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Entertaining Science: ASTROBIOLOGY, ACCORDIONOLOGY 10/1/2017
Entertaining Science: BE DAZZLED 9/3/2017
Entertaining Science: CROSSING GENRES, IN SEARCH OF EXOMOONS 6/4/2017
Entertaining Science: MUTANT MIRACLES 4/2/2017
Entertaining Science: THE ABSTRACT BOWL! 2/5/2017
Entertaining Science: CARBON’S ITALIAN FAMILY CONNECTIONS 12/4/2016
Entertaining Science: Cold War, Warm Climate 11/6/2016
Entertaining Science: DO BABIES GET THE BLUES? 10/2/2016
Entertaining Science: The Jazz of Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Sculpture 9/4/2016
Entertaining Science: MUSIC FOR THE CORNELIA FIREWORKS 7/3/2016
Entertaining Science: THE MUSE AT THE BIRTH OF THE UNIVERSE 6/5/2016
Entertaining Science: FLAMENCO ON THE BRAIN 5/1/2016
Entertaining Science: The Jazz Cure for Molecules in Distress 4/3/2016
Entertaining Science: OLIVER ON OUR MINDS 3/6/2016
Entertaining Science: THE DANCE OF MOLECULES 2/7/2016
Entertaining Science: 65 MILLION YEARS OF BIRD EVOLUTION DON’T LIE 12/6/2015
Entertaining Science : Oscillation/Why Wake Up in the Morning 10/4/2015
Entertaining Science : What did Roald do over the summer? 9/6/2015
Entertaining Science: Turning Breath Into Music 6/7/2015
Entertaining Science: THE HARMONIC DESTINY OF HEALING 5/3/2015
Entertaining Science: EGGSTRAVAGANZA (AND CHICKENS TOO) 4/5/2015
Entertaining Science: Pluto and the Ice Princess, Together at Last 3/1/2015
Entertaining Science: LUNINE, LIGETI, and McMURRAY 2/1/2015
Entertaining Science: SOUND SYMMETRY - Patterns of Mind  1/4/2015
Entertaining Science: SO YOU THINK YOU’VE HEARD IT ALL? 12/7/2014
Entertaining Science: Light and Color 11/2/2014
Entertaining Science: The Big Melt: Tales of Antarctica 10/5/2014
Entertaining Science: ONE NOTE AT A TIME? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT!  9/7/2014
Entertaining Science: Unfolding Evolution 6/1/2014
Entertaining Science: Life's Music 5/4/2014
Entertaining Science: SING TO ME, O NATURAL PHILOSOPHER! 4/6/2014
Entertaining Science: EDGES and GRAVITONS 3/2/2014
Entertaining Science: MUSIC, LANGUAGE LEARNING US 2/2/2014
Entertaining Science: SMALL, DEADLY, AND DELICIOUS 1/5/2014
Entertaining Science: CO-SEISMIC PIANO 12/1/2013
Entertaining Science: Explosive evolution in birds 11/3/2013
Entertaining Science: Interactions : So Complicated It's Simple 10/6/2013
Entertaining Science: Mars ! 6/9/2013
Entertaining Science: MUSIC OF THE SPHERES 5/12/2013
Entertaining Science: On Paper 4/14/2013
Entertaining Science: Now Hear This! 3/10/2013
Entertaining Science: A Jump into the Gene Pool 2/10/2013
Entertaining Science: FLIGHT CLUB 12/9/2012
Entertaining Science: YOU ARE WHAT YOU HEAR 11/11/2012
Entertaining Science: IT YEAST AIN’T THE SAME 10/14/2012
Entertaining Science: Hearts and Devils 9/9/2012
Entertaining Science: Rhapsody for Piano and Universe 5/13/2012
Entertaining Science: BEAUTY AND THE BEASTIES 3/11/2012
Entertaining Science: The Two Garys--Guitar Zero & Exponential 2/12/2012
Entertaining Science: SILENT GENES AND GENTLE SONGS 1/8/2012
Entertaining Science 9/11/2011
Cafe Stories 7/25/2011
Entertaining Science 7/10/2011
Entertaining Science 6/12/2011
Entertaining Science 5/8/2011
Entertaining Science 4/10/2011
Entertaining Science 3/13/2011
Entertaining Science 2/13/2011
Entertaining Science: Abstraction and Passion: The Brainwave Music Project 1/9/2011
The Science of Fear in Words and MUsic 6/6/2010
Entertaining Science 5/2/2010
Prognosticating the World's Wheat and Bluegrass 4/4/2010
Entertaining Science -- Can culture emerge from scratch? 3/7/2010
Entertaining Science -- The Camera Never Lies 2/7/2010
Entertaining Science -- EXTREMES 1/3/2010
Entertaining Science -- YOU SEE WHAT YOUR BRAIN WANTS YOU TO SEE 12/6/2009
Entertaining Science -- NATURAL LAW: DARWIN'S TANGLED BANK 10/4/2009
Entertaining Science -- THE WORLDS WE MAKE UP 9/6/2009
Entertaining Science -- ACQUA! THE SOUNDS AND SCIENCE OF WATER 6/7/2009
Entertaining Science -- EL BAILE BACTERIANO! 5/3/2009
Entertaining Science -- ANNIHILATION! 4/5/2009
Entertaining Science -- NANOARCHITECTURES: WHY MORE OF LESS IS MORE! 3/1/2009
Entertaining Science -- FLEAS ON STEROIDS 1/4/2009
Entertaining Science -- A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE LAB 12/7/2008
Entertaining Science -- IMAGINE SCIENCE IN FILM 11/2/2008
Entertaining Science -- The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind 10/5/2008
Entertaining Science -- TABOOS 9/7/2008
Entertaining Science -- WAVE/PARTICLE 6/1/2008
Entertaining Science -- WHY DO WHALES SING? 5/4/2008
Entertaining Science -- It's the Way it Shatters that Matters 3/2/2008
Entertaining Science -- Five Feet High and Rising 2/3/2008
Entertaining Science -- SeaChange: Reversing the Tide 1/6/2008
Entertaining Science -- THINKING, FEELING 12/2/2007
Entertaining Science -- ALL IS PATTERN 11/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- Harmonious Triads 10/7/2007
Science 8/30/2007
Entertaining Science -- COLTRANE, EINSTEIN, AND COSMOLOGY 2 7/1/2007
Entertaining Science -- Reflections of the Animal Mind 6/3/2007
Entertaining Science -- HE SAYS, SHE SAYS, EITHER WAY IT'S ALL PHALLACY 5/6/2007
Entertaining Science -- A RIFF ON THE WAY TO STRUCTURE 4/1/2007
Entertaining Science -- ATYPICAL ANTIPSYCHOTICS 3/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL 2/4/2007
Entertaining Science -- COSI SIMILI, COSI DIVERSE 1/7/2007
Entertaining Science -- I FORGOT TO LEARN TO FORGET 12/3/2006
Entertaining Science -- NAMING NATURE 11/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- Chateau Jiahu, Vintage 7000 BC 10/15/2006
Entertaining Science 2 -- Chateau Jiahu, Vintage 7000 BC 10/15/2006

Entertaining Science -- CHOICES
Entertaining Science -- Finally With Women 8/6/2006
Entertaining Science -- SMALL TALK AMONG THE BACTERIA 6/4/2006
Entertaining Science -- AFTERNOON OF THE CHIMERAS 4/2/2006
Entertaining Science -- IN YOUR EAR 3/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- DARWIN’S BIRTHDAY BASH 2/5/2006
Entertaining Science -- NEON! 12/4/2005
Entertaining Science -- IMPROVISING ON CHAOS 11/13/2005
Entertaining Science -- GM FOODS; MONSTERS OR MIRACLES? 10/2/2005
Entertaining Science -- FERNS 9/4/2005
Entertaining Science -- FROM SAMARKAND TO CORDOBA 8/7/2005
Entertaining Science -- SCIENCE AND THE MORAL LIFE--A MISMATCH? 6/5/2005
Entertaining Science -- WHY DO BIRDS SING? 5/1/2005
Entertaining Science -- SHUFFLE OFF THIS MORTAL COIL 3/6/2005
Entertaining Science -- ECO-OPERA-EVO 2/6/2005

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Mixed Media by LENNY ACHAN

All art is for sale. Please inquire

Jun 01
Roald Hoffmann


What is light? Is its nature that of a wave or a particle?

This question occupied Newton and Einstein, and remains an important dichotomy (or is it?) until this day. In a jam session on the nature of light, the "Illuminate Me" collective of light artists Kenny Greenberg and Clare Brew, choreographer Rachel Cohen and her dancers, composer Chris Becker and chemist Roald Hoffmann, will play with light, sound, dance and physics.
 Cover $10

Shimrit Shoshan , piano;  Eric McPherson, drums;  Ben Street, bass
PIANO TRIOS: Shimrit Shoshan  image
Shimrit Shoshan was born in Israel and has been playing music since she was 8 years old. At 10 years old, Shimrit began developing her skill for the endless colors and textures of the piano. This eventually leads to her placement in Israel ’s most prestigious Performing Arts High School to nurture her budding creativity and musical genius. By the age of 18, she began receiving awards and recognition as a gifted and talented pianist and composer. To expand upon her promising musical career, Shimrit relocated to New York-USA where she received numerous scholarships to study at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. It was there that she met and began to study with jazz legends Charles Toliver, Kenny Barron Eric Reed, Benny Powell and Charlie Persip just to mention a few. While in New York for only 6 years, Shimrit has had the privilege of performing at a number of high profile venues with some of New York’s hottest upcoming jazz artists such as; Nasheet Wait, John Hebert, Eric McPherson and Ben Street, in addition to performing most recently with legendary jazz drummer, Charlie Persip at the Fat Cat in New York, NY. Currently, Shimrit can be seen and heard in a number of settings around New York City , writing original music or in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut CD recording scheduled for release in the fall of 2008.
Jun 02
Tulis McCall, host

Actors, we love them.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Robin Hirsch Frank London
For fifteen years or so Frank London, trumpeter, composer, bandleader, and founding member of the world famous Klezmatics, and Robin Hirsch, writer, performer, director, and founding member of the world famous Cornelia Street Cafe, have flirted with the notion of a collaboration.

In 1997 Robin was invited to perform in Berlin as part of a festival of Jewish Culture. Frank had paved the way. By one of those eerie coincidences to which Jews in general, and Robin in particular, are prone, the director of the festival, Andreas Nechama, had asked Frank whether he could arrange for him to use the Cornelia Street Cafe to conduct his American interviews. Needless to say, he could and he did. And needless to say Robin wrote about his Berlin experience in a story called Pleasant Dreams. Here is an extract:

One day in 1996 I get a call from Frank London of the Klezmatics. It is one of the ironies of post-Holocaust Europe that klezmer music, the music of the East European shtetl, is really hot in Germany. Many of the American klezmer musicians I know make the bulk of their money in Germany. So Frank has more connections in Berlin than I do. He calls me up to say that Nechama is coming to New York to scout talent for his festival, and that he would like to use my cafe to conduct interviews.

And so it comes about that Dr. Andreas Nechama, a studious, conservatively dressed man, a little younger than I, but with an ineradicable air of middle age about him, the son, like me, of Berlin Jews, sits at a corner table by the window in the side room at the Cornelia Street Cafe in Greenwich Village and for two days entertains a procession of mostly Jewish filmmakers, writers, Yiddishists, musicians, jugglers, visual artists. Karen Kramer, on her way to the film festival in Minsk, drops off a print of her film, Days of Awe. Frank drops by on the afternoon of the first day and, during a break, he and Nechama and I taste some wines that are under consideration for the wine list. Frank has a new band called Hasidic New Wave, which pushes the frontiers of his continuing experiment with the traditions of Jewish music to another level, and Nechama is interested in bringing them to Berlin. We chat a trois. Very relaxed, very informal, very unlike what I imagine Germany, and German Jewry, to be. Nechama knows of my background and of my book, Last Dance at the Hotel Kempinski, and I give him a copy, which he insists on paying for. Is cash alright? Cash is fine. And the tax? Don't worry about tax. But what about the authorities? Don't worry about the authorities.

He retires to his table and begins to read. When I join him, he asks whether I would like to come to Berlin to deliver a lecture and perhaps to perform. He has read the prefatory "Note on the German" and he gets it immediately. The Judische Gemeindehaus, the Jewish Community Center, where he has his office, is built on the ruins of the old Fasanenstrasse synagogue, where my mother's family used to worship. It is directly opposite the Kempinski. He gazes at it every day. How can I not go?

What befalls Robin when he goes? Will Frank set some of his experiences to music? What extraordinary musicians will he bring with him? As of this writing nobody knows. On Monday, hopefully we will find out.

ROBIN HIRSCH is the award-winning author of the memoir Last Dance at the Hotel Kempinski which Jewish Book News called "one of the best books ever written on the long arm of the Holocaust" and of the solo performance cycle Mosaic: Fragments of a Jewish Life, which the Village Voice called "completely glorious." He has for thirty-one years been the Minister of Culture and Wine Czar of the Cornelia Street Cafe.

FRANK LONDON was described by All About Jazz as "the mystical high priest of New Wave Avant-Klez Jazz". He is a founding member of the Grammy Award winning Klezmatics, the composer of dozens of scores for theater and film, the recipient of numerous awards for his contributions to music; he has a dozen albums of his own and is featured as a trumpeter on hundreds of recordings by musicians as diverse as LL Cool J, Mel Torme, LaMonte Young, David Byrne, They Might Be Giants, and Lester Bowie.

Jun 03
Angelo Verga, host

Noel Smith Madeline Tiger David Friedman Mario Susko
A formidable lineup assembled by our poet in residence.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)
Sherry Weaver, host

Andy Christie Faye Lane Brad Lawrence Michele Carlo Terence Mickey Julia Miller
SPEAKEASY: Stories from the Backroom image
SpeakEasy is . . .

A new twist on the ancient tradition of oral history.

SpeakEasy is people telling stories-- true stories. Period. No scripts. No crib notes. No rehearsals. SpeakEasy has a dynamic and constantly changing cast of storytellers that include such greats as Mike Daisey, Jonathan Ames, and Reno, along with homemakers, lawyers, dog walkers, street magicians and writers

You never know what you'll hear. So join us for what could be a life changing experience!

 Cover $10

Wednesday Jun 04
Mira Ptacin, host

Phillip Lopate Alexandra Soiseth
Free Range Readings image
June 4th Freerange Readers include

Sarah Louise Allen

Mary Ellen Marks

Barbara McGuire

Mira Ptacin

Alexandra Soiseth, author of "Choosing You: Deciding to Have a Baby on My Own." She is the Assistant Director of the MFA Writing Program at Sarah Lawrence, where she also teaches. She is a recipient of a Canada Council grant and an Ontario Arts Council grant. She is the former managing editor and communications director for Global City Review, a New York City-based literary magazine, and her stories have appeared in McGill Street Magazine, The Ryersonian, and LifeRattle, among others. She has a piece forthcoming on and, and the essay "Plan B" is currently posted and being promoted on She writes a weekly column in the Community Journals section of

Phillip Lopate, author of Bachelorhood; Against Joie de Vivre; and Portrait of My Body; two novels, Confessions of Summer and The Rug Merchant. He edited The Art of the Personal Essay; Writing New York. His essays, fiction, poetry, film and architectural criticism have appeared in The Best American Short Stories (1974), The Best American Essays (1987), several Pushcart Prize annuals, The Paris Review, Harper's, Vogue, Esquire, Film Comment, Threepenny Review, Double Take, New York Times, Harvard Educational Review, Preservation, Cite, 7 Days, Metropolis, Conde Nast Traveler, and many other periodicals and anthologies.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Joe Giardullo, reeds;  Frank Kimbrough, piano;  Jay Anderson, bass;  Harvey Sorgen, drums
The Late 20th Century Quartet image
This group came together last year to play a diverse cross-section of jazz that bloomed in the last half of the last century. They all live in “Sowo” ( south of Woodstock) and they came together to blow in the mountains near home.

The music can range from Bley to Braxton, Brubeck to Ornette, Miles to Motian, Sun Ra to Turrentine, and that’s what is fun about this band.

They’ve worked with just about everyone in the music, from Tom Waits to Carmen McCrae, Paul Bley to Hot Tuna, Milford Graves to Maria Schneider Orchestra, Michael Brecker to Bruce Hornsby.

And it can all come out on any tune, at any time.

Big fun!
 Cover $15

Jun 05
Robin, Angelo, Poul, and David, hosts

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators. All are welcome.
David Devoe, curator

Deadra Hart, voice;  Jim Ridl , piano;  Matt Wigton, bass;  Fred Kennedy, drums;  Maryanne De Prophetis, voice;  Ron Horton, trumpet;  Frank Kimbrough , piano
Gnu Vox: Deadra Hart and Maryanne De Phrophetis image
Regarded by fellow jazz singers as “a dynamic improviser who interprets a lyric with sincerity and a beautiful sense of style,” Deadra Hart’s unique, crystal-clear voice breathes new life into music. This New York City –based vocalist has lived and performed all over the world, from Los Angeles to the Midwest and from Amsterdam to Ecuador. Deadra is an active performer, leading a jazz quartet that mixes traditional jazz elements with gorgeous, original melodies. Her debut album, Wherever I Go has already sold hundreds of copies and can be heard on jazz radio stations as far away as Indonesia and Australia. Deadra has recently been exploring her newfound passion for the songs of South America with her Latin jazz trio, Ligaçao. She has been praised by critics and musicians alike as “a woman who sings with sophistication” (Cincinnati Post) and “a superb musician with exquisite taste” (Paris Rutherford – Vocal Jazz Arranger).

Maryanne de Prophetis graduated from Temple University College of Music where she studied piano and harmony with Natalie Hinderas. During that time she also began jazz vocal and theory studies with bassist Al Stauffer. After three years of travel and study in Italy, she arrived in New York to continue musical studies with Warne Marsh, and more recently studied with jazz vocalist Jay Clayton. Her trio with Frank Kimbrough and Ron Horton was formed in 2002 and has been playing in the New York area since then. She has also been appearing with her more recently formed quartet, adding bassist Dean Johnson to the core trio.

Maryanne has also recently led a vocal group, Vocal Dissolve, featuring original compositions, improvisation and poetry. In addition to musical performances she has also been presented in several poetry readings. Her poetry has appeared in the Hartford Courant, Osiris, and she received the Editor's Choice Ward for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry by the International Library of Poetry.

Her debut trio CD, A Glance, is released on LoNote Records, and features all original compositions.
 Cover $10

Jun 06
Kathi Georges, host

Son of Pony image
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

Dead Poets Slam, yes, dead poets slam.

Featuring Emily Dickenson, Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski, T.S. Eliot and many more in an exciting spoken word competition.

Get your favorite dead poet persona on as Cornelia Street Cafe's Son of a Pony series presents the first Dead Poet Slam. In this riotous event, dead poets compete for fabulous prizes, with spoken word renditions of their work performed by their modern day personas.

Anyone can participate! Just bring your favorite poem by your favorite dead poet (three minutes maximum!) and you're in. Participants so far include T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Charles Bukowski, Emily Dickinson.

Who do you want to be? Walt Whitman? Alan Ginsburg? Edna St. Vincent Milay? Shakespeare? Your choice. Choose your poet, choose your poem and you're in!

To reserve a prime spot: Email by Thursday, June 5 and let us know the name of the poet, and the name of the poem you plan to perform. Limited signups for the Dead Poets Slam will also be available at the door.

Prizes include: Poetry Books! Portraits of Dead Poets! Honor! Recognition! Joy!

Open reading before the Dead Poets Slam. You can participate in one or the other--or both--or just come to enjoy the show.
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Nikolaj Hess, piano;  John Hebert, bass;  Tony Moreno, drums;  Marc Mommaas, tenor saxophone
Global Motion image
Global Motion was founded in 1997 in New York City by Dutch tenor saxophonist Marc Mommaas and Danish pianist Nikolaj Hess. Together they have co-lead Global Motion through the years touring Europe and Scandinavia with their various projects. The first release ("Global Motion" Trio,1999) included John Hebert on double bass and consisted of original compositions of Marc Mommaas. This was Mommaas' debut recording. The second recording ("Global Motion", 2002) was released by Sunnyside Records to critical acclaim. On this recording, percussionist Tony Moreno joined the formation rounding out Global Motion into a quartet. In 2006 Mommaas and Hess collaborated on a duo recording, "Balance", also released by Sunnyside Records. The release of Balance will be followed by a European tour in the Fall of 2008. Nikolaj Hess will release a new recording of his African influenced compositions with Global Motion, including special guests Ben Monder (electrical/acoustic guitar) and Jeff Ballard (percussion). This latest recording will come out in the Fall of 2008.

'Global Motion is always in stylistic motion, spanning bop, ECM-esque soundscapes and free-form chamber dreams.......' -
- Ed Enright - DOWNBEAT

Cover $12/$8 for students

Jun 07
Andy Christie

Seek Truth. Get a T-Shirt.

4 Storytellers, 3 True Stories, 1 Pack of Lies. Uncover the liar and win a prize worth its weight in fool's gold.

Michele Carlo (Mr. Beller's Neighborhood)

Ryan Britt (Nerve; Really Small Talk)

Jim O'Grady (NY Times)

Joanne Solomon (The Moth)

 Cover $12 (includes one house drink)   www.The

David Devoe, host

Seth Fruiterman, voice, accordian, loops;  Matt Aronoff, bass
Gnu Vox Special: Seth Fruiterman image
Seth sings. Matt plays the bass. With the strength of their two instruments combined, they skillfully craft melodies, bass lines, and harmonies together, creating a musical conversation between them. They perform songs that are familiar to audiences, as well as gateways to fluid and fun improvisation.
 Cover $10
Jun 08
Julia Schaffer, host

Larry Kunofsky Brook Wilensky-Lanford
LARRY KUNOFSKY is a New York-based playwright whose work includes So Retarded - A Play For Idiots; My Therapist; A Guy Adrift In The Universe; bender/ gender/straight/&neutered; Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary; Death and The Pizza Man; The Lunch Anxieties; and Thanks for Having Me.

He is the co-founder and co-Artistic Director of the theatre company, Four Chairs. The latest Four Chairs production, What To Do When You Hate All Your Friends - An Anti-Social Comedy, will be presented at Theater Row starting July 17th.

Brook Wilensky-Lanford grew up in Maine, graduated from Wesleyan University, and has just finished her coursework in Columbia's Nonfiction Writing MFA program. In between, she has written church newsletters, answered fan mail for a perfume company, and edited photography books. Her personal and > historical essays have appeared in Salon and Triple Canopy, and she's working on a book about people who are looking for the Garden of Eden. (There are more of them than you might think.)
 Cover $7 (includes one house drink)

Randy Ingram, piano;  Matt Clohesy, bass;  Jochen Rueckert, drums
PIANO TRIOS: Randy Ingram  image
Randy Ingram is a thoughtful, versatile young pianist and improviser, with an expressive touch and a keen imagination. Together with Matt Clohesy (bass) and Jochen Ruckert (drums), he strives for an eclectic mix of composition, improvisation and interpretation.

Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, Randy's musical journey has included graduate studies at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA, and has led him to NYC, where he has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most promising young pianists in the city. Best known for his work as a vocal accompanist and arranger, he is the musical director for acclaimed jazz vocalist Jack Donahue and the pianist of choice for rising star Julie Hardy. Randy has also recorded and performed with Billy Higgins, Ben Monder, Tierney Sutton, Joe LaBarbera, Joe Locke, Mike Moreno and Kendrick Scott.
 Cover $10

Drum kit donated by

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