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Sunday,  Apr 01 - 6:00PM 
Roald Hoffman, Dave Soldier, hosts

Garegin Papoian Anna Garano Anaïs Alexandra Tekerian
Entertaining Science: THE PAST LIVES image


Who are we? One thing is certain: we are made of trillions of cells. What are these cells? How was the first cell created? Can we make something that complicated ourselves? These are enigmatic and exciting questions that have captured peoples’ imaginations for centuries. Are we getting close to uncovering the mystery of life? A polymath from the University of Maryland, Garegin Papoian, will share his fascination with these questions, inviting us to suspend our illusionary familiarity with cells from school textbooks and magazines, and see them as breathtakingly beautiful, almost alien technological marvels.

Anna Garano, the Trieste-base classical and Flamenco guitarist, is joined by New York-based Anaïs Alexandra Tekerian in a lyrical, poignant fusion of Flamenco and vocals of Armenia. Together, they are Ansahman. They say: In music, one could refer to the scales and harmonies that have characterized each musical tradition carried on through the centuries as the cells of the musical culture. We love the idea, as contemporary musicians, of being able to connect with Armenian peoples of the past by accessing those musical cells; we strive both to preserve them and reinterpret the tradition of the music through our own arrangements.

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 

Sunday,  Apr 01 - 8:00 & 9:30pm 
Koran Agan, host

Sara L'Abriola, guitar;  Roy Williams, guitar;  Sammy Weissberg, bass
DJANGO AT CORNELIA STREET: Sara L'Abriola Trio image

Cornelia Street Cafe, with it's Django at Cornelia Street series, celebrates the music of Django Reinhardt by featuring some of the finest gypsy jazz bands and other musicians influenced by the legendary gypsy guitarist.

Born in 1998 in Garrison, New York, Sara L'Abriola started playing guitar at age eight. She discovered a love for Django Reinhardt's music at age thirteen and has pursued the style ever since. Under the instruction of renown guitarist, Stephane Wrembel, she began transcribing Django Reinhardt's solos and developing the style. At eighteen years old, she made her Carnegie Hall debut, joining the stage with Stephane Wrembel, Stochelo Rosenberg, and Al Di Meola as part of the Django A Gogo festival.
 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 


Monday,  Apr 02 - 6:00PM 
Tulis McCall, host

Monologues & Madness image

Original Monologues. No slamming, no judges, just great material, excellent actors and YOU. Come See These Amazing Daredevils Perform Without a Net!!!

 $15.00 includes a drink 

Monday,  Apr 02 - 8:30PM 
David Amram, piano, french horn, flutes, composition & surprises;  Kevin Twigg, drums, glockenspiel;  Rene Hart, bass;  Elliot Peper, bongos
AMRAM & CO image

This series explores in his highly personable, generous and informal style the astonishing variety of David Amram's interests and accomplishments--renowned composer of symphonic classical music, jazz compositions, improvisation, spoken word, scat, he sits at the piano, schmoozes about music, about the greats, the beats, the obscure, the legendary; plays the French horn, pulls out all kinds of instruments (flutes, drums, horns) gathered from his many circumnavigations of the globe, pulls in guests drawn from just about every artistic walk of life.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Tuesday,  Apr 03 - 6:00PM 
Jennifer Rawlings, writer, performer

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum 
Tuesday,  Apr 03 - 8:00PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

Mia, voice;  Matt King, piano;  Anton Denner, sax;  Ratzo Harris, bass;  Paul Meyers, guitar;  Tim Horner, drums
VoxEcstatic: Mia Jazz Ensemble image

Mia’s warm voice and soulful singing will take you on a journey through jazz, world and Brazilian music. Inspired by vocal jazz greats Bobby McFerrin, Jay Clayton, Rhiannon and Janet Lawson, Mia uses her voice as an instrument to tell stories with and without words. The ensemble will feature music from her debut recording “In Praise of Whole Notes”, with powerful wordless melodies, original lyrics set to instrumental pieces, poetry, spiritual scatting and an award-winning original composition. The CD spans recordings made over two decades and celebrates the recovery of her voice from a lengthy illness. Her music is a soundtrack of this universal journey of loss and change into hope, healing, joy and love.

“It’s about time we’re hearing from Mia, a beautiful singer and a beautiful CD. Listen!” — Jay Clayton

“Mia’s beautiful voice and exciting improvisation speak to the soul of all of us. Every note of her singing holds the jewels of her journey. She sings from the heart.” — Janet Lawson

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum 

Tuesday,  Apr 03 - 9:30PM 
Deborah Latz, curator

E. J. Decker, voice;  Les Kurtz, piano
Voxecstatic: Songs from BLUER THAN VELVET: THE PRYSOCK PROJECT and more! image

Baritone E.J. Decker sings songs from both his upcoming tribute to legendary baritone Arthur Prysock, "Bluer Than Velvet: The Prysock Project", and his two earlier albums, "While The City Sleeps"… and "A Job Of Work (Tales oF The Great Recession"), accompanied by one of NYC’s top piano players, Les Kurtz.

"4 Stars (out of 5) – E. J. Decker has a strong voice touched by that of Billy Eckstine, although he has his own sound.”— Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

“His presentation is lush, and his songs have a tinge of brash elegance… Decker sings many romantic tunes, but [he is no] sentimental romantic. There's just too much punch in his style … a solid entertainer.”
— Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine

"One is first struck by Mr. Decker's rich baritone voice. It reminds the listener of Johnny Hartman, Billy Eckstine and so many great crooners of the past. His tone is resonant, his articulation immaculate.
— Scott Gotschall, Jass Improv Magazine

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum    http://www.ejdecker

Wednesday,  Apr 04 - 6:00PM 
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, vocals;  Luke McCrosson, bass;  Zach Berns, drums
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez image

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a Brooklyn based singer/composer whose music draws on both Jazz and R&B influences. Through her original songs, Raina invites us into her sonic world with harmonic nuance and lyrical ferocity. Joined by bass player Luke McCrosson and drummer Zach Berns.

 $10.00 includes a drink

Wednesday,  Apr 04 - 8:00PM 
Francesco Geminiani, tenor sax;  Manuel Schmiedel, piano;  Rick Rosato, bass;  Jochen Rueckert, drums
Geminiani/Schmiedel/Rosato/Rueckert image

Italian Tenor Saxophonist Francesco Geminiani joins forces with the great German pianist Manuel Schmiedel, limitless Canadian bassist Rick Rosato and state of the art German drummer Jochen Rueckert for a unique performance of original music composed by the four international members.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Wednesday,  Apr 04 - 9:30PM 
Matt Marantz, tenor sax;  Sam Harris, piano;  Rick Rosato, bass;  Jochen Rueckert, drums
Matt Marantz Quartet image

Matt Marantz, a native of Texas, has been active as a sideman on the New York jazz scene for the past 14 years and has released 3 albums as a leader. Marantz's music draws on the art of the song, seeking out melodicism in both the compositional & improvisational realms. Presenting a set of acoustic originals, he will be joined by several of the most forward-thinking players on the scene today; Sam Harris - piano, Jochen Rueckert - drums, and Rick Rosato - bass. Cornelia St. Cafe is one of the most intimate venues in Manhattan to hear this band which thrives on subtlety, reaction, and sensitivity.

"A gifted, driven young soloist" - The New York Times

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Thursday,  Apr 05 - 6:00PM 
Robin, Josh, and Tom, hosts

Artists Salon image

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators.

Finger food on us, drinks available. All are welcome.

Thursday,  Apr 05 - 8:00PM 
Alex Lore, alto sax;  Jerome Sabbagh, tenor sax;  Simon Wilson, bass;  Daniel Dor, drums;  Marta Sanchez, piano

Combining elements of rock, pop, jazz, classical and experimental music, Marta's tunes are rhythmically complex but strongly melodic. Music that tell stories by integrating folk elements with the harmonic sophistication and spontaneity of jazz.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Marta Sanchez Quintet image
Thursday,  Apr 05 - 9:30PM 
Perry Smith, guitar;  Jason Rigby, tenor sax;  Jarrett Cherner, piano;  Matt Aronoff, bass;  Allan Mednard, drums
Perry Smith Quintet, CD Release: New Angel image

Guitarist Perry Smith combines the tradition of Jazz with broad influences from R&B, Rock and Folk to create his signature style. Originally from California, Smith is now based in Brooklyn where he leads his own group and is a sideman for jazz and contemporary artists. Smith is an active player in the greater New York jazz scene and hosts a weekly series in Brooklyn called The Nest Session. Supported by the Jazz Foundation of America and KeyedUp, Smith performs every Wednesday at the Nest Session with some of NYC's finest jazz musicians. Smith is gearing up to release his third album as a leader “New Angel.” The project features 10 original compositions for his quintet, expanding on the traditions of jazz with a fresh approach to modern composing and improvising.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Friday,  Apr 06 - 6:00PM 
Albert Marques, piano;  Manel Fortià, double bass;  Ari Hoenig, drums

Albert Marques is a Catalan transplant from Spain whose passion at the piano is only matched by his huge humanity and kindness. This is not cartoon jazz, or a stereotypical Latin Jazz trio. It is modern, fusing elements of Rock, Jazz, Flamenco, and R&B with a healthy dose of introspection, and not a fake moment. Every note is played with grit, reality, and love. – Arturo O’Farrill

 $10.00 cover plus $10.00 minimum

Saturday,  Apr 07 - 6:00PM 
Peter Carlaftes, host

Johanna Drucker
The Monthly: ECO-FICTION NOW: An Inside Look at a Vital New Genre image

Three Rooms Press presents The Monthly at Cornelia Street Cafe....ECO-FICTION. NOW.

An Inside Look at a Vital New Genre, featuring discussion, reading, and signing by JOHANNA DRUCKER, UCLA Professor of Information Studies, Author, DOWNDRIFT: an eco-fiction

Hosted by Peter Carlaftes; co-director, Three Rooms Press

Three Rooms Press presents an intriguing and important discussion by internationally renowned thought leaders about the growth of the eco-fiction literary genre, which uses ecological topics and themes to develop genuinely creative work.

The discussion will include a reading from the forthcoming Three Rooms Press release Downdrift: an eco-fiction by UCLA Professor of Information Studies Johanna Drucker. Downdrift has received widespread critical acclaim, with Kirkus Reviews raving, “Wildly imaginative, laugh-out-loud funny, and ultimately heartbreaking . . . Drucker's beautifully subtle message isn't just for pet owners or environmentalists. It's for all of us.” Foreword Reviews exclaims, “Laughing or crying, Drucker skewers the current cultural moment in a novel extrapolation of epic proportions!”

Copies of DOWNDRIFT will be available for purchase and signing at the event.

 $10.00 includes a drink

Saturday,  Apr 07 - 8:30 & 10:00pm 
Nitai Hershkovits, piano;  Or Bareket, bass;  Ari Hoenig, drums

Possessed of an innate enquiring mind, Philadelphia-born drummer Ari Hoenig relentlessly explores the melodic possibilities of the drums. He has worked with a long and impressive list of musicians ranging from Joshua Redman to Mike Stern, Kenny Werner, and Richard Bona – they're all on Hoenig's CV. He released his latest album The Pauper And The Magician in 2016. The other members of the Ari Hoenig Trio are the highly talented Israeli musicians Nitai Hershkovits and Or Bareket. Pianist Hershkovits is equally at home in jazz as he is in classical music. His playing is elegant and tinged with melancholy. He has performed at major festivals like the Antibes Jazz Festival and Montreux. Bassist Bareket's career is one of the fastest moving on the New York jazz scene. His distinctive improvisation style reflects Mediterranean, South American and North African influences but is nonetheless always rooted in the traditions of American jazz.

 $10 cover plus $15 minimum 

Ari Hoenig Trio image
Sunday,  Apr 08 - 6:00PM 
Tamuz Nissim, vocals, piano;  George Nazos, guitar
Tamuz Nissim & George Nazos  image

"Tamuz Nissim covers just about every imaginable jazz related style from straight melody to scat singing to vocalese and singing atmospheric tones. Put her together with guitarist George Nazos and you have a combination that works so amazingly well through each style that it is stunning." Dave Rogers WTJU

 $10.00 includes a drink

Sunday,  Apr 08 - 8:00PM 
Or Bareket, host

Sivan Arbel, voice;  Nick Hetko, piano;  Sam Weber, bass;  Evan Hyde, drums
Israeli Jazz Spotlight: Sivan Arbel Quartet image

A musical experience from "Sivan Arbel", a native Israeli vocalist composer and arranger with a deep passion for music and dance, “Sivan’s” distinctive music draws on a mixture of fresh jazz, her Israeli/Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern musical roots, and lots of rhythmic grooves to match her onstage dance motions, always makes audiences move and smile in clubs and festivals all over the world.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

Sunday,  Apr 08 - 9:30PM 
Eden Bareket, baritone sax;  Or Bareket, bass;  Felix Lecaros, drums
Israeli Jazz Spotlight: Eden bareket Trio image

Innovative Bari sax player Eden Bareket leads this unorthodox jazz trio. Drawing from diverse musical languages, from Sonny Rollins to Peter Gabriel, the trio creates a cohesive and unique style.

Although a relative newcomer to New York's scene, the Argentina- born Israeli baritone saxophonist Eden Bareket quickly gained notice and esteem as an in- demand Sideman. Indeed Bareket's collaborative projects show an eclectic streak, as is horn playing ranges from modern classic Eyal Vilner Big-Band, to the adventurous Ari Hoenig Nonet, to even the Ethiopian jazz inspired grooves of Anbessa Orchestra. As his star has continued to rise, Bareket has also woven these disparate musical strands together in his own leader project , a trio featuring bassist Or Bareket and drummer Felix Lecaros. This notably minimalist and unfussy instrumentation is utilized to the group's advantage as the trio unveils a set of sparsely funky, often dark-hued to grooves, all while stretching out their positions into very open territory.

 $10 cover plus $10 minimum

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