico image
photo by Anja Hitzenberger

Trio Tragico is a chamber jazz ensemble of clarinet, trumpet, and bass. The group plays a wide variety of Andy Biskin's compositions, from tightly-structured miniature tone poems to open-ended improvisatory forms. Come celebrate the release of our new CD on Strudelmedia!

"It's hard to find gentle humor in jazz but the clarinetist Andy Biskin has perfect radar for it."
— Ben Ratliff, The New York Times
 Cover $10

Oct 07
Nora McCarthy, host

Jorge Sylvester, alto sax;  Nora McCarthy, voice/poetry
Words, Music, performance, hosted by the woman known as "Red". Nora will present a wide array of interesting musicians, poets and concepts. It's called "The Side" a theme based on Celtic Mythology - it is performance (solo, ensemble, collective), experimentation with various musical concepts which will include: improvisation; the introduction of new original works; an exploration into the many components of jazz and its history, blues, Afro - Caribbean, the Great American Songbook..standards, avant garde...etc.; poetry/spoken word; incorporation and musical translation of the visual arts by both well known and local artists; and, working with sounds and voices.

This month's program is A Small Dream In Red - Jorge Sylvester - alto saxophone/compositions, Nora McCarthy - voice/compositions/poetry...An aural interpretation of the works of master painter, Wassily Kandinsky.
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

David Devoe, curator

Andreea Pauta, Vocals and Piano;  Jeremy Udden, Saxes;  Chris Van Voorst Van Beest , Bass;  Ken White, Drums
Andreea Pauta image
Romanian-born pianist and singer-songwriter Andreea Pauta is a prizewinner of the John Lennon Songwriting competition. Dreea’s songwriting style is unique in the way in which she is influenced by Hindustani vocal music, jazz, pop, as well as her upbringing in classical piano. Having toured her home country, Dreea has appeared on Romanian national TV and radio broadcasts through performances and interviews. In the states, she has performed in venues from Boston to New York City, in jazz and rock clubs, and has appeared in Boston-based television programs on BNN TV. After having finished her Masters from Harvard, Dreea has relocated to New York City, where she pursues her music by performing and teaching. Dreea’s debut CD “Spring” showcases original compositions; her second CD is with the NY-based band “half”. Dreea is currently working on her third CD, “Autumn”, to be released soon.
 Cover $10
Oct 08
Eve Packer, words;  Warren Smith, percussion;  Micah Gaugh, alto sax;  Daniel Carter, alto sax;  Rick Pernod, words
EVE PACKER; Bronx-born, poet/performer, author of 2 books, skulls head samba & the recently published playland poems 1994-2004 (Fly By Night Press), & 3 CD's w/jazz. From Donald Hall: "I salute her as the Weegee poet", & from Dennis Duggan, Newsday:"...smokey & sexy in a way that makes you think of love."

WARREN SMITH: Chicago-born, dynamic leader of a vibrant musical ensemble, noted composer & master percussionist. A consummate musician, Smith knows when to put the heat to a rhythm section & where to be a sensitive accompanist. Warren has many jazz CD's in his discography, performs internationally, and is an essential element in the development of African-American music.

MICAH GAUGH: out of Panama & Texas, "avant-pop is the ruling between the old meets the new school."
 Cover $6 (includes one house drink)

Lily Maase, guitar, electronics;  Peter Van Huffel, alto & soprano saxophone;  Evan Smith, tenor saxophone;  Matt Wigton, bass;  Fred Kennedy, drums
the Suite Unraveling & Attaboy+ strings image

theSuiteUnraveling (opening act) & Attaboy+ strings-

"... We are beginning to live in a world that has no walls. We can cross rivers, mountains, oceans in a matter of hours. We can pick up a phone, turn on a television, log onto the Internet and connect to one another without ever being in the same room. We are children of blended families, blended cultures and constantly evolving ideals. This is a merging that, once begun, cannot become undone...

This fall, two acclaimed groups of musicians will embark on an exciting and creative collaboration, bringing two worlds into one through creative music. During the summer of 2005, the Danish group 'attaboy' met and performed with three American violinists, along with members of the New York-based quintet theSuiteUnraveling. This brief collaboration became the start of a fast musical and personal friendship, and it is our distinct pleasure to announce our reunion and October tour of the East Coast."

Guitarist, composer and mixed media artist Lily Maase first fell in love with the guitar at the age of seven. In the decades since, she performed and recorded regularly throughout the Southwestern United States before a life-changing trip to Canada prompted her to sell everything she owned and move to New York—guitar in hand—to become a fearless champion of her own music. Lily and her critically acclaimed quintet—dubbed "seriously remarkable new music" by the Weekly Alibi—have presented performances and master classes from one end of North America to the other, with stops as varied as Albuquerque, Manhattan and Montreal. The band released a live EP in mid-2006 and will release Songs from the Elastic Frontier—a double CD featuring nine compositions and cameo appearances from some of the world's finest electronic artists —in January 2007.

"...As much about artistic vision as about a groove you can feel. At times soft and plaintive, surrounded by the sounds of multiple singing bowls, or, for extra effect, the bassist's voice, the music could change gears and grow into a powerful wall of sound. [Lily] Maase has not stood still over the past year and this music, with this band, was extremely emotionally as well as cerebrally rewarding."
-Budd Kopman, AllAboutJazz
 Cover $8

Qarin Wikstrom, vocals;  Thomas Caudery, trumpet;  Erik Olevik, bass;  Ulrik Brohuus, drums;  Eric Clark Patrick Doane Elena Moon Park, violin
Attaboy+ strings image

theSuiteUnraveling (opening act) & Attaboy+ strings-

Four young musicians from Sweden, Denmark and England/France formed Attaboy in Copenhagen, 2001, to explore the sounds of chordless music. Their style has evolved into lyrical jazz that dares to include punk attitude, simple melodies and a chaotic pop sensibility. Improvisation is an important part of the music, and poetry that speaks to the trials of everyday life— sung both in Swedish and English—is a central element of Attaboy's style and sound. The group is a strong part of the Danish jazz scene and has performed jazz festivals in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Berlin and on Swedish and Danish national radio programs. Their debut album, Oværkliga Saker, was released to critical acclaim on Chairless Records in 2004.

In 2005, Attaboy travelled to Canada for three weeks to compose, play concerts and record new material. During their time abroad, the band met three American violin players whose sound and energy inspired the music into new colours and textures. Their return to the United States is the second chapter in an ongoing dialogue between American improvisers and Danish jazz.

"…music which is above genre, pluralistic and minimalist… A delightfully surprising acquaintance."
-Ole Nimand, JazzSpecial

 Cover $8

Drum kit donated by

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