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Sunday,  Jun 15 - 6:00PM 
Alissa Joseph Peter Crow Tina Dolen Nicole Roberts and Richard Hoffman
The Writers Hotel image

 $8.00 includes a drink
Sunday,  Jun 15 - 8:30PM 
Billy Newman, host

Dan Blake, tenor sax;  Nando Michelin, piano;  Jay Anderson, bass;  Rogério Boccato, drums, percussion
New Brazilian Perspectives: Rogério Boccato Quarteto  image

Here with the 'After Bossa-Nova' project, Rogerio leads a stellar quartet through some of the lesser-known pieces by the greatest among the post-Bossa Nova generation of composers, such as Toninho Horta, Egberto Gismonti, Milton Nascinento, Edu Lobo. This group gives these songs a unique treatment, infused with improvisation. The idea revolves around openness and interaction, using the motifs of each song as a springboard for instant group compositions. It is a fresh and ever-changing approach to Post-Bossa Nova music.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Monday,  Jun 16 - 6:00PM 
Paul Hecht, Bernadette Quigley, actors;  Robin Hirsch, Angelo Verga, poetry renderers;  Rogue Diplomats, musicians
Bloomsday: Dubliners, Pomes Penyeach & Chamber Music image
The cafe does its part to commemorate the day in June on which James Joyce's hero, Leopold Bloom, circumnavigates Dublin in the course of Joyce's novel Ulysses.

Bernadette Quigley is an American actress of Irish and French descent. Her many film & t.v. credits include The Suspect, Dream House, starring Daniel Craig, Holger Ernst's The House Is Burning, Jim Sheridan's Oscar-nominated In America, Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch, Unforgettable and Kings. Quigley has worked extensively in regional theatres across the U.S.

The ROGUE DIPLOMATS are an Irish/Folk traditional music group composed of Matthew Breiner, Brian Donnelly, and Patrick Marran. They entertain with their blend of a capella harmonies, song history and storytelling. Using classic instruments, including Irish Bouzouki and Bodhran, the gentlemen create acoustic spins on the music they grew up on. The Rogue Diplomats have played up and down the East Coast and in 2013 the Rogues appeared Off- Broadway at Symphony Space's BLOOMSDAY ON BROADWAY, an annual live-streaming event celebrating James Joyce's works. Find out more about The Rogue Diplomats and upcoming performances on Twitter @RogueDiplomats or email them at

Paul Hecht is our resident presenter of special literary events at the cafe.

Both Robin Hirsch & Angelo Verga commit literature in public.
 $ 15 includes a drink, food menu available

Monday,  Jun 16 - 8:30PM 
Debra Ehrhardt Robin Hirsch
Cocktails and Cafe Stories image
Debra Ehrhardt was born in Kingston, Jamaica, but from the age of seven knew her destiny lay in America. Her hazardous and hilarious trip at the age of eighteen to Miami is the subject of her electrifying one-woman show JAMAICA, FAREWELL, with which she has toured the US, Canada and the UK. In 2010 she received a Proclamation from the City of New York for her "Outstanding Contribution to the Jamaican Community." Her earlier award-winning one-woman shows include MANGO, MANGO and INVISIBLE CHAIRS; she will be reading from her current work-in-progress, COCK TALES (a title too brazen for our delicate ears . . . see above!)

Robin Hirsch, our Minister of Culture, is the author of the award-winning memoir, LAST DANCE AT THE HOTEL KEMPINSKI, and the related seven-part solo performance cycle, MOSAIC: FRAGMENTS OF A JEWISH LIFE, every word of which was written to be read here. He will be reading from his current work-in-progress, THE WHOLE WORLD PASSES THROUGH: STORIES FROM THE CORNELIA STREET CAFE, a sort of sequel to KEMPINSKI, i.e., what happens to a Wandering Jew when he finally stands still and opens the doors . . . and glorious people like Debra Ehrhardt walk in . . .

$20 includes a drink

Tuesday,  Jun 17 - 6:00PM 
Robin Hirsch, host

Cheryl Moskowitz Alastair Gavin Anja Konig
THOUGHTS AND TONES: poetry & music image

A feast of delights for the head and heart… Award winning poet Cheryl Moskowitz returns to Cornelia St with Alastair Gavin, pianist/composer and musical director in London’s West End, to perform their new collaboration, a radical and unique marriage of poetry and music.

Their special guest will be Switzerland-based poet and physicist Anja Konig who will read her minimal and sharply evocative poetry.

'The poetic voice of Cheryl Moskowitz resonates with intimacy; it is tender, as well as vivid... subtle and quite particular. Her voice is uniquely clear - more universal than Jewish, more worldly than American...' (Judith Robinson, Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle). Cheryl is a US born prize-winning poet, translator and novelist who lives in the UK. Her poems have been published in several literary journals including UK publications Poetry Review, Magma, and Artemis and US magazines Drunken Boat and World Literature Today. Her debut collection The Girl is Smiling was published by Circle Time Press in 2012.

Alastair Gavin is a pianist and composer based in London, UK. He is currently assistant musical director for the London production of Mamma Mia! and also works as an orchestral arranger and dance and theatre composer. He was recently featured keyboardist in a large scale staging of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels performed at the Royal Festival Hall and broadcast on BBC Radio.

Anja Konig was raised in the German language and now writes in English. Anja’s work has appeared in magazines in the US and the UK including Washington Square Review and Manhattan Review here in the city. Her first pamphlet "Advice for an Only Child" will be published by Flipped Eye Publishing in the UK later this year. Anja is a physicist by training. She currently lives in Zurich but New York City is her one true love.
 $ 15 includes a drink, food menu available 

Tuesday,  Jun 17 - 8:30PM 
Tom Beckham, vibraphone;  Brad Shepik, guitar
Vibed Out: Brad Shepik/Tom Beckham Duo image
Tonight the Cornelia Street Cafe features the vibraphone in two very special configurations.

Brad Shepik/Tom Beckham Duo followed by the Matt Moran Trio:

Tom Beckham (vibes) and Brad Shepik (guitar) have been writing and performing material that explore the wide range of stylistic nuances and high-wire delicacy available in the guitar/vibes duo format. Shepik has been called "one of the most consistently creative and stimulating guitarist-composers on the scene today", while Beckham has been referred to as "someone who makes the vibraphone sound like one of the most grand of jazz instruments."

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Jun 17 - 10:00PM 
Matt Moran, vibraphone;  Gary Versace, organ;  Tom Rainey, drums
Tonight the Cornelia Street Cafe features the vibraphone in two very special configurations.

A final, farewell performance of vibraphonist Matt Moran's organ trio with Gary Versace (organ) and Tom Rainey (drums).

Matt Moran "plays the vibraphone like a speed-chess master." —The Village Voice

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Vibed Out: Matt Moran Trio image
Wednesday,  Jun 18 - 6:00PM 
Kelly Ann Jacobson Dario DiBattista Elyse Moody Scott Laudati Shenan Prestwich Marie Abate
Two Cities: A Literary Reading with DC and NYC Writers image

Kelly Ann Jacobson, author of Cairo in White and The Zaniyah Trilogy, brings together writers from DC and New York for the six person literary reading, Two Cities: A Literary Reading with DC and NYC Writers. Other readers include nonfiction writers Dario DiBattista and Elyse Moody; fiction writer Scott Laudati (Pool Boys, Red Orchid Publishing); and poets Shenan Prestwich (In The Wake, White Violet Press) and Marie Abate (The April Sonnets, Aldrich Press).

 $8.00 includes a drink 

Wednesday,  Jun 18 - 8:30PM 
Alon Nechushtan, piano;  Donny McCaslin, tenor sax;  Duane Eubanks, trumpet;  Chris Lightcap, bass;  Nasheet Waits, drums
Alon Nechushtan, CD Release: Venture Bound image

" A talent to watch, with a surfeit of ideas, an unbridled spirit and bold, two-fisted sense of Architecture" -(Down Beat magazine 2011)- Pianist and composer Alon Nechushtan will be bringing to Cornelia Street Cafe a Quartet of fantastic improvisers with "a loose-tight chemistry placing a premium on group interplay and at the same time encouraging individual solo expression, playing music from the upcoming album Venture Bound" --Bill Milkowski

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Thursday,  Jun 19 - 6:00PM 
Marc Ostrow, piano, vocals, songs;  Jerry DeVore , bass;  Zachary Eldridge , drums;  Cathy Thorpe, vocals;  Joanna Wallfisch , special guest artist
Marc returns to Cornelia Street with some new tunes and old favorites that feature his unique humor, harmonies and insights. Whether witty, wistful, or downright weird, Marc puts his stamp on various styles, ranging from jazz, pop, musical theater, cabaret and more. Joining Marc's usual co-conspirators is the multi-talented singer-songwriter, Joanna Wallfisch.
 Cover $10 plus a $ 10 minimum     http://www.joannawallfischmusic.com0pm-8pm
Thursday,  Jun 19 - 8:30PM 
Noah Preminger, tenor sax;  Dan Tepfer, piano;  Joe Martin, bass;  Rob Garcia, drums
ROB GARCIA 4, CD Release: The Passion of Color image

Formed in 2009, The Rob Garcia 4 is a working group "among the vanguard of modern jazz" (NYC Jazz Record). They have performed at such important venues as Smalls Jazz Club, The Iridium, Kitano, Cornelia Street Cafe, Firehouse 12, Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open, The Rex, The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Kingston Jazz Festival (Canada) and the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. On June 19th they will be celebrating and perform music from their 3rd release on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records called "The Passion Of Color". It features music inspired by impressionist paintings, impressionist music and the passion that is evoked from all the different colors and flavors of life. The music is loose and tight at the same time. Rhythms that create the illusion of a fluctuating tempo or no tempo while tightly orchestrated musical events happen in tandem. Strong melodies supported by pastoral harmonies and flowing rhythm lead the listener through the music.

“Thoughtful original music delivered with rare conviction.” - Jazz Times

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Friday,  Jun 20 - 6:00PM 
John & Martha McWhorter, piano, vocals

Please join my wife Martha and me for a long-planned duo show, where we will continue our tradition of duets from our musical theatre heritage, including two essentially unheard since 1916 and 1922, and others that have been heard a little more than that but are always worth a revisit. Of course we will both do a solo or two (one of mine will be in six languages!) and we will also have two Special Guests from our cabaret shows past. We've been told to call the show "A Party with Martha and John" a la Comden and Green's classic show. Our names keep that from quite ringing, but in essence, we're doing, well, that! And no, the title doesn't mean we will end with the Grover Washington eighties pop song."

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Friday,  Jun 20 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Benedikt Jahnel , piano;  Antonio Miguel , bass;  Owen Howard, drums
The Benedikt Jahnel Trio image

“Equilibrium“ is the ECM debut of a German/American/Spanish trio, which, through frequent touring has grown into a remarkably tight and stylistically unique unit in recent years. Fueled by the individual styles of pianist Benedikt Jahnel (whose approach is characterized by a heightened interest in rhythmic subdivisions) and drummer Owen Howard (who, in Jahnel’s words, “treats and perceives rhythmic phrases as melodic lines without fixed micro units”), and bassist Antonio Miguel (often the musical mediator) the group’s sound draws subtly from classical influences as well as contemporary jazz concepts of groove and form.

Produced by Manfred Eicher at Radio Televisione Svizzera in Lugano the seven tracks on “Equilibrium”, all Jahnel original compositions, strike a unique and delicate balance between composed parts and improvisation or group improvisation. The album’s title refers to certain analogies, (Jahnel, who in his “second life” works as researcher in mathematics at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany), found in his artistic and in his scientific work. Analogies related to questions of balance.

“... shines with crystal clarity and pure unsentimental emotion. The TRIO travels in new ways far beyond clichés into a luminous space of musical freedom. (Wolfgang Muthspiel)

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Saturday,  Jun 21 - 1:00PM 
IN (Key) On The Street!

Make Music New York! image
"IN (Key)" - New Compositions in Celebration of Terry Riley's "In C" @ 50 Years
Classical Electronic Experimental!

Celebrate 50 years of Terry Riley’s Minimalist classic IN C as leading composers and instrumentalists perform 11 new works inspired by it.

1:00-4:00 p.m.

For the 8th year in a row we collaborate with the extraordinary Midsummer's Day Citywide Music Festival MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK. There are more than 1000 free music events scattered throughout all five boroughs, some intimate, some large, some outsize.

Last year, under the eagle eye of Jed Distler and the Composers Collaborative, 175 keyboard players filled Cornelia Street playing the Pachelbel Canon and a piece specially written by Jed called "Broken Record." Yamaha donated 175 keyboards and collectively we broke the Guinness Record for largest keyboard ensemble ever. The keyboards were then through donated to 20 NYC public schools to start piano labs.

This year promises to be be no less exciting

"The IN (Key) event sounds wonderful. I am so happy my '1964 daughter' is again pregnant with so many remarkable new children." - Terry Riley

50 years ago, California Composer Terry Riley launched what is now known as the Minimalist movement with his revolutionary classic “IN C”. This seminal work provided a new concept in musical form based on interlocking repetitive patterns. Its impact was to change the course of 20th Century music and its influence has been heard in the works of prominent composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams and in the music of Rock Groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream, Curved Air and many others. Terry's hypnotic, multi-layered, polymetric, brightly orchestrated eastern flavored improvisations and compositions set the stage for the prevailing interest in a new tonality.

On June 21st, as part of Make Music New York 2014, Riley's "IN C" will be celebrated with "IN (Key)", eleven new works by leading composer-performers in a concert co-produced by Composers Collaborative and Peppergreen Media with the support of the Cornelia Street Cafe. The event will begin with a special performance of “IN C” itself, serving as a prelude to all that is to follow. Completing the octave, on the program will be:

"IN Db" by Eleonor Sandresky (keyboard),

"IN D" by Lisa Maree Dowling (double bass),

"IN Eb" by David Borden (keyboard),

"IN E" by Gene Pritsker (electric guitar),

"IN F" by Elliott Sharp (electric guitar),

"IN Gb" by Adam Cuthbért (trumpet & laptop),

"IN G" by Patrick Grant (electric guitar & keyboard),

"IN Ab" by Brad Balliett (bassoon),

"IN A" by John King (viola),

"IN Bb" by Vasko Dukovski (clarinet), and

"IN B" by Jed Distler (keyboard).

Other special musical guests will complete the performing ensemble.

The concert will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on the street outside the cafe at 29 Cornelia St. and is free and open to the public. At 6:00 PM there will be a separate event inside the cafe performed by members of the ensemble for a nominal charge (the cafe calls it "inkadrink" since the charge invariably includes a drink.

For performer bios, and all other information as it comes in, please go to:

Saturday,  Jun 21 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Loren Stillman, alto sax;  Shane Endsley, trumpet;  Drew Gress, bass;  Mark Ferber, drums

The music of Brooklyn-based saxophonist and composer, Loren Stillman, has found acclaimed reviews in such publications as The New York Times, Downbeat Magazine, Jazziz, Jazz Times, and National Public Radio, marking him as an innovative voice of modern jazz.

“Loren Stillman is one of New York's best alto saxophonists, and has gained that distinction well before reaching age 30.”--David Adler, Jazz Times Magazine

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum


Loren Stillman Quartet  image
Sunday,  Jun 22 - 6:00PM 
Ann Osmond, vocals;  Dennis Yerry, piano/vocals
Ann Osmond & Dennis Yerry jazz cabaret duo image

Ann Osmond is a singer and actor with roots in the theatre and Dennis Yerry is an accomplished jazz pianist and composer. Compelling arrangements and a vocal blend that is a rare treat add up to a signature sound that brings fresh energy to much-loved songs. Their repertoire ranges from Mercer to Bernstein to Jobim to Stevie Wonder.

“...tight arrangements, lively vocals, and a charming new sound that has been enthralling sell-out audiences all over the Hudson Valley.” -Sharon Nichols, Chronogram

To celebrate their debut at the Café, their eclectic program will spotlight vocal versions of classic jazz standards primarily known as instrumentals including Night in Tunisia, Take Five and Harlem Nocturne.

Their CD, “Optimistic Voices”, is available on their website and through cdbaby at

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Sunday,  Jun 22 - 8:30PM 
Defne Şahin, voice;  Fabian Almazan, piano;  Tom Berkmann, bass;  Henry Cole, drums
Defne Şahin Quartet image

Vocalist–composer Defne Şahin presents songs from her debut album Yaşamak - to Live with the Words of Nâzım Hikmet for the first time in New York tonight. "Yaşamak" is Turkish for "to live" and in the album Defne has created evocative settings of the great Turkish poet Nazım Hikmet's works. She fuses elements of mediterranean music with jazz. Born in Berlin to a Turkish family, Defne has drawn inspiration from every place she's called home: Germany, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, and now the US. This world perspective as well as her haunting voice may account for the album's broad appeal. "Defne Şahin," according to Deutsche Welle, "has developed into a singer with a cosmopolitan, literate approach to Jazz." Released in Germany (Doublemoon Records) and Turkey (Kalan), this debut album was dubbed "the beginning of a successful career“ - Jazzthetik.

„Defne Şahin has developed into a singer with a cosmopolitan, literate approach to Jazz.“ – Deutsche Welle

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

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