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Entertaining Science: THE PAST LIVES 6/3/2018
Entertaining Science: ROUNDWORMS & SMALL HANDS 5/6/2018
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Entertaining Science: Art At The Intersection Of The Ephemeral And The Eternal 11/5/2017
Entertaining Science: ASTROBIOLOGY, ACCORDIONOLOGY 10/1/2017
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Entertaining Science: The Jazz Cure for Molecules in Distress 4/3/2016
Entertaining Science: OLIVER ON OUR MINDS 3/6/2016
Entertaining Science: THE DANCE OF MOLECULES 2/7/2016
Entertaining Science: 65 MILLION YEARS OF BIRD EVOLUTION DON’T LIE 12/6/2015
Entertaining Science : Oscillation/Why Wake Up in the Morning 10/4/2015
Entertaining Science : What did Roald do over the summer? 9/6/2015
Entertaining Science: Turning Breath Into Music 6/7/2015
Entertaining Science: THE HARMONIC DESTINY OF HEALING 5/3/2015
Entertaining Science: EGGSTRAVAGANZA (AND CHICKENS TOO) 4/5/2015
Entertaining Science: Pluto and the Ice Princess, Together at Last 3/1/2015
Entertaining Science: LUNINE, LIGETI, and McMURRAY 2/1/2015
Entertaining Science: SOUND SYMMETRY - Patterns of Mind  1/4/2015
Entertaining Science: SO YOU THINK YOU’VE HEARD IT ALL? 12/7/2014
Entertaining Science: Light and Color 11/2/2014
Entertaining Science: The Big Melt: Tales of Antarctica 10/5/2014
Entertaining Science: ONE NOTE AT A TIME? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!  9/7/2014
Entertaining Science: Unfolding Evolution 6/1/2014
Entertaining Science: Life's Music 5/4/2014
Entertaining Science: SING TO ME, O NATURAL PHILOSOPHER! 4/6/2014
Entertaining Science: EDGES and GRAVITONS 3/2/2014
Entertaining Science: MUSIC, LANGUAGE LEARNING US 2/2/2014
Entertaining Science: SMALL, DEADLY, AND DELICIOUS 1/5/2014
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Entertaining Science: Rhapsody for Piano and Universe 5/13/2012
Entertaining Science: BEAUTY AND THE BEASTIES 3/11/2012
Entertaining Science: The Two Garys--Guitar Zero & Exponential 2/12/2012
Entertaining Science: SILENT GENES AND GENTLE SONGS 1/8/2012
Entertaining Science 9/11/2011
Cafe Stories 7/25/2011
Entertaining Science 7/10/2011
Entertaining Science 6/12/2011
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Entertaining Science 4/10/2011
Entertaining Science 3/13/2011
Entertaining Science 2/13/2011
Entertaining Science: Abstraction and Passion: The Brainwave Music Project 1/9/2011
The Science of Fear in Words and MUsic 6/6/2010
Entertaining Science 5/2/2010
Prognosticating the World's Wheat and Bluegrass 4/4/2010
Entertaining Science -- Can culture emerge from scratch? 3/7/2010
Entertaining Science -- The Camera Never Lies 2/7/2010
Entertaining Science -- EXTREMES 1/3/2010
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Entertaining Science -- NATURAL LAW: DARWIN'S TANGLED BANK 10/4/2009
Entertaining Science -- THE WORLDS WE MAKE UP 9/6/2009
Entertaining Science -- ACQUA! THE SOUNDS AND SCIENCE OF WATER 6/7/2009
Entertaining Science -- EL BAILE BACTERIANO! 5/3/2009
Entertaining Science -- ANNIHILATION! 4/5/2009
Entertaining Science -- NANOARCHITECTURES: WHY MORE OF LESS IS MORE! 3/1/2009
Entertaining Science -- FLEAS ON STEROIDS 1/4/2009
Entertaining Science -- A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE LAB 12/7/2008
Entertaining Science -- IMAGINE SCIENCE IN FILM 11/2/2008
Entertaining Science -- The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind 10/5/2008
Entertaining Science -- TABOOS 9/7/2008
Entertaining Science -- WAVE/PARTICLE 6/1/2008
Entertaining Science -- WHY DO WHALES SING? 5/4/2008
Entertaining Science -- It's the Way it Shatters that Matters 3/2/2008
Entertaining Science -- Five Feet High and Rising 2/3/2008
Entertaining Science -- SeaChange: Reversing the Tide 1/6/2008
Entertaining Science -- THINKING, FEELING 12/2/2007
Entertaining Science -- ALL IS PATTERN 11/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- Harmonious Triads 10/7/2007
Science 8/30/2007
Entertaining Science -- COLTRANE, EINSTEIN, AND COSMOLOGY 2 7/1/2007
Entertaining Science -- Reflections of the Animal Mind 6/3/2007
Entertaining Science -- HE SAYS, SHE SAYS, EITHER WAY IT'S ALL PHALLACY 5/6/2007
Entertaining Science -- A RIFF ON THE WAY TO STRUCTURE 4/1/2007
Entertaining Science -- ATYPICAL ANTIPSYCHOTICS 3/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL 2/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- COSI SIMILI, COSI DIVERSE 1/7/2007
Entertaining Science -- I FORGOT TO LEARN TO FORGET 12/3/2006
Entertaining Science -- NAMING NATURE 11/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- Chateau Jiahu, Vintage 7000 BC 10/15/2006
Entertaining Science 2 -- Chateau Jiahu, Vintage 7000 BC 10/15/2006

Entertaining Science -- CHOICES
Entertaining Science -- Finally With Women 8/6/2006
Entertaining Science -- SMALL TALK AMONG THE BACTERIA 6/4/2006
Entertaining Science -- AFTERNOON OF THE CHIMERAS 4/2/2006
Entertaining Science -- IN YOUR EAR 3/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- DARWIN’S BIRTHDAY BASH 2/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- NEON! 12/4/2005
Entertaining Science -- IMPROVISING ON CHAOS 11/13/2005
Entertaining Science -- GM FOODS; MONSTERS OR MIRACLES? 10/2/2005
Entertaining Science -- FERNS 9/4/2005
Entertaining Science -- FROM SAMARKAND TO CORDOBA 8/7/2005
Entertaining Science -- SCIENCE AND THE MORAL LIFE--A MISMATCH? 6/5/2005
Entertaining Science -- WHY DO BIRDS SING? 5/1/2005
Entertaining Science -- SHUFFLE OFF THIS MORTAL COIL 3/6/2005
Entertaining Science -- ECO-OPERA-EVO 2/6/2005

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Mixed Media by LENNY ACHAN

All art is for sale. Please inquire

Jan 03
Roald Hoffmann

Lukas Ligeti Elliott Sharp
Entertaining Science -- EXTREMES image

Life explores every condition -- imagine organisms flourishing in water near boiling and acid enough to hurt you and me. And microorganisms are not the only extremophiles -- scientists love to subject matter to extreme conditions. Roald Hoffmann will talk about extremophiles and the strange things that happen to molecules squeezed to pressure like those at the center of earth. And why scientists would be interested.

Both Lukas Ligeti and Elliott Sharp traffic in extremes: purest acoustic sounds to electronics and heavy computer processing, molto pianissimo to triple forte, amorphous clouds of sound to deep grooving, hypercomplex notated composition to totally free improvising. Any of these elements may turn up in their playing together and as a result, their concerts – they will join Roald -- are reliably unpredictable and filled with surprise.

 Cover $10


Nina Moffitt, vocals;  Rafiq Bhatia, guitar/loops;  Jackson Hill, bass;  Kassa Overall, drums;  Kyle Wilson, tenor saxophone
NINA MOFFITT, an independent young vocalist from Brooklyn, NY, uses an instrumental approach to interpret music from a distinctive, genre-bending perspective. Nina learned to integrate diverse musical influences at an early age through collaborations with her father, pianist Peter Moffitt, and through studying the music of such influences as Sarah Vaughan, Joni Mitchell, and Wayne Shorter. These influences led Nina to develop herself as both a storyteller and an instrumentalist alike, bridging the gap between lyrical delivery and collective improvisation. Nina recently received her B.A. with honors in cultural anthropology at Oberlin College, where she also studied at the world-renowned Oberlin Conservatory with mezzo soprano Lorraine Manz and jazz professors Wendell Logan, Marcus Belgrave, Robert Ferazza, Peter Dominguez and Paul Samuels. On January 3rd, 2010, Nina will release her new EP Where I Have Been (2010), a collection of recent arrangements by the quintet, featuring Nina Moffitt, vocals; Tim Bennett, alto saxophone; Rafiq Bhatia, guitar & loops; Jackson Hill, bass; and Alex Morris, drums; with a guest appearance from Jordan Goldstein on alto saxophone. The EP features four 10-minute tracks, including "I Loves You Porgy," by George & Ira Gershwin and DuBose Heyward (from Porgy & Bess), "6&7," by Ravi Coltrane (BMI), "Lush Life," by Billy Strayhorn, and "Emily," by Joanna Newsom (BMI). Join us at the Cornelia Street Cafe to raise a glass and celebrate the completion of this EP with a special performance by the Nina Moffitt Quintet!

cover $10/$5 for students

Jan 04
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image
Actors, time limits, laughter, tears, our floorboards are used to perfection.
8:30PM  AMRAM & CO
David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises;  Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel;  John de Witt, bass;  Adam Amram, percussion;  John Ventimiglia, actor
AMRAM & CO image
This series explores in his highly personable, generous and informal style the astonishing variety of David Amram's interests and accomplishments--renowned composer of symphonic classical music, jazz compositions, improvisation, spoken word, scat, he sits at the piano, schmoozes about music, about the greats, the beats, the obscure, the legendary; plays the French horn, pulls out all kinds of instruments (flutes, drums, horns) gathered from his many circumnavigations of the globe, pulls in guests drawn from just about every artistic walk of life.
 Cover $10
Jan 05
Brant Lyon, host

HYDROGEN JUKEBOX comes to Cornelia Street !!!

Popular Poetry-Music Reading Series comes to Cornelia in 2010!

Kicking off the new season, featured poets, David Avendano and Moira T. Smith, jamming with the Hydro Juke improv band, The Ne'er-do-wells.

Open mic-sign up (arrive early to make the list).

David Avendano, from Mexico City, started writing poetry at 11 years of age, when a tsunami of feelings brought irreversible change to his life, the use of words giving light to his nascent soul made easier to feel, su aliento, la voz gritan al mundo mil palabras y demas, utilizando letras con sentido, dejenos en paz...

Moira T. Smith is a poet/singer-songwriter/artist who grew up listening to her father's inspired collection of 78s: blues, jazz and traditional music of the 1920's and '30's. She is, despite this, a thoroughly modern girl on a mission to wholeheartedly embody the fullness of her mythos--and do it in a cool-ass pair of boots, as she flashes her darkly glittering musical gems and preaches the Victrola blues in a ring-tone world gone screwy.

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Sherry Weaver, host

Tracy Rowland John Grady Melanie Hamlett Kurt Gerstmann Margot Leitman Faye Lane
SPEAKEASY: Stories from the Backroom image
SpeakEasy is . . .

A new twist on the ancient tradition of oral history.

SpeakEasy is people telling stories-- true stories. Period. No scripts. No crib notes. No rehearsals. SpeakEasy has a dynamic and constantly changing cast of storytellers that include such greats as Mike Daisey, Jonathan Ames, and Reno, along with homemakers, lawyers, dog walkers, street magicians and writers

You never know what you'll hear. So join us for what could be a life changing experience!

 Cover $10

Wednesday Jan 06
Mira Ptacin, host

Ilana Garon Maris James Mike Stutzman Deenah Vollmer Ben Yagoda, featured reader
Creative Nonfiction, a marriage of sorts.

Ben Yagoda, author of the recent book "Memoir--A History." Ben is author, coauthor or editor of nine books, including "The Art of Fact," "The Sound on the Page: Style and Voice in Writing" and "About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made." He has written about language, writing and other topics for, the New York Times Book Review and Magazine, the American Scholar, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and many other publications. He teaches at the University of Delaware and lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Twitter: @miraptacin, @freerangereads

Facebook: Mira Ptacin, Freerange Nonfiction Reading Series

Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read. -Groucho Marx

 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

George Garzone, saxophone;  Rachel Z, piano;  Peter Slavov, bass;  Pete Zimmer, drums
George Garzone Group: <i>a tribute to Charlie Banacos</i>. image
Mr. Garzone, a tenor saxophonist with a headlong but intelligent approach to free improvisation, presides over a tribute to the pianist Charlie Banacos, an influential jazz educator who traveled in the same Boston circles as Mr. Garzone (and who died just last month). The ensemble gathered for the task is worthy, with Rachel Z on piano, Peter Slavov on bass and Pete Zimmer on drums.
- Nate Chenin, NYT
 Cover $10
Jan 07
Robin, Angelo, Poul, and David, hosts

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators. All are welcome.
Tigran hamasyan, piano;  Mike Moreno, guitar;  Orlando LeFleming , bass;  Ari Hoenig, drums
Ari Hoenig Quartet image
"he attacks his kit like a child does pots and pans, with limbs flailing, face contorted in delight. From this physical "...mayhem comes music of unsurpassed depth and control.”
- Philadelphia Weekly

"He's got Rhythm of every variety" " trickles of rhythm seeping into all the cracks and at regular intervals he changes the rhythm, pouring it out or stoppering it, turning its emphasis around, subdividing or refocusing it and making it follow the melody."
---Ben Ratliff New York Times
 Cover $15

Jan 08
Jackie Sheeler, host

Ted Jonathan
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Feature: Ted Jonathan will read from Bones & Jokes.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)


2nd Annual Company of Heaven Jazz Festival: Jan. 8-10
$10 cover charge for each individual set • $25 cover charge for the entire night (3 sets)
APAP Conference attendees w/official badges: free admission for entire Jazz Festival.
$7 food/drink minimum per set

8:30PM Reut Regev's "R*Time" w/special guest Judith Insell (viola)
Reut Regev, trombone; David Phelps, electric guitar; Sean Conly, bass; Igal Foni, drums

Reut Regev, born and raised in Israel, has been living in New York City area since 1998. A master of the Trombone and the Flugabone, Ms. Regev showcases her in versatility in many style: Jazz, Salsa, Rock, Funk, Brazilian, Blues, Classical, Contemporary, Jewish and Caribbean music. She has collaborated with many outstanding jazz artists: Butch Morris, Anthony Braxton, Groove Collective, Frank London, Eddie Bobé, Eric Revis, Billy Bang, Michael Attias, Ras Moshe, Reggie Nicholson, just to name a few.

“The joyful, undogmatic Freefunk thunderstorm of Israeli born and New York based trombonist Reut Regev was one of the pleasant surprises of the JazzFest Berlin 2009”
-Rainer Balcerowiak, Junge Welt Berlin, Nov 10th, 2009

Troy Collins (All About Jazz) proclaims that R*Time is "Seasoned interplay, that is laser-tight!”
More info:

Judith Insell, a New York native, is a versatile viola player who is at ease in a large rage of styles: Jazz, Classical, Avant Garde, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop & Rock. As an active member of the New York jazz scene since the mid nineties, she has recorded & performed with Lee Konitz, Greg Osby, Steve Coleman, Antonio Hart, Miguel Zenon, Elliott Sharp & Sojourner. Her "pop" music career includes performances with: Beyonce Knowles, India.Arie, Jessica Simpson, “Joe,” and the legendary John Cale. &n bsp; Her debut CD, "Dark Wood Explorations," a duo project with acclaimed jazz bassist Joe Fonda, has received international recognition & high praise:

"Insell can swing in an almost Stuff Smith way"- Elliott Simon, All About Jazz-NY

"The dominating dark string instruments of the New York duo of Judith Insell and Joe Fonda focuses more on the hidden subtleties of jazz and improvisation."
-Ottmar Klammer (Stockwerk Jazz-Graz,Austria)
More info:

9:45PM Ohad Talmor's "The Other Quartet"
Ohad Talmor, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Russ Johnson, trumpet; Pete McCann, guitar; Mark Ferbe, drums, percussion

Ohad Talmor was born in 1970, in Lyon, France of Israeli parents. He grew up in Geneva Switzerland, in a house with classical music on at all times. At age five, he started studying piano at the Geneva conservatory._Upon moving to Florida in 1987 as an exchange student , Ohad took up the saxophone after falling in love with the little jazz he had heard before leaving Switzerland. Following his return to Europe, he moved along a musical path which led him first to study musicology at the University in parallel to gigging around town. Eventually, performing took over studying as Ohad immersed himself into the European jazz scene. Parallel to his activities as a performer on the saxophones/clarinet, Ohad took on a growing passion for composing and arranging which eventually led him in 1995 to the Manhattan School of Music on a full scholarship. He received his Diploma in Composition in 1997 (now deeply buried in his basement) and since then is continuing to live in Brooklyn, NY, performing, composing, arranging - and sometimes acting - in a wealth of different projects.

“Equal parts complex polyphony, gentle atmospherics, quirky funk and rearranged classical pieces...”
- JazzTimes

“The mood is serious, the pieces are challenging, and the musicianship is strong...” - Down Beat Magazine
More info:

11PM Mario Pavone's "Totem"
Mario Pavone, bass; Peter Madsen, piano; Dave Ballou, trumpet, flugelhorn; Gerald Cleaver , drums

Bassist/composer Mario Pavone has collaborated with both legendary innovators and today's most respected young musicians to consistently define the cutting edge of jazz for the past 40 years. He has anchored the trios of Paul Bley (1968-72), Bill Dixon (1980's), and the late Thomas Chapin (1990-97), and co-led a variety of notable ensembles with Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, Marty Ehrlich, and Michael Musillami. His list of sidemen past and present includes Steven Bernstein, Gerald Cleaver, Dave Douglas, Peter Madsen, Tony Malaby, Joshua Redman, George Schuller, Michael Sarin, Craig Taborn, and Matt Wilson among many others. And, unlike most artists whose careers span five decades, his most recent recordings are his most widely acclaimed, appearing on best-of-the-year lists from,, AllAboutJazz-New York, Coda, the Village Voice, and the New York Times among others.
In addition to his ongoing activities as a bandleader, Pavone's artwork and photography have graced the covers of dozens of recordings since the mid 90's, and he currently serves as an educator, administrator and board member for the Litchfield Jazz Festival and Litchfield Summer Jazz Camp in Litchfield, Connecticut.
More info:

Company of Heaven NYC: Company of Heaven was founded by Andreas Scherrer in 2000 in Linz, Austria, upon signing it's first artist, Amina Claudine Myers(piano/vocals). Since its' modest beginnings, Company of Heaven has gone on to represent some of the finest established names in jazz: NEA 2009 Jazz Master, Lee Konitz (alto saxophone),the late jazz drummer Rashied Ali, & avant garde genius Charles Gayle(saxophones/piano), just to name a few. Company of Heaven is also proud to present the best of the "new breed" of jazz musicians on the scene: Taylor Ho Bynum(trumpet), Dana Leong (cello/trombone), Mary Halvorson(guitar), Dan Tepfer(piano), with an ever growing list of talent signing on continually.

Jan 09
Maria Lisella, Gil Fagiani, hosts

Italian American Writers Association, featured readers are: Hannah Tinti and Angelina Oberdan,

plus open mic, 5 minute limit.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)


2nd Annual Company of Heaven Jazz Festival: Jan. 8-10
$10 cover charge for each individual set • $25 cover charge for the entire night (3 sets)
APAP Conference attendees w/official badges: free admission for entire Jazz Festival.
$7 food/drink minimum per set

8:30PM "The Thirteenth Assembly"
Taylor Ho Bynum, cornet; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Jessica Pavone, viola; Tomas Fujiwara, drums

The Thirteenth Assembly began as a touring collective made up of four musicians and several musically distinct small ensembles: Tomas and Taylor's duo; Mary and Jessica's duo; Taylor's trio with Mary and Tomas; and the collaborative quartet featured on this recording. The group is a microcosm of an exciting community of young New York musicians that is beginning to receive international attention, a new generation of artists comfortable referencing AACM and Morton Feldman, Otis Redding and the Melvins, yet dedicated to finding their own individual and collective voices. While each musician in the Thirteenth Assembly brings a highly varied and diverse set of influences and aesthetics to the table, the shared experiences and long friendships help create a powerfully unified ensemble sound. From the soul-inflected lyricism of Pavone's Hate Fields to the driving jazz energy of Fujiwara's Chantal to the distorted power chords of Halvorson's Pinched, (un)sentimental traverses many stylistic paths, but the album as a whole captures a snapshot of contemporary music at its most exciting.

“Each of these musicians is a masterly soloist, and they all are creating music that is delicate, complex and eclectic.”
- Martin Johnson, The Wall Street Journal

“Over the course of nine tunes they take on swinging jazz, atomized improvisation, bracing chamber music and stomping rock.”
- Bill Meyer, Dusted
More info:

9:45PM Tony Malaby's "Paloma Recio"
Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone; Ben Monder, guitar; Eivind Opsvik, bass; Nasheet Waits, drums

Originally from Tucson, Arizona , has been permanently based in New York since 1995 and has been a member of many notable jazz groups including Charlie Haden’s Liberation Orchestra, Paul Motian's Electric Bebop Band, Mark Helias' Open Loose, Fred Hersch's quintet and Walt Whitman project, Michell Portal's Birdwatcher, various projects with Daniel Humair and bands led by Mario Pavone, Tim Berne, Chris Lightcap, Kris Davis, Angelica Sanchez, Michael Attias and Marty Ehrlich.
His debut CD "Sabino"(Arabesque) made the NY Times and Philadelphia City Paper's top ten jazz lists for 2000. Malaby’s new release, "Tamarindo" with bassist William Parker and Nasheet Waits on drums, is available on the Clean Feed label. Other releases include: "Adobe" available on Sunnyside in the US, featuring Drew Gress and Paul Motian; “Apparitions" on the Songlines label featuring Tom Rainey, Mike Sarin, and Drew Gress; and "Alive in Brooklyn Vol. 1 and 2" featuring Angelica Sanchez and Tom Rainey.

Besides “PALOMA RECIO”(Loud Dove) with Ben Monder, Eivind Opsvik and Nashhet Waits, Tony leads several projects: APPARITIONS featuring: Drew Gress, Tom Rainey and Mike Sarin. “The Tony Malaby CelloTrio,” featuring Chicago cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and percussionist John Hollenbeck, along with his trio, “TAMARINDO,” features bassist William Parker and Nasheet Waits on drums. Tony also co-leads the Malaby Sanchez Rainey Trio.

“Paloma Recio—or "Loud Dove"—has recorded an instant masterpiece of modern music on this self-titled disc.” - Mark Corroto, All About

“Malaby’s latest solo jaunt is a marvel of contrasts and tension/release frameworks, where firepower, flexibility and nuance spark a symmetrical and thoroughly hip paradigm.”
-Glenn Astarita,
More info:

11PM Mark Helias' "Open Loose"
Mark Helias, bass; Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone; Tom Rainey, drums

Bassist/composer Mark Helias is seen regularly at venues in New York City ranging from The 55 Bar to Carnegie Hall. After his studies with Homer Mensch at Rutgers University and Yale School of Music, he embarked on an international performance career with the Anthony Braxton quartet in 1977. Since then he has enjoyed long musical associations with Edward Blackwell, Anthony Davis, Dewey Redman, Ray Anderson, Don Cherry and Gerry Hemingway.
Eleven albums of his music have been released since 1984, including Split Image, The Current Set (1987), Desert Blue (1989), Attack The Future (1992), Loopin' the Cool (1995), Fictionary (1998), Come Ahead Back (1998) New School (2001). Verbs of Will (2004), Atomic Clock (2006) and Strange Unison (2009). His trio, ”Open Loose” with Tony Malaby and Tom Rainey, has become an archetypal improvising ensemble on the New York scene. He continues performing and recording with BassDrumBone, a three decade long collaboration with Gerry Hemingway and Ray Anderson. Mr. Helias performs solo bass concerts and can also be heard in the innovative bass duo, "The Marks Brothers" , with fellow bassist Mark Dresser. He teaches at Sarah Lawrence College, The New School and SIM (School for Improvised Music) and is committed to broadening the scope of musical education.

"Mark Helias--his big steady bass and organic, his compositions ever-changing--continues to set the standard for making music that bears shape and direction but also celebrates the freedom to improvise openly and... er... loosely. For ten years he and his powerful trio have refined and broadened the scope of this music so by now the players share an ethos that allows them to explore what making music in a group means. It's three individuals bonded by the passion of collaboration."
- Donald Elfman-All About Jazz

"Not for the faint of heart, this album boasts an aura that sort of encapsulates the art of purposeful improv, which most assuredly emanates from the heart and soul. Musically electrifying and highly entertaining..."
- Glenn Astarita-ejazznews
More info:

Company of Heaven NYC: Company of Heaven was founded by Andreas Scherrer in 2000 in Linz, Austria, upon signing it's first artist, Amina Claudine Myers(piano/vocals). Since its' modest beginnings, Company of Heaven has gone on to represent some of the finest established names in jazz: NEA 2009 Jazz Master, Lee Konitz (alto saxophone),the late jazz drummer Rashied Ali, & avant garde genius Charles Gayle(saxophones/piano), just to name a few. Company of Heaven is also proud to present the best of the "new breed" of jazz musicians on the scene: Taylor Ho Bynum(trumpet), Dana Leong (cello/trombone), Mary Halvorson(guitar), Dan Tepfer(piano), with an ever growing list of talent signing on continually.

Jan 10
Chris Belden

The return of GUITAR & PEN! Chris Belden reads from his new novel-in-progress--the funniest story of infanticide you've ever heard--& follows up with a batch of original tunes.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

2nd Annual Company of Heaven Jazz Festival: Jan. 8-10
$10 cover charge for each individual set • $25 cover charge for the entire night (3 sets)
APAP Conference attendees w/official badges: free admission for entire Jazz Festival.
$7 food/drink minimum per set

8:30PM Michael Musillami Trio + 3
Michael Musillami , guitar; Joe Fonda, bass; George Schuller, drums; Marty Ehlich, alto saxophone; Matt Moran, vibraphone; Ralph Alessi, trumpet

In a career that spans more than 25 years, Michael Musillami has worked extensively as a performer, bandleader/composer and educator.
Critics have called him "a superior guitarist" (John McDonough, DownBeat), "an adroit and creative musician" (Michael J. West, JazzTimes), "a fine composer of notable original music" (Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide) and "a modern-day jazz master" (Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal).
"His compositions develop in leisurely style from quiet simplicity to intricate complexity," explained Jack Massarik in Jazzwise, "and the ensemble playing is civilized, sophisticated and clean." The Boston Phoenix's Jon Garelick adds, "Musillami sounds familiar - this is swinging jazz guitar, after all - but not quite like anyone else." In addition to paying his dues as a sideman performing with musicians such as Junior Cook, Dewey Redman, and Curtis Fuller, he became a part of the circle of musicians connected to the Hillside Club in Waterbury, Connecticut, including frequent future collaborators Thomas Chapin and Mario Pavone. He has since led and co-led a variety of ensembles, releasing 15 CDs as a leader and touring in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Along with his longstanding flagship trio with bassist Joe Fonda and drummer George Schuller, he has earned critical notice as the leader of groups ranging from duo to octet featuring such prominent collaborators as Cameron Brown, Thomas Chapin, Drew Gress, Mario Pavone, Michael Sarin and Matt Wilson.
In 1999, Musillami founded the Playscape Recordings label to give himself more control over his recording career, and to provide other musicians with a supportive environment for creative music. Built around a cadre of frequent collaborators, the label has garnered extensive critical praise and a catalog of more than 40 diverse releases. "Like Blue Note or CTI in their prime," writes Signal to Noise reviewer John Chacona, "Michael Musillami's Playscape label has a signature sound." In addition to his work as a performer, and overseeing the daily operations of Playscape Recordings, Musillami is also the longtime Director of Jazz Studies at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT.
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9:45PM George Schuller's "Circle Wide"
George Schuller, drums, compositions & arrangements; Peter Apfelbaum, tenor saxophone; Dave Ambrosio, bass; Tom Beckham, vibraphone;Brad Shepik , guitar

George Schuller is the youngest out of a family of musicians from the Boston area which is well renowned for their contribution to the world of modern music (father Gunther and brother Ed). As a drummer, George has not only developed his craft as a versatile performer – currently playing with the likes of Lee Konitz, Herb Robertson, Matt Darriau, Mario Pavone, Michael Musillami, Roy Nathanson's Alphabet Lounge Band, Lisa Thorson, and Free Range Rat - but has also continued to sharpen his skills as a gifted composer and arranger. In addition, he leads several bands in the New York area including the Schulldogs (an elastic, free-blowing, compositionally-based quartet) , Circle Wide (a quintet with free-bop leanings, formerly known as Chump Change) ,Jigsaw (an ensemble devoted to special projects involving strings and horns), and the innovative big band - Orange Then Blue. Why not let him take us musically into the future?

George Schuller who has been a resident of Brooklyn/New York City for many years can be heard regularly as a leader or as a sideman at some of the most fascinating clubs of contemporary music in the Big Apple. He has performed and/or recorded with such greats as Joe Lovano, Jaki Byard, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Lee Konitz, Dave Douglas, Ran Blake, Mose Allison, Luciana Souza, Mark Helias, George Garzone, Gene Bertoncini, and of course with his family. The Schulldogs had a successful european tour throug Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Finland in early june 2002 with Tim Berne, Tony Malaby, John Hebert on board. The tours in 2003 have featured Herb Robertson (replacing Berne) on trumpet and Rich Perry on tenor saxophone. The Schulldogs also played at the Seixal Jazz Festival in Portugal in October 2003.

“With plenty of outstanding solos, it's the interaction of the group—and it's ability to approach this unequivocally lyrical material with the relentless pursuit of free expression—that makes Like Before, Somewhat After stand out as both a fine tribute and an album that stands on its own very fine merits.”
- John Kelman-All About Jazz
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11PM Matt Darriau's "Ballin' the Jack"
Matt Darriau, alto & sopranos saxophones, clarinet; Andy Laster , baritone saxophone, clarinet; Frank London, trumpet; Curtis Hasselbring, trombone; George Schuller, drums; Joe Fitzgerald, bass; Anthony Coleman, piano

BALLIN' THE JACK The new project of veteran New York eclectic reedman, Matt Darriau, creates new interpretations of music from the early swing era. The four horn (seven-piece) Ballin’ The Jack, plays music of the ‘20's & ‘30's with an emphasis on Ellington, Basie, John Kirby and some of the jazz roots of R&B. While the players pay detailed attention to the original orchestrations and intent, these unique periods in jazz provide a creative platform for the band's spontaneous interpretations and interactions, allowing them to explore ways in which early swing, with its often through composed and unusual forms, can inspire contemporary "open" musicians - especially early Ellington, who was working before standard conventions in jazz were established. This crew of established "downtown" players stay inside the lines drawn by their earlier counterparts, but don't always color with the same crayons. The result is a far more lively and relevant aesthetic than your average repertory orchestra. Conceived for the Tap Bar at New York's Knitting Factory, where it developed its unique esthetic during 1998 -99', Ballin' The Jack now has two CD's out on the Knitting Factory Label. The first, Jungle (1999), explores mostly Ellington with some Basie and John Kirby. The term "Jungle Sound " with its growling brass and heavy percussion grooves, was used to describe Ellington's music from his Cotton Club orchestra. This CD features Ellington alumnus, trombonist Art Baron, a master of mutes and growl techniques. Ballin' The Jack's new CD The big Head, is a year-end best on Gary Giddins' 2001 Village Voice picks list. On 16 tracks the band further refines its unique approach, placing more emphasis on original material and discovering new areas to expand improvisationally on five Ellington and other early swing tracks. Ballin' The Jack has toured numerous times in Europe including the North Sea Jazz Festival, 2002 Newport Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Fest.

"Of the many centennial tributes to Duke, this could be the most entertaining and forward thinking. Certainly it's the zaniest and very in your face... Ballin' The Jack revives [these tunes] in an ultra-modern way that makes them seem like they were just written.... A strong candidate for Jazz CD of the Year"
– Michael G. Nastos, All-Music Guide

"Just what we dreamed of seeing more often in the summer's Ellington commemorations: faithfulness to the original arrangements while renewing them, as the Duke practiced throughout his life. "
–Alex Dutilh, Jazzman (France)
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Company of Heaven NYC: Company of Heaven was founded by Andreas Scherrer in 2000 in Linz, Austria, upon signing it's first artist, Amina Claudine Myers(piano/vocals). Since its' modest beginnings, Company of Heaven has gone on to represent some of the finest established names in jazz: NEA 2009 Jazz Master, Lee Konitz (alto saxophone),the late jazz drummer Rashied Ali, & avant garde genius Charles Gayle(saxophones/piano), just to name a few. Company of Heaven is also proud to present the best of the "new breed" of jazz musicians on the scene: Taylor Ho Bynum(trumpet), Dana Leong (cello/trombone), Mary Halvorson(guitar), Dan Tepfer(piano), with an ever growing list of talent signing on continually.

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