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Sunday,  Apr 29 - 6:00PM 
Wythe Marschall and Ted Enik, hosts

Mark Dery
Cornelia Street Observatory: BODY AS FUNHOUSE MIRROR image

Cornelia Street Observatory: BODY AS FUNHOUSE MIRROR

Tonight: The Pathological Sublime and The Anatomical Unconscious

Celebrating the publication of his essay collection, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts: Drive-By Essays on American Dread, American Dreams cultural critic and cult author Mark Dery will lecture—with unforgettable slides—on the hallucinatory Crypt of the Capuchin monks in Rome, the uncanny wax mannequins at La Specola in Florence, and the 19th-century Chinese artist Lam Qua's paintings of patients with eye-poppingly bizarre tumors, which so fascinated Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. that he wrote an article exhorting all “worshippers of morbid anatomy” to see the paintings, a textbook example of what Holmes called “the pathological sublime.”

Mark Dery is a cultural critic. He is best known for his writings on the politics of popular culture in books such as The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium: American Culture on the Brink, Escape Velocity: Cyberculture at the End of the Century, Flame Wars, and Culture Jamming. He has been a professor of journalism at New York University, a Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow at the University of California, Irvine, and a visiting scholar at the American Academy in Rome. His latest book, I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts, is “a head-spinning intellectual ride through American dreams and American nightmares” and will be available at his Cornelia Street Observatory engagement. He is writing a biography of the artist Edward Gorey for Little, Brown. (

Observatory is an art and events space in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Founded in February 2009 by a group of seven artists and writers, the space seeks to present programming inspired by the eighteenth-century notion of "rational amusement." Observatory is especially interested in topics residing at the interstices of art and science, history and curiosity, and magic and nature. Part of the Proteus Gowanus arts complex, Observatory hosts frequent screenings, lectures, classes, and exhibitions.

$10.00 includes a drink


Sunday,  Apr 29 - 8:30PM 
Youngjoo Song, piano;  Jaleel Shaw, alto sax;  Ugonna Okegwo, bass;  Adam Cruz, drums
Young Joo Song is one of Korea’s leading Jazz pianists. After graduating Berklee College of Music and Manhattan School of Music, she was able to exponentially climb Korea’s Jazz charts in record sales and popularity where she then had multiple opportunities to perform with some of the most prominent artist, Steve Wilson, Seamus Blake, Vicente Archer, Kendrick Scott, Marcus Gilmore..etc from both Korea and the US. won “Best Jazz Performance” in 2012 at Korea Music Award.

$20 cover (includes a drink)


Youngjoo Song Quartet image
Sunday,  Apr 29 - 10:00PM 
Tarek Yamani, piano;  Joonsam Lee, bass;  John Davis, drums
Bassist and composer Joonsam Lee, hailing from Korea, has been active since he move to New York, appearing on numerous venues with his sensational composition. As it will certainly prove to be exhilarating journey of musical styles, Joonsam will team up with one of the most creative improvisers this time at Cornelia st. cafe.

$20 (includes a drink)


Joonsam Lee Trio image
Monday,  Apr 30 - 6:00PM 
V. Hansmann, host

Rolf Potts , featured reader;  LilyWhite, Jan '13;  Hannah Tennant-Moore, Jan '10;  Hugh Ryan, Jan '09
Rolf Potts is best known for promoting the ethic of independent travel, and hisbook on the subject, Vagabonding, has been thorough fourteen printingsand numerous translations. His essays have appeared in venues such as National Geographic Traveler, The New Yorker, and The Best American TravelWriting series. Hisnewest book, Marco Polo Didn’t Go There, garnered Italy’s prestigiousChatwin Prize. His home base is a 30-acre farm in Saline County, Kansas, thoughcurrently he is a writer-in-residence at the University of Pennsylvania. Pottsis June ’11 graduate of the Bennington Writers Seminars.

$7 includes a drink

Monday,  Apr 30 - 8:30PM 
Mike Ruby, tenor, soprano sax;  Florian Hoefner, piano;  Sam Anning, bass;  Peter Kronreif, drums
Florian Hoefner Group, CD Release: Songs Without Words image
The Florian Hoefner Group presents their new album, “Songs Without Words,” on OA2 Records, with all originals by pianist and two-time ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award winner, Florian Hoefner. He is joined by Mike Ruby on tenor and soprano saxophone, Sam Anning on bass and Peter Kronreif on drums. Collectively the band members have performed with artists including Kenny Werner, Ari Hoenig, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Joe Lovano.

$10 cover (plus $10 minimum)


Tuesday,  May 01 - 6:00PM 
Pamela L. Laskin Ned O'Gorman Carolyn Gelland
Pamela L. Laskin is a lecturer in the English Department at The City College, where she directs The Poetry Outreach Center. She is the published author of five books of poetry, VAN GOGH'S EAR (Cervena Barva Press) the most recent, and five children's books. MY LIFE IN SHOES, a shoe-memoir, was recently published by World Audience, Inc.

Ned O'Gorman's most recent book of poems is FIVE SEASONS OF OBSESSION, New and Selected Poems.

Carolyn Gelland's first book of poems, FOUR-ALARM HOUSE, was published thisFebruary.

$ 7 includes a drink

Tuesday,  May 01 - 8:30PM 
Nancy Harms, vocals;  Emily Braden, vocals;  Steve Whipple , bass

Vocalists Nancy Harms and Emily Braden are exploring a new sound.

Two contrasting voices that work wonderfully well together lock in with an electrically-charged blend of confidence, teamwork, and pure musicianship. Add to this, the brilliantly sympathetic bassman Steve Whipple, whose driving yet subtle accompaniment brings just the right blend of rhythm and color needed to cast their exciting spell. The trio collaborates on arrangements of standards, folk songs and even an occasional pop tune - creating a fine-tuned set for a truly uncommon ensemble. Come experience the soaring energy that's created when these two kindred-spirited vocalists and their strong, creative bassist combine!

$15.00 includes a drink

 $15.00 includes a drink 

Tuesday,  May 01 - 10:00PM 
Brianna Thomas, vocals

"… She may well be the best young straight-ahead jazz singer of her generation." Will Friedwald – Wall Street Journal

"...a marvelous new artist who has all it takes to reach the top of the jazz profession and music in general." - Curtis Fuller - Legendary Trombonist & Jazz Messenger

$15.00 includes a drink

 $15.00 includes a drink

Wednesday,  May 02 - 6:00PM 
Angelo Nikolopoulos, host

Alex Dimitrov Dorothea Lasky Marie Howe
The White Swallow Reading Series image
The White Swallow, a queerish reading series in Manhattan's West Village, features emerging and established poets and fiction writers.

Alex Dimitrov’s firstbook of poems, Begging for It, is forthcoming from Four Way Books inearly 2013. He is the recipient of the Stanley Kunitz Prize for younger poetsfrom TheAmerican Poetry Review and the founder of Wilde Boys, aqueer poetry salon in New York City. His poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, Yale Review, Slate, Tin House,and BostonReview.

Dorothea Lasky is the author of two full-lengthcollections of poetry: AWE (Wave Books, 2007) and Black Life(Wave Books, 2010). She is also the author of numerous chapbooks, including Poetryis Not a Project (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2010), Tourmaline (TransmissionPress, 2008), The Hatmaker's Wife (2006), Art (H_NGM_N Press,2005), and Alphabets and Portraits (Anchorite Press, 2004). Her poemshave appeared or are forthcoming in The New Yorker, The Paris Review,Crowd, 6x6, and Boston Review, among others. She hastaught poetry, writing, and visual art and has done educational research at theHarvard Museum of Natural History, the Philadelphia Zoo, and Project Zero.

Marie Howe is the author of three volumes ofpoetry, The Kingdom of Ordinary Time(2008); The Good Thief(1998); and What the Living Do(1997), and is the co-editor of a book of essays, In the Company of My Solitude: American Writing from the AIDSPandemic (1994). Stanley Kunitz selected Howe for a Lavan YoungerPoets Prize from the American Academy of Poets. She has, in addition, been afellow at the Bunting Institute at Radcliffe College and a recipient of NEA andGuggenheim fellowships. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, TheAtlantic, Poetry, Agni, Ploughshares, HarvardReview, The Partisan Review, and elsewhere.

$7 cover includes a house drink

Wednesday,  May 02 - 8:30PM 
Mat Maneri, viola;  Michael Blake, tenor sax;  Ryan Blotnick, guitar;  Perry Wortman, bass;  Randy Peterson, drums
Ryan Blotnick's Saut-e Sarmad image
"Abstract sound is called saut-e sarmad by the Sufis; all space is filled with it ... Those who are able to hear the saut-e sarmad and meditate on it are relieved from all worries, anxieties, fears and diseases; and the soul is freed from captivity in the senses and in the physical body. The soul of the listener becomes all-pervading consciousness; and his spirit becomes the battery which keeps the whole universe in motion." --Hazrat Inayat Khan

$10 cover (plus $10 minimum)


Thursday,  May 03 - 6:00PM 
Robin, Angelo, Josh, and Tom, hosts

This is a monthly opportunity for artists associated with the cafe--from every genre and every generation, past, present, and future--to gather informally, schmooze, re-invent the world, and hoist a glass of quelque chose (the only kind of chose to hoist). Our glorious curators are present, you can buttonhole them to find out what's cooking, you can introduce yourself to other toilers in the vineyard, invent projects and discover collaborators. All are welcome.
Thursday,  May 03 - 8:30PM 
Ben van Gelder, alto sax;  Kyle Wilson, tenor sax;  Joe Sanders, bass;  Craig Weinrib, drums
Spotlight on New Talent: Ben van Gelder image
Consisting of some of the most talented young musicians from North America and Europe, the Ben van Gelder Group ushers in a new aesthetic with international allure. Van Gelder released his highly anticipated debut album Frame of Reference which received critical acclaim in national and international press alike.

Recurring at Cornelia Street Cafe as part of the New Spotlight on Talent series, this chord-less formation will be exploring the music of Thelonious Monk as well as original compositions.

$10 cover (plus $10 minimum)


Friday,  May 04 - 6:00PM 
Karen Hildebrand, guest host

Dave Johnson, ;  Charlie Guzman,
Son of Pony image
The Friday night legendary open mic poetry series.

Arrive before 6 pm to sign up.

$ 7 includes a drink

Friday,  May 04 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
John McNeil, trumpet;  Bill McHenry, tenor sax;  Steve Cardenas, guitar;  Joe Martin, bass;  Rodney Green, drums
Since this gig is on May 4th, the members of Urban Legend were torn about whether to celebrate Ron Carter's birthday or that of conservative commentator George Will. Normally in these situations the jazz birthday wins out, but George Will did write a commendable book about baseball, and such contributions cannot and should not be ignored. At the group's weekly barbecue and sewing bee the controversy raged back and forth and threatened to sunder the good fellowship of the band.

$15 cover (plus $10 minimum)


John McNeil's URBAN LEGEND image
Saturday,  May 05 - 6:00PM 
Andy Christie, host

Ted Travelstead Diana Spechler Jenny Rubin Zero Boy
The Liar Show image

Seek Truth. Get a T-Shirt.

4 Storytellers, 3 True Stories, 1 Pack of Lies. Uncover the liar and win a prize worth its weight in fool's gold.

This month, The Liar Show welcomes Ted Travelstead (McSweeney's), Diana Spechler (Author of Skinny), Jenny Rubin (The Rejection Show), and Zero Boy (MTV; The Moth Main Stage)

Hosted by Andy Christie (NY Times; The Moth Radio Hour)

$15.00 includes a drink

 $15.00 includes a drink

Saturday,  May 05 - 9:00PM & 10:30PM 
Greg Tardy, sax, clarinet;  Ron Horton, trumpet;  Russ Lossing, piano, rhodes;  Michael Bates, bass;  Michael Sarin, drums
Michael Bates' Acrobat: Music for, and by, Dmitri Shostakovich image
Cornelia Street Cafe welcomes back double bassist/composer Bates with a quintet featuring some New York's finest and most creative artists (Greg Tardy-saxophone/clarinet, Russ Johnson-trumpet, Russ Lossing-piano/fender rhodes, Michael Sarin-drums) and here they filter pieces by one of the great Russian composers through a fender rhodes driven band with 7 other compositions by a charismatic and emerging innovator in tribute to one of his musical heroes…and don't be mistaken, this is no timid foray into a dusty world of the old guard. This is a group that plays with fire and a jazz sensibility that can be linked in many ways to the great Miles Davis 60's and 70's quintets. A band that is always searching and committed to making music that grooves.

$10 cover (plus $10 minimum)


Sunday,  May 06 - 6:00PM 
Lise Vachon, voice;  Vito Ricci, guitar;  April Centrone, percussion;  Vincent Chancey, french horn
What Good Would The Moon Be? -  Songs On The Times We Live In image

What good would the moon be? - A show that brings together vocalise, experimental guitar, arabic percussion, and improvised french horn to create a unique sound in songs that comment on the times we live in. Featuring Lise Vachon, voice (, Vito Ricci, guitar ( April Centrone, percussion (, and Vincent Chancey, French horn (

Lise Vachon is a unique vocalist who has traveled the world and whose voice and style combine different cultures: West African, European, American and Quebecoise, as well as blending traditional jazz, classical, new music and pop influence. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

"In her singing Lise Vachon reveals an inventive patchwork of jazz vocal rhythms coupled with world music which is definitely worth checking out." 
 - Jazz

$20.00 includes a drink


Sunday,  May 06 - 8:30PM 
Billy Newman, guitar;  Ben Holmes, trumpet;  Michael Attias, alto, bari sax;  Eric Schugren, tenor sax;  Leco Reis, bass;  Matt Kane, drums
New Brazilian Perspectives: Billy Newman Sextet image
Billy Newman has been performing his expressions of many Brazilian genres (Choro, Samba, Valsa, Baiao) for over 10 years. Billy's music explores the parallels between Brazilian Instrumental and American Jazz in linearity, rhythmic motion and improvisatory language. His compositions have been performed in Brazil, Europe and here in the States. He is a recipient of numerous composers residencies from Yaddo and MacDowell Colony. He recently released his new sextet CD and has recorded his original choros with Brazilian Guitarist Rogerio Souza

$10 cover (plus $10 minimum)


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